Singularity Okeanos(TTRPG Campaign)

Well given Executor training I can give you Deep Sea Swimming for free. While there’s no evidence in your backstory that you would have needed rigging or Navigation as an Executor it is reasonable to say you would be proficient in most forms of survival training.


Sounds good to me. :fgo_teachcultured:


Lan opened his eyes to see Haru’s back… against the sky as he fell towards the stern.

The feeling of a capsizing ship took him back to his relic hunter days. The situation was different now, however. He can’t be drowned anymore, and he has all the treasure he’ll ever need right in his hands. He allowed himself to freefall, and instead tried to use this time to process the situation.

Alas, it was not to be. A tanned, lean mass of rippling muscle lifted him from the waves. Muscles that walked on water as it held him in a vicelike iron grip.

“Savior of humanity huh?”

Not ‘it’. They were clearly a person. But walking on water? Their servant signature was palpable. Lan did not struggle and simply allowed the person to carry him. Given what had just happened at World’s End, Lan was reluctant to share any information with anyone who could walk on water. Instead, he simply acquiesced with a poker face, neither resisting nor showing off any of his skills.

So, there was a ship from Ancient Greece, fighting a ship from the Age of Navigation. The fact that it wasn’t a one-sided fight proved that there was magecraft involved, particularly on the Greek ship.

Atlantic Ocean. … 1573 AD. … :roll_eyes: Plundering.

His attempt to study the unfolding naval battle was cut short by a message from Alaya. Stronger now, with emotion, but also… more reluctant. But of course! Why shouldn’t she be? Lan didn’t take offence to it. In fact, he found her jealousy reassuring. It was a good reminder of who he was and where he belonged.

:roll_eyes: Please select one piece of era-relevant information. Alaya continued, knowing full well that Lan already knew the first of those three skills, but doing her best to not acknowledge Lan as an individual.

  1. Celestial Navigation
  2. Ship Rigging
  3. Deep Sea Swimming [x]

Lan selects the third skill silently, without fanfare. He had no way of knowing which ship was friendly, and he had no reason to repair any one of the ships until he knew more. Whereas if he could swim faster without anyone knowing, that could be a hidden card up his sleeve.

Plus, he was from an era of diesel, electric, and nuclear. Sails just didn’t appeal to him.

“Lucky you, Master wants you unharmed," said the muscles, as the sound of a ship cannon shook their ears. "so just hang on, I’m busy right now… or better yet make yourself useful somehow.”

Lan stayed still in their vice grip, playing dumb and dangling like a fool. Out of the corner of his eye, he began to examine the waterwalker’s weapon - the one they had just used to damage the enemy ship.


Roll MP.

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@discobot roll 1d20

The nature of their weapon isn’t immediately obvious, but Lan decides to draw on the power of the stars.

Don’t read into this too deeply, Lady Alaya. Lan thought silently. This is not related to that thing with celestial nagivation. Like, totally not. Totally.

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:game_die: 6


People around her began speaking, voices overlapping, vying for attention all at once, echoing in her mind.

This is what I get for signing on with that mad woman-

Third time today…

Is that a bloody angel!?

Somehow not the strangest thing I’ve seen this week…

Wait, was she hearing this directly in her mind? What was going on? The voices weren’t Hadriel, then who-?

“Alright that’s enough,” a voice called from behind, cutting through her thoughts. This voice at least was definitely spoken aloud. Seraphina turned to see a woman, human but with power radiating from her, and a grin on her face. “You two can get back to it after you land and we have a talk.”

That much power, did this woman hold a grail? Is that why Michael’s wings were out? But get back to it? Get back to wha–

Oh, Seraphina blushed deeper in realization. She’d stopped looking around the moment she spotted Michael, rushing forward to greet him among a ship full of strangers she completely ignored.

“Umm… Sorry… Yes,” Seraphina began awkwardly while reaching up and pulling off her shawl. “Do you know why we might have been summoned here?” she asked, wringing water out of the cloth so it could dry. “We’ve only just arrived.”

{another clairvoyance check please. I assume drake is close enough now. Be ready with frequent thoughts as Seraphina learns to control her new new telepathy skill :fgo_bbsmile:}


Oh boy. Crew split between the Argo and the Drake pirates…


And we don’t know which side Wodime is on! :catroll: Who is Caenis’s “Master”, I wonder?


