Singularity London cont.(TTRPG Campaign)

Much like the last several threads of a similar(or identical in this case) naming convention the vast majority of you can just ignore this. I’m running a long DnD-esque campaign and I need several threads to track everything safely. If you wish to watch feel free, but otherwise there’s probably not much here for most of you.

Character Sheets:

Castelleus Character Sheet

Class: Lancer Foreigner
Name: Lan Choi
Counterforce Alias: LAN
Gender: Male
Nationality: Chinese
Manifestation Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral Good
Element: Lightning
Origin: Towers & Anchors

Health: 324
Strength: D(25) E(23)
Dexterity: C(27)
Endurance: C(27)
Magecraft: B(29) A(31)
Luck: B(29)
NP:A(5 Burdens)


Necronomicon(Roll MP to offset the cost of Skill or Noble Phantasm use. Each successive use per day raises the threshold for the next check. On failure potential loss of sanity. On forced success guaranteed loss of sanity.)


Future Prediction E: Once per day, you can evade one damaging attack that is not considered a Noble Phantasm.
Thanks to the fortunetelling potential inherent in the magic crest he had in life, LAN theoretically has the ability to evade attacks and anticipate weaknesses. However, LAN never used his magic for fortunetelling, so this skill is at a very low rank.

Artificial Saint Graph E: Once per day copy any Skill you have encountered at E rank for the remainder of the day.

Reinforcement (Structure) A: Applies a Bounded Field to a structure that negates up to 50 points of damage. If the Bounded Field is destroyed any overflow damage from the attack is ignored.
Casting time: 1 Active Action. Cannot be stacked but can be re-cast.
Duration: 1 day or until destroyed.

Digitized Will C: Increased threshold for status ailments by 3.

Entity of the Outer Realm(Pierce): Grants you complete authority over any object capable of piercing physically(lances, rapiers, etc) or conceptually(towers, certain Noble Phantasm). When in contact with such an object any possible interactions become guaranteed with the object and any impossible actions with the object can be performed with a sufficiently high MP Roll(DM’s discretion).

Phase Anomaly: When damage is taken all enemy attack rolls against you for the next round are made at -2. If damage is taken with Phase Anomaly active reduce all enemy damage rolls the following round by -2. These effects stack until you go a round without taking damage upon which they reset.

Mystic Eye of Retrocognition B: Once per day expend 1 Burden to view up to 4 months into the past at a specific location. You may either immediately view a time you know, or search back through time at a realtime scale of 10 to 1.

Astromancy C: 3 times a day, replace the result of a failed roll with a natural 15.

Noble Phantasms:

Starforging (D) - Lan can create the following noble phantasms. Weapons have two damage dice per round regardless of the wielder’s stats. Weapons that cost burdens to make will last only twelve hours. This ability becomes Lan’s main weapon, and cannot be skill-sealed.

Dìnghǎi Shénzhēn, The Ocean Anchor ------ (Original Weapon)
  • Lan’s original Lancer-class weapon.
  • Not subject to the limit of two damage dice.
  • Deals 3d6+AGI.
  • Spend 1 burden gain a 10m cleave for ten rounds and negate one water-based attack.

The Staff of Wukong was originally a divine anchor in the East Sea, and Lan's magecraft embodies this aspect of the staff. Its ability to miniaturize is curtailed, but its abilities to expand and to calm the waves remain the same.

Tiānqiāng, The Celestial Spear -------------------- (New Upgrade)
  • Upgrades Lan’s access key to World’s End.
  • When stationary, Lan can now make ranged attacks from 50m away.
  • Deals 2d8+MP.
  • Spend 1 burden to auto-hit a single target for ten rounds and negate one void-based attack.

Tianqiang, or literally the 'celestial spear', is one of the divine armaments guarding the Altar of Heaven. The Tiangqiang constellation in Chinese astrology translates into Kappa-II Bootes in modern astronomy. In Lan's magecraft the Tianqiang constellation represents Rhongomyniad.

