Singularity Babylonia(TTRPG Campaign)

{The wall would give you advantage on spotting specific things.}

You weave your way through the gaps the strange man seems to have left in the enemies when he made his way over to you then take a good run-up and leap. In a flash of inspiration you fire off a couple Gandrs to both give you some extra height and control where you land.

As you fly through the air you see Sera raining literal fire from the top beside a strange man in a white hood about 30 meters away.

{Gave you spotting Sera and Merlin for the Luck roll. Now roll a separate one with advantage to survey the field.}


16+7, 23.
10+7, 17.


{That will expend an NP Point but your attacks will now hit all enemies in 10 meters. If you want to continue simply roll an attack.}

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Yes - that is the plan. One attack for everything?
@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 13


Allies… “Hadriel, mind scanning around?” Seraphina asked silently while continuing to fire. “See if you can sense Michael and the others are around? I doubt Alaya left them in the void.”

Aloud Seraphina said “Dead enemies.” If he really was half deamon, she didn’t really want to find out what he considered an ally right now. Not after Kadoc’s pet.


The battlefield is quite large. This fight seems to stretch for somewhere between a quarter and half a kilometer. The humans are outnumbered by at least 2-to-1, but you see a mostly naked man with a spear and a large shield that seems to be coordinating their efforts to compensate. You recognize him as a Servant immediately.

You spot another pair of obvious Servants also making good progress. A plain-looking man with a spear playing defensively while a much shorter woman weaves around him cutting these distracted Beasts down with easy efficiency.

Off in the distance near the western edge of the battle you see arcs of lightning and a pair of figures fighting. You can make out who they are, but given the light show you have an idea.

Nearer you can see the strange man slowly wading in, but making an effort to let his opponents come to him so that he can counter rather than take the initiative to attack first.


Yep, that’s the benefit/price of the ability. One attack hits everything in 10 meters of you, but if it fumbles it fumbles massively. In this case you land all 4 hits so roll damage.

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Sighing as I resigned myself to the mindless melee, I jump back down. I use Gandr on the enemies further out from the man content to countering the beasts.

14+10, 24 MP.

damage roll - 12d6

AGI bonus +8, not sure if it applies

counting the dice vertically:

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I can sense Michael faintly, it seems his connection to himself has gotten stronger. The rest I lack a connection to, but it would not surprise me if you all were sent here. I suspect that Mage may have interfered with where you all were intended to go when he used that heretical artifact.

“Right,” the man beside you says distracted, “not a lot of area spells in my repertoire so…” He quickly taps his staff on the ground twice and a duplicate of himself appears beside him. He turns to it, “Strategic.” He looks back to you, “Well my dear it’s been a pleasure, but I’m afraid if it is dead enemies you want we will need to part ways for now.”

With that he hops off the wall and lands on the ground with his whole body aglow in lines of light and a brilliant sword in his hand. The world really is coming to an end, Hadriel says inside your mind, a half-demon is wielding a holy sword…


Lower existence so you can fire twice for the duration of this fight. Regardless the first one hits so roll damage for that.


3+10, 13 MP.

Dmg 1st:
1+5+5+10, 21.


{It’s 1 attack so also 1 damage roll. In this case I’ll just use the first one listed which gives you 16 damage to each enemy in range.}

Your staff grows to ten meters as you recite your incantation. You set your stance and whips your weapon around in one giant arc catching you injured enemy, the beast pinning Medusa down, and even the two attempting to flank you in one massive swing. Not having to worry about collateral damage you thin your staff so that instead of battering these enemies it instead neatly cleaves them all in twain.

Medusa stands and nods her thanks to you while the remaining creatures seem to reconsider their assault on you both. Their numbers are thin enough now that you can see there are only about 10 remaining.

{Do you take the fight to them or wait for them to make a move?}


Second one hits as well.

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1+6+5+10, 22.


Connection to himself? Seraphina wondered briefly. Time enough to worry about that after the battle. At least he was here too, and likely the others. “Let him know we’re here if you can and can help if he gets overrun by these beasts.” Seraphina asked as she continued firing.

She didn’t pay much attention to the man with the staff until Hadriel hissed at the holy sword he produced while jumping off the wall. Half deamon with a holy sword, she shivered. It was a relief to see him go.

More attacks among the monsters.

@discobot roll 20d6


:game_die: 1, 6, 5, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1, 6, 5, 2, 3, 2, 3, 6, 1, 6, 2

Just to be clear, Usami is using the unknown CG as agro control.


As you fall you nail two to the creatures in the head and land close the the strange man.

“Hey Haru,” he says without taking his attention away from the enemies closing in, “how’d it look?” He waits for the enemies to get close, but both attack together so instead of attacking both he knocks one in the side of the head hard enough for there to be an audible crack and sends it tumbling into its partner delaying its own attack. “Not gonna lie, this kind of fight really isn’t my forte, so I’m hoping you have a better idea than I do.”