Sinnoh Throwback Challenge Step 4

Step 4 of 9 of the Sinnoh Throwback Challenge requires you catch a Ground-type Pokemon. Hippopotas and Gible are the only Ground-type Pokemon from the Sinnoh region that are wild spawns but neither has increased spawns during the event. Gible is available in 7km eggs and Hippowdon is a T4 raid boss. There are no Field Research tasks which reward a Ground-type Pokemon.

For people who cannot go outside to play this seems like a huge oversight. Even for those that can get out to play, I don’t know if Hippowdon can be solo’d so your best option is to find a Ground-type Rocket battle.

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Really glad it’s not just me that thought this seems a bit tricky.

It doesn’t help now but if you happened to have a Marshstomp in your queue from one of the last Throwback Challenge Field Research that would work. Also hope to encounter a Stunfisk as a GBL reward.

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Burned through my research queues in the last couple. Thanks for the GBL suggestion though.

the following steel and ghost type quests also require raids but at least they’r e soloable I guess…
This just feels unfair

If you can go out, find a taken stop with a shadow Sandshrew, Mudkip, Cubone or Trapinch.

Drifloon (Ghost) and Shieldon (Steel) are from Sinnoh region, so it’s not that hard to find one. Or you can get it from the PVP rewards.

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Ghost-type is slightly easier. Drifloon is spawning in the wild and it is a Tier 1 raid boss. The Field Research Make 3 Great Throws reward can be a Gastly.

Steel-type is slightly easier. Hatch an Egg research is Shieldon and Transfer 3 Pokemon is Magnemite. You can also use a Magnetic lure to get Magnemite. Klink is a T1 raid. Fight Sierra for Beldum.

Back to the Ground-type - Magnetic Lure has a chance to spawn Onix and Alolan Diglett and Glacial lure has a change to spawn Swinub.

We shouldnt be forced to do crappy raids, I am also stuck on catch Ground. The best way is fight Ground or Rock( Larvitar is Ground and can be here)Grunt.

Starting to see Hippo’s everywhere…YAY!

I am going to guess they have made a change.

Yeah I’m seeing wild Hippopotas spawns, 6 hours after the special research was released :P

20 hours after release here.
I gave up after the first 2 incense yesterday.
Glad to see them spawning now.

Now we just need steels to spawn.

I actually was stumped last week with the catch a ghost task. Went out on Saturday and got all the way to that part(step 7 I think) and then nothing until Wednesday

I found two Hippopotas nests today without even trying. Hit up some of the public parks (providing you have access to them).

I was worried about this step too. Luckily I found a rocket stop which gave me a Trapinch. I haven’t found a Hippopotas in the wild since the last Sinnoh event so I was pretty upset that they’d give us this quest while having the only promoted ground type be a tier 4 raid. I’m stuck on catch a ghost type now; found one Driffloon during my three hour walk and it was during the first step. I own Let’s Go so steel will be easy with Meltan. Hopefully you can get passed this step soon!

I got over it by fighting the last Claydol Raid and beating it. It was rainy, so I brought Kyogre, Swampert, Pinsir, Scizor and Yanmega, I beat it in 18 secs left and caught it. There were 4 mins left to that raid.

I found Grunt with SAndshrew and Larvitar. Now need get Ghost, but Drifloon isnt that rare now. For steel, i have Beldum Encounter from GBL waiting on my alt and my main have Sierra on my home stop, so easy.

To sum up ways to catch a ground-type pokemon:

  1. Consuming your reserved bpnus encounters from field research
  2. Catch a wild spawned Hippodon
  3. Defeat a grunt that says “defeated to the ground” (trapinch, sandslash, larvitar)
  4. Raid