Xuángē, The Sombre Lance ----------------------------- ( 1 Burden )
  • Sera only.
  • Lance mode deals 2d8+strength and has a chance to apply lethargy.
  • Tonfa mode allows Devoción Flameante to become piercing attacks.
  • Attacks made by this weapon are completely silent.

Xuange is one of the divine arms guarding the Altar of Heaven. It is a noble phantasm that makes no sound as it attacks, earning it the moniker 'somber lance'. In particular, 'Xuan' denotes a kind of black iron made from divine metallurgy, which was the original material used by the gods to build divine anchors in the seas. It is unclear why as the Age of Gods receded, the anchor material went from xuan iron to gaudy gold, before the gods stopped making anchors altogether. In any case, the Xuange constellation translates into Lambda Bootes in modern astronomy. There is no lore that allows it to be disassembled into two pieces, but Lan's magecraft has granted him some ability to bend the rules.

Gěnghé, The Shifting Halberd -------------------------- ( 1 Burden )
  • Ardent only.
  • Halberd mode has 2d6+strength in a 10m area.
  • Shield mode deals no damage, but can negate any number of attacks with a successful endurance roll.
  • Bracer mode has 2d6+strength, and retaliates against any enemy even while dashing.

Another divine weapon guarding the Altar of Heaven, its human name is so old that it no longer makes any grammatical sense in any modern language of the Far East. The proper noun 'Genghe' is actually an ancient verb from the Age of the Gods, meaning 'to change dominant hands while marching with a spear'. Adding further to the confusion is that this noble phantasm is sometimes mythologized as a shield rather than a spear. Lan's solution to this confusion is to infuse the essence of Rho Bootes into a fitting vessel that is far better known to humanity: The transformable halberd known as God Force.

Zhāoyáo, The Goading Arms ---------------------------- ( 1 Burden )
  • Upgrades Michael’s default weapon.
  • He can choose to deal 2d6 holy instead of 3d4 wind damage
  • On a successful pin, he can opt to taunt instead
  • Threshold for elemental effects is further lowered from 7 to 5.

Another divine weapon guarding Heaven's Altar, another star in the Bootes constellation, and another noble phantasm using a verb as its name. Corresponding to Gamma Bootes in modern astronomy, 'Zhaoyao' literally means 'to beckon with a large object' or 'to be conspicuous'. In mythology it is vague whether this is a spear or a sword, and Lan decided that it would be neither. Instead, it takes the form of an Executor's ash lock, a flexible mesh that can be worn on one arm discreetly under a cassock. Traditionally, ash locks are engraved with scriptures, and are crafted out of consecrated iron mesh or studded leather. In the Age of Will they are made out of composites, and Luke 23:42 is the most commonly engraved verse by far.

Dàjiǎo, The Burning Horn -------------------------------- ( 1 Burden )
  • Haru only.
  • When equipped, Territory Creation prevents darkness and blindness from setting in. Void energy sources within the territory are highlighted.
  • Regardless of territory, the user can blow on the horn to set void creatures within 50m on fire.
  • Lan can always hear the sound of this horn, and always sense exactly where the territory is placed.

In the Age of Gods, the red giant Arcturus was known to Chinese astromancers as the Great Horn, representing the horn tip of the Azure Dragon. As a mortal mage, Lan could always see Arcturus in the sky even during daytime. Thus, whoever wielded the Horn of Arcturus - the symbol of what's known as Alpha Bootes in modern astronomy - could always draw Lan's attention, no matter how far away. In the rare cases when it's cleared for deployment, Lan entrusts it to those who are more knowledgeable than him, and who could direct his attention accordingly.

Lan's astromancy skills have expanded far beyond what he had during his life on Earth. He can now harness the energies of his guiding stars, and forge them into noble phantasms.

LAN's bio

Childhood (2000-2015):

There were five heirs to the Choi family. Mo, Chi, Qing, Lan, and Jin (literally meaning black, red, green, blue, and gold). Sister Mo was responsible but gullible. Sister Chi was capable but jealous. Brother Qing was kind but withdrawn. Brother Lan was scholarly but cowardly. Brother Jin was loyal but violent.

