Singularity London(TTRPG Campaign)

“These things are walking bombs!” Seraphina called out as she pulled out another tainted arrow to explode more of the creatures before they could reach her friends.

Rolling hit 1, 15…oof on the 1.

Btw, thought it was mephy



@castelleus Umm… maybe reconsider that plan? Seeing that, maybe Michael should attack.


Which lane? You’re at the intersection of 4 alleys(one for each of you), your own is clear the others have roughly the same number in each lane.

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(Makes sense, I’ll so the same next turn. I’ll extent my weapon and sweep everything around us, and pop any cooldowns to ensure I don’t miss.)

Sera was quick to act, and unleashed a pair of void arrows at the imps. Lan frowned briefly, but realized from the explosions they caused that letting them get close was not a good idea. “These things are walking bombs!” Sera called out as she pulled out another tainted arrow, warning the others of what these imps truly were.

Expending a burden, Lan extended his weapon, and swung it in a wide radius around where the party stood.

@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 10

Michael hesitated as Lan suggested they not attack and let his body serve as the test. Seraphina had other ideas, though, and it became apparent from her arrow that the creatures themselves were explosive somehow.

“Sorry, Lan.” Michael launched his Black Keys. “Change of plans.”

@KamikazeAardvark I’ll attack after all. :fgo_gudako:


Behind him, Lan sensed Michael springing into action as well. “Sorry, Lan.” Michael launched his Black Keys. “Change of plans.”

“Good call.” Lan replied as he swung his staff in an arc, prioritizing Haru’s lane first over his own.


One of your arrows goes wide, the other kills 5 of the 7 in Michael’s lane.

The other two leap towards Michael, but Lan’s Noble Phantasm clears those off of him as well as killing all but one of the remainder that manages to leap over the attack and attach to Lan.

It begins to burrow into his skin.

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“A virus. Saint graph corrupter, perhaps.”

Hell no. Kill it with fire! :fgo_insane:


Is that an order for a flaming lucha tick flick? :feh_flaynfire:


Will it explode in Lan, though? :fgo_lipburrito:

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(The mouth organs of the bug will probably be stuck inside. Let me try selection on it.)

As the last of the imps died, Lan pointed his access key at the burrowing contraption.

Begin Selection Alpha
Security level: Red
Rationale - disinfection. Liability to saint graph. Threat to field operations.
Quarentine for analysis and study.
Beware explosions, viruses, void energies, and any other threats upon object arrival.

Umm… I didn’t share in character, but Hadriel said probably not alive. Guessing mechanical and won’t have organs or anything to select


(There is no rule that it has to be alive, though. Seems the best chance to remove it wholesale without broken parts stuck inside.)



Selection does not work. It burrows under your skin and detonates blowing a chunk out of your arm for 20 damage.

{Selection requires a soul to anchor to.}

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304 HP
3 burdens left

(OOC - I want to roll MP on the aftereffects of the bomb. Maybe territory creation would help? Anyway I’ll use astromancy if the roll flubs.)

Lan studies the explosion intently, as if at a puzzle. He wonders whether there are any remaining viruses or adverse effects.

@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 14

It detonated off your Circuits which has disrupted the flow of Od in that arm. You’ll find it more difficult to use Authority until it heals.

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