Sirius or Dimitri; Galeforce Cavs

Who is the better blue galeforce cav?

  • Sirius
  • Dimitri
  • Use both

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I don’t have either one but I’m just gonna say Dimitri because I’m biased

For those of you who voted Sirius, +atk or spd?

Personally Dimitri
Sirius is rolling around at the speed of sound, but that’s nothing against forced doubles
Dimitri actually has forced doubles tho and he can galeforce much more consistently


Sirius for sure. Slaying weapon + built in solo makes him the superior option. You want +spd for sure, he’s not doubling if he’s not faster. And you don’t want to risk one shotting

Dimitri’s forced doubles mean nothing if he one shots or the enemy can’t counter.


In terms of consistency, Sirius is generally better than Da Meat Tree at Galeforce setups

All righty then. Let’s do this. :thinking: #noregrets

fodder virion for astra

fodder dimitri (+res -hp) with galeforce and lull a/d