One day, a mysterious magus appeared before the whole family, telling them that there was a way to unite the family crest without ruining it. All the siblings reacted with their own agenda. Mo wanted to unite the crest for the sake of the clan, even if it meant risking the lives of individual heirs. Chi was jealous of Mo and wanted to crest for herself. Qing sensed trouble and tried to flee, but died to an unknown assassin. Jin then accused Chi of foul play without any evidence, and they duelled each other to death. Sensing a greater conspiracy at play, Mo sent Lan far away to the safety of the Clock Tower. Not long after this, Mo died and the clan fell to ruin. The mysterious magus was nowhere to be found.

Clock Tower (2015-2025):

Lan studied in two departments, astromancy and lore. When the Universal Update occurred, each of the 12 departments had its own agenda. Zoology and Botany were unequivocally against it, Astromancy and Lore were the most supportive. Lan had doubts about his department’s leanings, so he hung out more and more in the Modern Magecraft department.

Lan avoided most of the infighting and followed people like Caules and Flat around the world to help ordinary people whose lives were ruined by the upheaval. Eventually, this grew into a movement, and their chief enemies became the “update centres” that were bleeding the planet dry.

The Gaia Movement (2025-2035):

Eventually, the movement became too large and split into two factions. One side simply wanted to help every human get digitized. The other side believed the Age of Will was fundamentally evil. Flat mysteriously disappeared and was never found again. Caules went into hiding after multiple attempts on his life, and Lan was with Caules, serving as a confidante. With both leaders missing or dead, the Gaia movement imploded into anarchic gangs and became easy prey for the update centres’ security forces.

Lan was not against update centres in principle, but the update centre conglomerate, led by Julius Harvey, came for him anyway. Lan met his end in a last stand against Julius, buying time for Caules to upload himself and achieve immortality.

DapperAndDandy Character Sheet

Name: Michael D’Angelo
Nationality: Italian
Element: Wind
Origin: Justice
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Appears to be in his mid 20s.


“St. Michael, protector of the faith, bring back our son to us.”

Michael heard his parents pray this over and over again as they waited to hear back from the police. HIs little brother had been missing over three days now, vanishing when they were out in the city.

And then the call came. His parents wept and wept and wept. Michael could hear it even in his room in the night, pillow over his head to block out the sound and the rest of the world.

St. Michael… why didn’t you answer our prayer? Where were you?

The question haunted him long after he became an adult, long after he’d joined the Church as an Executor thanks to his magic circuits. He did his best as an Executor to slay the unholy things that walked the earth - human and otherwise - like the one that took his brother away from him. But the question still lingered, and the anger and longing for more than what he could do as a mere human.

Then, one day, he made a contract with the world itself.

Rumors spread of the appearance of the Archangel Michael himself in cities and on battlefields, saving innocents and slaying the wicked. And as it did, his spirit origin began to change…

Class: Saber
Health: 324
Strength: B(29)
Agility: C(27)
Endurance: C(27)
MP B(29)
Luck B(29)
NP EX(6 Burdens)


Black Keys 3d4+Strength Wind damage. On a success of 7 or greater opponent is knocked back 20 meters. When fighting Spiritual Entities add your MP modifier as well.


5 Gold Keys(Apply Black Key effects to enemies with Divinity, each Gold Key can only be used 5 times.)

Servant Compendium: Roll Luck to see if a given Spirit you encounter is in the compendium. Results of 15 or more will only present a name, description, and Class Skills. Results of 18 or more will also have Personal Skill names and Parameters. Results of 20 or more will also have Noble Phantasm names. Results of 25 or more will have Personal Skill Descriptions. And Nat 20s will also have Noble Phantasm descriptions. You may only Roll on a Spirit once no matter who performs the roll.

1 Mana Crystal(Variabe uses)


Innocent Monster(Angelic): In areas where his Noble Phantasm boosts his parameters, he receives additional changes to his physical form, such as a powerful radiance and even wings.

Numeral of the Saint A: As the legendary angel of the sun, when receiving a boost from his Noble Phantasm, Michael receives an additional boost when fighting in daylight. Once per day, he can augment rolls for one stat by +5 for one fight.