Your new Skill kicks in and you feel your mind clear. The weapon she is holding is a Noble Phantasm, and while it’s shape isn’t currently in the shape told of in legend it seems to be Poseidon’s Trident.

The woman seems to notice the use of your skill and smiles, “Well aren’t you full of surprises. Master is definitely going to want to pick your brain.” She says as she cuts the rudder off the presumably enemy ship.

{No changes in the Clairvoyance readings unless Dapper want to fill in what Michael’s thinking.}

The red-haired woman walks slowly around the two of you, “Not blind girl. Doubt your boy here would have dropped you and you don’t appear to be able to fly so of course you just got here.” She looks back over the crowd, directing her attention to a blonde man dressed all in white with a cane on the stairs leading to the helm, “More of your people?”

The man stands and walks through the crowd. “In a manner of speaking,” he replies looking the pair of you up and down. “Same goal, but not the same side. Welcome Guardians, I confess I’m surprised I arrived before the Counter Force, even if only by an hour. May I introduce you to Sir Francis Drake and the crew of the Golden Hind?”


Lan simply falls silent, neither confirming nor denying anything.

He continues to study the trident’s cutting power against what should be mundane wood native to the era.

Normal wood against noble phantasm? It seems hardly a match.



“Apologies, back to back summonings I’m used. Arriving in the middle of a battle I’ve done before too. Several bowshots in the air? That was… unexpected.” Seraphina explained to the woman circling her and Michael. She focused on folding her damp shawl, trying to hide her continued flush while the woman called to someone else.

"Welcome Guardians, I confess I’m surprised I arrived before the Counter Force, even if only by an hour. May I introduce you to Sir Francis Drake and the crew of the Golden Hind?”

Seraphina finally looked up again at the sound of this new voice. A man dressed in white who had an air of calm dignity. He didn’t fit in with the woman or the crew of sailors around them.

“Shalom,” Seraphina managed. “I am Seraphina, and this is Michael.” Then addressing the man in white she asked, “Are you the one from chaldea?”

{does clairvoyance have a range or is it more a matter of how well thoughts are guarded? In either case, if more are available now, I’ll take them}


She dashes back to the Greek schooner and deposits you on the deck unceremoniously. “Done,” she says simply to a blonde man with… questionable priorities in armor placement, “and I had it handled.”

“I don’t take chances,” the man responds before looking to a woman dressed in green with what look like cat ears. “You can disable them now.”

The cat-eared woman fires several shots that land un-erring into the other ship’s cannons and blow them to pieces, “And why didn’t I just do that to start?”

The blonde man, likely the captain, rolls his eyes, “Because then they would have run and scuttling their ship would have caused them to sink too fast. Scuttle first, then disable their cannons and they can’t run. Sitting ducks that we can interrogate at our leisure.” He turns his attention to a young woman in purple at the helm, “Take us in, slowly. The more time they have to be afraid the more likely they will be to talk.”

Finally the man turns his attention to you and points behind you, “Together I assume?” When you look behind you you see Usami being pinned to the deck by a beast of a man and looked over by another man in black robes with a plague doctor’s mask.

{I’ll let you know if anything relevant pops, but Drake is likely on-guard at strangers appearing and Wodime is pretty much always on-guard in-character.}

He gives you a small pleasant smile, “I see you have heard of us, good things I hope. I am Kirschtaria Wodime,” he bows, “a pleasure to meet you Miss Seraphina, Mister Michael.”

The red-haired woman, Drake you have to assume, tilts her hat up and scratches her head, “Counter Force? Chaldea?” She seems to think on these names then discard them with a shrug, “Let’s make this simple. I intend to hunt pirates. Are you on board with this idea or am I throwing you back in the water?”


“Friends.” Lan remarks without emotion.

He sits down where he is, and crosses both his arms and his legs. Evidently, they’ve started out being captured. He looks around the strange crew, silently assigning nicknames to all of them. Giant. Cat. Medic. Witch. Captain. Muscle.

The spiritual power emanating from them is palpable. Based on the circumstances, just he and Haru were in no position to make demands. Haru seemed to have been taken hostage, so Lan did not even move toward her.

He simply stayed put, looking around to assess the situation. A Greek ship from the wrong Age. The Trident of Poseidon. A crew of powerful figures.

Who were they, and what did they want? Are they part of the problem, or part of the answer?

