Site Feedback and To-Do List

Hello all!

Recently site feedback has been pouring in both via our site and reddit, and I just wanted to take a moment to list what we have planned for the Epic Seven site. We are missing a lot of information, but the feedback has been helpful for gauging what needs to be worked on first.

Site Plans

Since yesterday, every Hero page has their Campsite dialogue and a list of their reactions to other Heroes’ dialogue options. These are listed by magnitude, so the more extreme changes to Morale show at the top.

  1. Build a tool that allows dynamic team building for Labyrinths and Raids
  2. Add Skill Enhancement catalysts
  3. List the Adventure Mode drop locations for all catalysts
  4. Import all of the Skills in the game. This will resolve two issues:

-Skills being outdated since our initial data entry
-Import will add more detail to the Skill descriptions, particularly percentage modifiers for damage and healing

  1. Update conditions and icons
  2. Add Artifact Icons
  3. Make recurring events so that Guild Wars phases and timers can be displayed on the home page

Content Plans

  • Write the Tier List, which will most likely split by PvE and PvP with two sub-categories for each
  • Craft an Abyss Guide. Since every level of the Abyss is so different, we most likely won’t use the Tier List to recommend Heroes for it.
  • Publish a summary of patch notes each week
  • Complete Hero analysis for the whole cast

Let me know if there’s anything else we should work on! I’m super excited to oversee the development and publishing of new tools for the game.


First of all let me say “bravo” for all this work. As a picky plus i would add where does the heroes come from (i know 99% are from summoning) but i was so stubborn in searching chaos sect axe for like 15 minutes until i discovered how to obtain it. Nevertheless keep this amazing work for this amazing game (which im actually addicted and im just 1’5 week into it)

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Nah that’s actually a really good point-- we just added “Limited” markers for summons such as Diene and Luna, but what about Event characters? Specialty Change is also dubious when they have a separate page, so a “where to obtain” field would be much clearer.

I really enjoy the site, but I have a gripe with the camping simulator. It frequently doesn’t work, which is understandable, but having the running Ras popping up in a large box in the dead center of the screen and scrolling with the screen is mildly infuriating. I get that it’s supposed to be cute, but the scrolling just takes it way too far and it forces the user to refresh the page just to get rid of a needlessly invasive popup. It is already a bit frustrating when the sim isn’t working, so rubbing the users’ faces with a popup that can’t be closed feels more like being trolled than a cute way to display an error.