Revelation A: A skill to "hear the voice of heavens " and take optimum action; a Skill equivalent to Instinct. However, “Revelation” accommodates all matters related to the achievement of a goal (for instance, choosing the most suitable path while traveling). This allows him to gain advantage on non-combat Luck checks, as well as once per day, gain advantage on a single attack to add +4 to the roll.

Bravery A: The ability to resist mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination, as well as increase melee damage. He gains advantage against all mental effects and add a +4 to all rolls when at or below 25% of your maximum health.

Mana Burst C: Three ties per day add double your MP modifier to an attack.

Rapha-El: Hands of Restoration: Once per day, restores a single ally within physical contact to their ideal physical or mental condition. (Requires an Active Action)

Uri-El: My Light Guards the Gate: Any number of times per day stand your ground and allow only those you deem worthy to pass your position. The gate extends to sightline in all directions from directly behind you and faces in the direction you face. This lasts as long as you remain conscious and immobile. (Requires an Active Action.)

Mystic Eye of Retrocognition A: Once per day expend 1 Burden to view up to 6 months into the past at a specific location. You may either immediately view a time you know, or search back through time at a realtime scale of 30 to 1.

Helel: The Star That Shines Alone: Replenish Burdens twice per day without Consulting Alaya. Grants immunity to lying and persuasion and advantage against being debuffed when the person in question is qualified as a leader, but also cannot be buffed by allies qualified as leaders.

Noble Phantasm:

Mi-Ka-El: Who is Like God?
His spirit origin has changed as a result of accumulating and synchronizing with myths of the Archangel Michael. When summoned into areas where his legend is strong and people are devout, he receives a +1 to all parameters. However, in areas of agnosticism or indifference, his parameters remain unchanged. In areas where strong myths other than his own exist, he receives a -1 in all parameters.
Neph-il-im: I Carry The Faith
His spirit origin has changed as a result of accumulating and synchronizing with myths of the Archangel discovering who Michael truly is. When summoned into areas where the faith is strong he receives a +1 to all parameters. In areas of agnosticism or indifference his parameters remain unchanged, however he can expend a Burden to become the faith and gain access to his increase Parameters for 1 fight. In areas where strong myths other than his own exist he is himself no stronger, but no weaker; Michael knows the truth and has embraced it, he will no longer let doubt weaken him.

Deus Ex: Felling Blade of Revelation - Anti-Personnel NP
Can only be activated as long as his first Noble Phantasm is provided neutral or boosted parameters. When activated, his Black Key becomes engulfed in light and increases in length to twice his height, which he hurtles like a spear down on the target in a devastating burst of mana. Thanks to the legends of Michael slaying the Dragon in Revelations, the attack deals additional damage against those with the Dragon-trait or Evil-alignment. Michael deals 5d10+MP&Strength to all enemies within 3 meters of his target. Double the damage if the enemy is Draconic or Evil. Quadruple the damage if the enemy is both.
Range: 25 meters.
Cost: 3 Burdens(Cost reduced to 2 if “Mi-Ka-El: Who is Like God?” is active)

Light-Bearer, He Who Keeps The Light
Augments Strength and MP Parameters to A rank by default, Neph-il-im can increase this to EX.
Enables the use of Judgement in place of or in addition to Deus Ex when available. When activated Judgement will interrupt the fading of a Heroic Spirit and submit their Saint Graph for Judgement. Requires a source of Pure Divinity to activate.
Range: Sight.
Cost: 3 Burdens(Reduced to 2 if Neph-il-im: I Carry the Faith is active).

Emprisk Character Sheet

Name: Usami Haru
Race: ?
Nationality: Japanese
Element: Wind
Origin: Solving
Age: 17
Alignment: Lawful Weird Good
Specializations: Runes, Working out Mysteries and sewing

Class: Avenger
Health: 300
Strength: E(23)
Dexterity: C(27)
Endurance: D(25)
MP: A-(31)
Luck: D(25)
NP: A(5 Burdens)


Mercury’s Gloves(Allows the instant formation of a 3 effect Bounded Field and advantage on MP checks to instantly apply additional effects.)


