[Site Idea] Allow filtering out unreleased species in DPS-TDO spreadsheet

The list of top-DPS counters to Mewtwo includes Ash-Grenina and Pheromosa, which are nowhere near release, as well as Mega Absol/Banette/Houndoom (are all in the game yet?)

A way to filter out unreleased species would make the DPS-TDO spreadsheet FAR more useful.

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It would be helpful, as would options to show longer lists, say, 25 and 50 on one screen, plus a “show species best moveset only”.

For reasons we went into on the recent “the appraisals aren’t up-to-date” thread, I can’t see it happening.

The Mega-Helldog and Mega-Flock of Seagulls dog have been released but given the disinterest in Megas until the recent change to their system it’s entirely forgiveable not to know that. Even now, mega-evolving something each day is right at the bottom of my task list.

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