Singularity Babylonia(TTRPG Campaign)

“I see…” LAN drew a heavy breath as the realization dawned on him. “They truly are… the strongest servant of all.”

Even with what he gleaned from Alaya, there were many questioned left unanswered. Why did Enkidu oppose counter guardians, and seemed specifically wary of them? Did Enkidu’s inconvenient allegiance represent a safer and costlier path for Alaya to address the “beast” of this singularity?

No matter. His place was here with Medusa, to make good on a second chance.

As the demonic horde closed in on the two of them, LAN strained his magical circuits to full capacity. The air was awash with static as his alternating od electrified the nearby mana.

“I count but dreams and anchors…”


{Heading to bed but make your attack and damage rolls when you get a chance, unless you want to use a skill instead. I’ll get back to you when I get a moment tomorrow.}


Ooc-- I got merlin? A seraph would see an incubus as a deamon.

Seraphina wanted to scream. Her head was still full of painful memories and too much information, and yet also too little. What had happened at the end there? LAN went flying, Freyja disappeared and deamon master threw a fit and now she was in a new place next to a new deamon.

But also above another army. But this time the army wasn’t fighting enthralled men but monsters. She could do something about monsters. At least this time there was an enemy Seraphina could shoot. A deep breath and she shoved aside her worries and pain and focused, drawing her bow and knocking an arrow.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Seraphina said before turning her full attention to the battlefield and firing on the monsters, trying to help the poor soldiers below. She couldn’t puzzle out Hadriel’s warning of deamon blood right now anyway.


“To me things are linear, though probably not to everyone else. Do you even know where we are right now?”

Unless we met in another Singularity. Alaya seems quite insistent on throwing us in the deep end.

Still it would be better to see how honest this guy is if he isn’t honest with my greeting.

Roll LUK: 12+7, 19.


Michael’s mind still reeled with what he’d just seen in his past when light and chaos suddenly blossomed around him.

Another Singularity. Another battle, but thankfully, only one side was human this time. Demonic beasts raged across the battlefield, monsters he had no hesitation about slaying - a welcome relief from the last battlefield.

But before he could join the human soldiers fighting desperately against the swarm, a weight seemed to fall on his body as he received the warning that his Noble Phantasm had been restricted. There was barely time to consider the ramifications before a body dropped out of the sky in front of him.

No time to think. His body snapped into action on instinct, pushing itself to its limit to reach her in time. The weight, the sluggishness grated against him, but he wouldn’t let it stop him. He dove right beneath her just a meter off the ground and caught - well, more like provided cushioning - as she slammed into him and drove them both into the ground.

He groaned, disoriented for a few moments. Was she alive?

More than alive. She sat up, seemingly unphased, and complained like she’d only been mildly inconvenienced by the whole thing. Well, however strange that was, he was relieved and closed his eyes to regather his strength.

Uruk. 2655 B.C. Beast.

Uruk, 2655 B.C.? Well, he was a long way from home.

But Beast… did it mean the beasts swarming the land right now? Or… surely not…

“Oh for-” The woman started talking, breaking off his thoughts. “Are you dead? Please tell me I didn’t kill someone with my ass. Beryl will never let me hear the end of it…”

He chuckled weakly and cracked open his eyes. “I can assure you I’m alive. As are you, thankfully.”

Pushing off the ground, he offered her a hand up and took her in. “Are you from Chaldea, by chance?”


LAN eyes a patch of land off in the distance, behind the encircling beasts that were closing on their position. If he could herd those beasts over there, he could hit them all with an area attack. Even if some survive, it would give Medusa and himself a chance to retreat to a better position.

LAN aimed his sights at the designated position. Four sets of holo mesh appeared and constructed a cluster of lightning towers. They began to attack some of the beasts that were closing in on their position. LAN made sure that each tower would hit a different target, in the hopes of goading away as many as he could.

“I’ll draw some beasts to those towers, and hit them with an area attack,” LAN explained quickly as the beasts closed in, “keep one plethron away from where they are.”


I’ll summon turrets 30m away from where we are fighting. I’ll drop all four in a clump, and have them target any mobs that are trying to surround us.

As soon as they are all destroyed, likely next turn, I’ll hit that spot with an NP


Tesla Coils do 1d8+4, spread across as many targets as possible. Ideally, each turret hits a separate mob.




These creatures seem thankfully about as intelligent as the animals they aped the appearance of. If there was prey in front of them they would forget just about everything else and focus exclusively on them. In short, very easy targets from this height.

{What this means is that every round you can just roll damage and because they are a lower existence you can roll damage twice and I’ll tell you if you kill/wound your targets.}

As you pull back on your bow the man beside you smiles, “Really? I would love to pick your brain about that! What do you mean? How much have you seen?”



He reminds you somewhat of LAN in that if lying were required it would be best to just prepare for shit to hit the fan in advance. Not only does he not appear to be lying, he looks like he would be miserable at even attempting to lie.