@discobot roll 1d20

This was not his day. Lan’s mind became clouded. Was Alaya tampering with his concentration? No. He shouldn’t think so lowly of the Lady’s older sister.

He deployed with a chunk of missing QP after buying X’s lunch. That was probably why.

Sighing, Lan reached out to the stars once more. Muscles already knew he had this skill, so he loses nothing by using it. Still, thanks to his laspe, the whole crew knows he’s sizing them up.


:game_die: 1


It wasn’t Beryl, that was a small relief. If she’d stumbled into him this flustered after Pepe’s warning… She was opening her mouth to respond to this master, Kirschtaria he said, when Francis Drake spoke up insistently.

“Let’s make this simple. I intend to hunt pirates. Are you on board with this idea or am I throwing you back in the water?”

Not big on patience, Seraphina noted. Hunt pirates? Seraphina thought back to Alaya’s message. Atlantic Ocean. 1573 AD. Plundering.

“Our directive from Alaya indicates that the current distortion is related to plundering. Stopping pirates sounds like an excellent place to start figuring out what is being plundered.”


‘Why me?’


As he attempted to get his bearings after the new summoning, Michael found himself hovering over a rich blue tapestry in every direction and a salty spritz in the air.

The ocean. A welcome relief after the endless desert and the confinement of the cities there.

Atlantic Ocean. 1573 AD. Plundering.

Intriguing. The Age of Exploration and the Age of Piracy. What would they find here?

When Alaya prompted him for era-relevant information, he chose celestial navigation. It should be useful, and it intrigued him. He already had plenty of training with swimming, having taken many lessons as a child and chances to keep up the exercise as an adult.


Speaking of swimming… At the sound of a splash, he quickly looked around and recognized Seraphina in the water. Concern and relief pushed his heart up into his throat, but before he could react, someone gasped from behind him and startled him out of his concentration. The man seemed to think he was… well, okay, he was sort of an angel. But Michael could only shake his head at the man’s prayers before swooping down toward the deck to meet her.

Before he could even set foot on the deck, though, Seraphina leaped out of the water and into his arms. He burst into laughter and held onto her as they spun about, still grinning even as she pulled away and apologized for wetting him with sea water.

“I’m just glad to find you so quickly,” he said.

“Alright that’s enough," a woman’s voice mirthful voice came. “You two can get back to it after you land and we have a talk.”

He turned about to find a woman, dressed quite obviously as a pirate, who gave off an extremely high magical energy signal. There wasn’t a chance for introductions before someone else entered the scene, a man dressed in white with a cane. It was immediately obvious to Michael that he was a magus, and it didn’t take long to reveal he was one of the Masters from Chaldea.

“I’m glad we found you so quickly as well…” He seemed to favor titles, so Michael followed suit. “Mr. Wodime.”

He turned to the woman, revealed to be Francis Drake and nodded. “As Seraphina says, it seems like a good place to start. And I’ve no high regard for pirates, so if they’re taking advantage of others, I’m glad to put a stop to it.”

His eyes turned to Wodime. “And I assume if you’re on board, you have a reason to believe that as well.”


{Also @Emprisk }

The captain turns to Haru, “Standing orders in combat, detain any boarders if possible, kill if not.” He returns his attention to Lan, “Not the talkative type? Fine, I’ll start. You have the honor, nay privilege, to find your sorry selves aboard my ship the Argo and to speak with Jason Leader of the Argonauts!” He poses with his hands on his hips and his chin tilted up.

“We’re hunting pirates,” the cat-eared woman supplies in the intervening silence. She glares at Jason, “And they’re obviously not pirates, they’re Servants, probably Counter Force.”

“I have to agree,” the young woman in the purple dress adds, “they’re too scrawny to be giving off that much power if they’re not.”

Jason frowns and then waves to the large man to release Haru, “Yes, yes of course. I assume they’re here to deal with the pirate problem, like we are.”

“Like you volunteered us to do,” the man in the black robes interjects.

Jason shrugs, “My ship, my rules. You’re welcome to hop off at the next port. Besides, can’t establish a kingdom if the waters aren’t safe.”


I sighed, “No need.”

To Alaya I say, ‘Celestial Navigation.’

As I take that in my head I form a small modern rowboat in the water with a gasoline propeller in the back.

(Before i go further. Is Lan seeing this?)