Avenger(Schemer) B-: When in combat with your grudge: Reduce NP Cost by 1. Additionally gain +4 to hit and damage your grudge or any of your grudge’s allies, but on a miss of 4 or less deal damage to the nearest ally in range instead.
When not in combat with your grudge you can choose to activate this skill. If you do it lasts for the entire fight and increases your chance to hit and damage by +4, but on a miss of 4 or less deals damage to the nearest ally in range instead.

Inherent Insight A: Gain advantage when trying to discern the truth. Assign a +4 to this roll once per day.
Introspective Insight A: Gain advantage when trying to discern the truth. Assign a +4 to this roll once per day. Additionally five times per day, for one roll, you may raise Agility, Strength, or Luck to A rank.

Territory Creation A+: Designate a 50 meter area as territory. When inside your own territory add 1 to all your rolls.

Noble Phantasms:

Party of the Hero!: Gives allies advantage versus those Usami considers enemies for three rounds as well as a +2 on all rolls.
Range: All allies in sight
Cost: 1 Burden
Rank: B “In the name of the Hero… Destroy evil!”

I will surpass your expectations!: Any attack or effect that would normally force Usami to commit self-harm has no effect and instead rebounds back onto the caster.
Range: Self
Duration: Always active
Cost: None
`Rank: B
[REDACTED] hurt her one last time for her own good, but [REDACTED} gave her the strength to carry on.

Hidden Noble Phantasm - Zabaniya: Sixth Path
{Details Unknown}


Insane or scarily competent? Can’t it be both? Much like the girl herself, she has very odd ways of doing things. From drinking beverages like a bird to making her own costumes. But underneath it all is a girl who values two things above all else: her vengeance, and the only person who bothered to try and make friends with her as children. It’s not always clear which she values more but she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

If you manage to tolerate her eccentrics and get through her metaphorical mask, there is not a more loyal and loving young woman in the world.

Alternate Class
HP: 276
Strength: E(23)
Agility: C(27)
Endurance: E(23)
MP: A+(31)
Luck: D(25)
NP: EX(6 Burdens)


Mercury’s Gloves(Allows the instant formation of a 3 effect Bounded Field and advantage on MP checks to instantly apply additional effects.)


Alchemic Elemental Reinforcement C: Generate an alchemic flask every day. When used this flask will coat your body in your element allowing you to deal 3d6+MP elemental damage on hit. Additionally any time you are hit in melee the enemy must roll Luck(DC13) to avoid being inflict with a status ailment and all physical checks are performed using MP while active. This effect lasts 1 minute. Flasks may be stored if not used that day up to a maximum of 10. Limit 3 uses per day.

Inherent Insight A: Gain advantage when trying to discern the truth. Assign a +4 to this roll once per day.
Introspective Insight A: Gain advantage when trying to discern the truth. Assign a +4 to this roll once per day. Additionally five times per day, for one roll, you may raise Agility, Strength, or Luck to A rank.

Territory Creation A+: Designate a 50 meter area as territory. When inside your own territory add 1 to all your rolls.

Noble Phantasms:

Party of the Hero!: Gives allies advantage versus those Usami considers enemies for three rounds as well as a +2 on all rolls.
Range: All allies in sight
Cost: 1 Burden
Rank: B “In the name of the Hero… Destroy evil!”

I will surpass your expectations!: Any attack or effect that would normally force Usami to commit self-harm has no effect and instead rebounds back onto the caster.
Range: Self
Duration: Always active
Cost: None
Rank: B [REDACTED] hurt her one last time for her own good, but [REDACTED} gave her the strength to carry on.

Mysty Character Sheet

Name: Seraphina
Race: Israelite
Nationality: Levite
Origin: Vigilance
Element: Fire
Age: 18
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Specialization: Sniper

Health: 324
Strength: B(29)
Agility: A(31)
Endurance: C(27)
MP: B(29)
Luck: D(25)
NP: C(3 Burdens)


Bow of the Fiery Serpent(2d6+Agility fire damage)
-Deals 2d6 fire and 1d6 poison damage at baseline and has the chance to poison an enemy.
-Poison will deal 1d4 poison per round for 10 rounds if you succeed on a hit by 10 or more.
-At the beginning of each encounter roll MP on a total of 15 or less you will receive just the above two measures. On a total of 16-24 you will add half you MP modifier(rounded down) to each shot you take. On a total of 25 or more you will add your full MP modifier to each shot you take.