He shrugs, “Just got here, same as you I imagine. Uruk. 2655 B.C. Beast. That’s all I know.” He checks around him, “Big wall, probably safe up top if you want to get the lay of things.” He walks forward and pulls a bamboo staff off his back, “I should probably get to work.”

He sighs and runs forward and crushes the head of one of the “dogs,” then quickly pulls back and gouges out another’s eye with the tip.

{If you wish to attack roll to hit, if you wish to mount the wall roll Agility, if you want to take a better look from ground level roll Luck)



She eyes you suspiciously, “You’re well-informed for…” she trails off and her eyes go wide. She immediately leaps off you… and immediately to standing. An impressive feat. Perhaps she’s an Executor, or a Magus with similar physical training? “A Servant. Are you here to stop us? I won’t go down easy.”

One of the dog-like creatures separates and runs at the two of you, quickly approaching before shape-shifting into a half-naked Chinese man with long black hair tied back into a ponytail. He gives you an easy smile, “Take it easy Master. He might be a Servant, but he’s also a Counter Guardian judging by the massive amount of Mana flowing into him.”

She immediately turns her gaze to the new man, “Where were you? I nearly k-” She glances at you, “Got killed because my Servant was no where to be seen. Also since when have you been able to do that with animals?”

His smile broadens, “Always dear Master, but Chaldea doesn’t exactly have a lot of animals wandering around for me to demonstrate that particular ability of mine now does it?” He turns back to you, “Yo. Thanks for providing some cushioning for my Master here. I think I got here a little earlier than she did, I was already halfway to the ground before she popped in.”

He offers his hand.



You summon your towers behind several of the creatures but the the defenses only catch two of them in their field, frying both to a crisp. The rest move back, wary of these strange devices and in the process give the two of you a place to retreat to if needed.

They regroup and surge forward.

{Roll to hit}


@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 12

Remember the existence chart. They are a lower existence so you can attack two of them simultaneously.

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Ok - here’s the attack for the second mob

@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 14

Both hit, roll damage for the two attacks.

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I forgot how my damage roll works. It’s like 3d6 per hit. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have an agility modifier, but it’s +8 just in case I’m wrong.
7 to the first mob
11 to the second

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“if that staff is more than decoration, then assist me. Otherwise be silent.” Seraphina commanded. “I will not stand by and chat while these people are slaughtered.” Fire. “Not when I can see the evil they face this time.” Fire. “Not after being helpless against that pagan goddess who toyed with men’s minds,” Fire, “then slaughtered them as sheep when unmasked.” Fire.

Seraphina tried to channel her frustrations into her bow, arrow after arrow. She’d felt so impotent in Rome, fighting forces she couldn’t see, arriving too late to help every time. It felt good to be able pour down the fires of heaven on those unholy creatures.

I’ll just roll a bunch and you tell me when I run out of attack rolls. Sticking with normal attacks unless something special appears (like the big mommy monster)
@discobot roll 20d6


:game_die: 1, 5, 6, 6, 2, 2, 5, 1, 3, 1, 1, 2, 4, 1, 6, 1, 4, 3, 1, 1

18+8, 26.

Or would the wall level negate the need for a roll?

In any case, 15+7, 22.


{You get your modifier for basic attacks.}

You catch one of the creatures on the side of the head as it lunges for you and though not entirely dead on impact it dies quickly after as one of it’s companions misjudges its bite and ends up latching itself around the throat of its ally rather than yourself.

Medusa fares less well. She snares the first in her chain and take it down efficiently with her scythe, but it’s obvious she spent a good while focusing on Enkidu as she seems to forget the presence of the other creatures until one bites down on her back dealing 9 points of damage and pinning her to the ground.

Two others try to circle around and get caught in your coils. One takes 10 points of damage, the other 12, neither go down.


Five of your shots outright kill their targets, usually blowing large sections of the creatures apart on impact of burning a hole neatly through avital organ. The other five only wound, but provide an opportunity for the troops on the ground to finish them off.

A couple of the soldiers salute you gratefully before getting back to the fight. They don’t seem surprised by your presence of the firepower you’re capable of.

The man appears surprised, “Actually it is mostly for decoration. I always found loping heads off to be much faster.” He sighs, “But I suppose details should wait until this is over.” He hops up on the wall and looks down, “What do you think more allies or more dead enemies?”


LAN turns around just in time to see Medusa caught in a pin. There was still one beast engaging him in melee, with two more closing in, so he could not move closer to Medusa without being hit.

Thinking quickly in the moment, LAN decides to empower his staff. With it, he could attack both the creature in front of him, as well as the creature holding Medusa in a pin. Sending a surge of od into his metallic staff, it extends to an enormous length as he chants a quick incantation.

“Anchor of the seas, calm the waves!”

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