Singer throws carrots at crowd



Yeah I don’t know what the point of this was but :feh_lucyshrug:

She’ll probably get the Starfish once I have enough of the limited codes.

I wish I had a plan for what her A-slot will be, but you know deciding things can be hard sometimes :man_shrugging:


SS3 for A skill? 39 Spd ain’t doing much these days. Even boosting it to 43 on PP isn’t amazing.

I second Swift Sparrow 3. Mirror Impact could also be interesting (seeing as you have +Res). Maybe just budget LnD 3 or Fury 3 if you’ve got nothing else.

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That’s expensive :feh_elisad:

life and death 3 maybe?

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As mentioned above LnD would probably be the best alternative. She’ll be solely PP but she kinda is already with that stat line. She can’t really take a hit to begin with… but magically she can take at least 2(With the exception of magical monsters like BB!Micaiah and F!Julia).

Real talk, completely forgot she was a dancer.

That took a hell of a lot longer to send this message than it should have


I can’t even remember the last time I gave a unit LnD3.

Technically I have Leila with LnD4, but I honestly don’t know who I’d actually want to give that too

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regularly scheduled lag


literally if I want any unit fast I give them LnD lol



Looking at the inherit skill option. Someone like OG!Elincia or Jamke were the last units I probably gave it too and Elincia now has SS3 anyway. Although I also used most of my Sothes +10ing him cause he’s a good boi. :feh_flaynfish:

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Somebody posted a Sheena from unit builder with LnD4

Has the bulk to do it I guess :thinking:

Gimme, I still haven’t pulled dorothea or any five star focus after 192 orbs