30 Golden Arrows(Deal double damage against Divine enemies.)

27 Unstable Arrows(When placed into contact with another mana source deal 1d6+6+mana source’s MP modifier damage in a 3 meter area.)


Independent Action D: Replenish Burdens twice per day without Consulting Alaya.

Presence Concealment B: Automatically enter Stealth during combat 4 times per day. When attacking from Stealth gain advantage.

Seraph C: When any new enemy is set alight add +1d6 on all damage rolls, or upon request double movement speed instead and once per day add +3 to any roll.

Humanity’s Seraph C: When any new enemy is set alight add +1d6 on all damage rolls, or upon request double movement speed instead and once per day add +3 to any roll. Additionally you may forgo your Movement Action to gain advantage on an Active Action once per turn.

Holy Fire EX: Reduce threshold to Burn an enemy by 6.

Passover: Deduct 2 from damage rolls against all allies in sight 3 times. If Seraphina is in Seraph mode this upgrade to complete damage negation 3 times. Must be activated.

Devoción Flameante A: Alters melee strikes to deal 2d8+MP fire damage.

Clairvoyance C: You can read surface level thoughts. Ranged and melee attacks have disadvantage against you for the first 3 strikes of each fight.

Mana Burst C: Three times per day add double your MP modifier to an attack.

Noble Phantasms

Purified Eye - You possess both normal and Infrared Vision
Range: Sight
Duration: Always active
Cost: None

Ebenezer - Determine the exact species and parameter or any creatures in range.
Range: 50 meters
Duration: 10 minutes
Cost: 1 Burden

Wrath of Elohim - Deal 8d6+Agility fire damage to a single target and Burn them. Double the damage if undetected.
Range: 50 meters
Duration: 1 Attack
Cost: 2 Burdens(Can be used so long as any Burdens remain.)

Historical setting:

While Israel reclaimed the land of Abraham’s inheritance, the tabernacle with the Arc was located at Shiloh. During the time of the young Prophet Samuel and the head priest Eli, there was a battle with the Philistines a day’s journey away ar Ebenezer (stone of help/divine aid). Isreal was fairing poorly so brought out the Arc for aid like in the battle of Jericho. Israel lost badly and the Philistines captured the Arc and kept it for 7 months before getting tired of the constant plagues that occurred in each city they tried to store it and returned it to Israel.


Born Sarah of the tribe of Levi, she spent her time caring for her siblings while father officiated in the tabernacle, and sneaking out to practice archery with her secret boyfriend from the tribe of Zebulon.
Then the Philistines attacked, and were winning. Father was detailed to be a bearer bringing the holy Arc of the Covenant into battle, and her boyfriend was called up from reserve to join the honor guard. News came back of defeat and death. Didn’t want to believe it and snuck out to search for father and boyfriend herself. She found crows with a scrap of Levitical robes and tracked down the source. Cried out when she found bloody crow pecked bodies still clutching the broken pole of the Arc and a familiar bow. Her grief gave her away to philistinian scavengers nearby.
Outnumbered and without arrows, she called up to heaven for aid, and a Seraphim decended from heaven on fiery wings directly onto Sarah. In sudden fear she lashed out and fire engulfed her. When her vision cleared, the men were burnt to a crisp, as was the remains of the Israelite dead around her. then she realized she and the bow were on fire, but not getting burned.

She couldn’t return home and risk burning everyone, so fled to the wilderness with the bow. After a long time of practice, and burned out campsites, she began to control the power of the burning one. She no longer visibly burned, except for her right eye, which she kept covered. But she remained sensitive to heat and was able to sense when other sources of heat were near. With her right eye uncovered, she could determine who deserved the wrath of heaven. And with her new bow she could imbue it with her Heavenly fire and strike down her targets.
Reborn in fire, she changed her name to Seraphina, and took to stalking the Philistines who invaded her home and secretly struck down their commanders from the shadows and delighted when they screamed about how it was fire from Elohim himself.
Then counterforce recruited.

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Michael silently contemplated Paracelsus’ words, all the while passing them on to Seraphina, who he sensed had arrived. Even as he did, he cautioned her not to intervene. It didn’t seem necessary… yet. And it might cause more trouble than good. After all, if they backed Paracelsus into a corner and had to stop him, the Singularity might repair with the Void still in play, which would do them no good.

“What exactly would this magical renaissance entail?” he probed.


“There exists an item that would allow for the free wielding of magecraft by any, regardless of the quality or even existence of Magic Circuits. That is what he sought to share in life, and their production is a secret that died with him and the aristocracy of that era. Imagine a world where the mystery behind magecraft still remains, but the benefits are freely available to any who may have need of them.”


Lan wondered at Leines’ question, for a moment unsure how to answer.

“In terms of brute force I suppose it’s no problem.” Lan replied pensively. “On the off chance that it is connected to our opponent’s saint graph, however, there may be more elegant solutions.” Lan pauses again, deep in thought, before speaking again with a light sigh.

“For instance, if there truly is a link between the elemental and the Producer himself, I could attempt to use this link to draw him into my reality marble. I may not be able to outwit him in a contest of magecraft, but at least I could deliver an ultimatum to him on your behalf, if such is your wish.”

“Much of this is conjecture though, so if you deem it wiser to have the elemental dealt with directly, I would of course be honoured to render that service… if your Lordship is certain that this is the best course.”


An item? From what he knew of Paracelsus, he guessed… “A philosopher’s stone?”

As he contemplated what he’d learned, he finally placed what bothered him so much about Paracelsus’ idea. It wasn’t the Church’s stance on magecraft, or even the ramifications to Alaya and the worldlines.

“I can understand the appeal of such an item, such a way of living,” he said. “But whether it was right or not, that’s not the course fate took. To change that now, to deny that, would be to deny the choices and even existence of all that came after. Even if their lives were worse off for it, it was still their life and their choices. Can any one person have the right to deny that and take it away?”


Paracelsus did seem to be the producer after all. Maybe she should be pressed harder the other day, end things with him before James ended up in this state… But there was no going back now. Just hoped that they could hold out. The desert and Uruk had both been distortion restarting from void agents, neither had been easy to handle. And neither had an abomination fully in control of a host.

“Well Abby, some things really do require trying in order to understand.” Seraphina said, breaking the silence. “The first time I managed to make a wimd with fire, I was so enthusiastic I almost send Michael tumbling across the medow as he slept nearby. I haven’t had time to practice for a while, would you like to watch while we wait for Michael?”

{intend to try small streams of wind to playfully tug at her hair and dress. It’s less showy than fire and easy to stop in a hurry if Michael needs her}


Leines begins to open his mouth, but McFarrick cuts him off, “While having Volumen back at it’s full strength would be beneficial it would be expending resources on a problem that is by and large solved. Besides Leines does the Elemental truly need to be moved? An existing obstacle in the room would aid our efforts to create a bottleneck and if you’ve truly had no luck in destroying the creature by directing your efforts internally you could instead use Volumen’s existing prison structure as a defensive countermeasure.”

Leines doesn’t look happy, but he doesn’t argue with the assessment.

McFarrick treats the silence as acceptance, “Very well, Inorai and I can provide backup. Charles, Celinstia, work together to set traps we can use for emergencies, if you can get one of your zombies into Zoology unnoticed then so much the better.”

“I gave them my word,” Charles replies hesitantly.

“Yes and? If there was ever a time Charles…”

The Lord of Policy falls silent.

McFarrick turns his attention back to you, “Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share Guardians or should we go into details?”

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“If the Singularity ends with the death of Babbage then the Producer will be satisfied. However if the world itself makes it clear the his mere existence is a threat then… well no matter your stance on violence it’s usually considered acceptable to retaliate once attacked. What he wants is not necessarily to have had the world intervene, but to know if there was ever truly a chance. If things had gone the other way would the world have intervened to stop the spread of magecraft or did it truly not care? There is a fundamental entity in this world we call Alaya that seemingly decides the course of human history. The Producer wishes to know if this entity is truly as impartial as it seems.”


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“I- I would humbly add as a mere footnote, your Lordships…” Lan glances between Charles and McFarrick. “…that a temporary retreat from the campus as a whole… might be achievable with the skillsets we have on hand. And if so, we could then reenter the campus from an angle of your choosing.”

“That option may be irrelevant now, but the offer stands.”

“Apologies again for my prattling. I believe I have delayed your instruction far too long.”

With that, Lan fell silent and lowered his head, stealing an uneasy glance at Haru as he did so.


The Lord of General Fundamentals nods, “While I thank you for your input I don’t bel-”

This time it’s Celinstia who cuts him off, “Leave? How? The defenses treat everyone as an intruder locking us in and everyone else out. How can you get around that?”

“Lady Celin-” McFarrick begins again.

“Cut the fat McFarrick, you just want credit for resolving a crisis, but we both know getting everyone out of the Association is unconditionally our best move.” She looks back to you, “Explain.”


Lan nods at Celinstia politely, but explains promptly without much more fanfare.

“Between Haru and I, we have a chance of piercing most barriers, including conceptual ones.”

“It’s a three part process. Turn impossible into possible, possible into probable, and execute the act. Haru takes care of the second part, while I handle the first and last.”

“For each piercing attempt, the chances of success can be boosted with territory creation, astromancy, or an increased mastery over the whims of fate.”

“If your Ladyship so wishes, we can demonstrate this at a place of your choosing, so long as I can get close to the barrier.”


“How long can you keep it open?” Charles asks, “If we can’t extract everyone present then I have to side with Lord Trambelio and insist we stay.”


(This has never come up. How long can I actually keep it open? Minotaur maze was like at least a few rounds, wasn’t it?)

(What about projecting three spears and putting pierce authority on each? Would the threshold for a cast be the same?)

(What about… nuking a hole with pierce plus NP?)


Using the method from the maze only enough for a small group, less than a dozen.

If you were to pair it with your primary weapon NP then I would allow a complete evac for the equivalent of 3 Burdens.

If you were to use Rhongo, then the effects would depend on how you modify it and what the MP Roll looks like, but it could, among other things, open a permanent hole or dispell the field entirely with a really good roll.


Seraphina continued to listen to the commentary Michael sent through Hadriel as she focused on making delicate streams of wind around Abigail. She tried to make it playful, pulling hair one way before twisting around to pull the other, like trying to follow the path of a butterfly. But the goals of the mage, only thinly veiled to be separate from the producer, what exactly to make of them?


“Impartial? If Alaya was truly impartial, would she have used lies and manipulations to to gain the power of a seraph under her control? I think not. But I don’t know if it will do any good telling him that. Might it provoke him to fight now rather than waiting for Babbage’s sun is taken care of?”


“I see…”

It would seem, for now, the status of Paracelsus as friend or foe remained unknowable - a veritable Schrodinger’s Box situation. Then they’d have to remove the lid, remove Babbage, to find out the answer.

As Seraphina’s voice came through to him, he replied, “I… did already mention how not everyone felt that they’d come to be Counter Guardians entirely willingly, as there was a lack of transparency in the choice. But I didn’t mention you by name, or the exact circumstances involved. It didn’t seem my place. In any case, yes, best not to emphasize that point now.”

“Is there any way you can help us stop Babbage then? To accelerate the arrival of the answer the Producer seeks?” Michael asked.


{might want to italicize that bit if it was just for Seraphina.}

“The abomination was much too interested in my knowing the primordial tongue. It’s best to limit who learns about my bond, otherwise he may learn for sure and I think he would strike at me to try and tear away Hadriel’s knowledge of the host to use against the world when they manage to invade.”


“No need to worry,” Michael replied. “I’d never share the details of your bond with Hadriel. Or any other part of your life you confide in me.”