Sitting on the sidelines: who else is not participating in the coming Christmas event?

So, since I’m quite new, I’ve yet to progress down the Main story very far yet (in Okeanos now).
I also loathe to skip any story, as I like the idea of context during the fight (and I just enjoy the story as well).
This meant I couldn’t rush towards the Final Singularity, and I’m thus excluded from the Christmas Event.


So while the rest is all losing their insanity farming lottery boxes, who else is sitting on the sidelines for this event (either forced or by choice)?


Heh, don’t worry. Lotteries are really nice for those of us in the later game with big hungry rosters, but you’re not in that position yet. Enjoy the story!

I did manage to clear all the lottery boxes in the Halloween event, so at least I got a nice boost from that.

Personally, as a late starter (just the other day got to the 250 logins milestone) lotteries are an absolutely game changer. What would take entire months to achieve, be it levelling servants or skills you can do in a few days. NetoFest was the only full lottery I could be a part of, and even if I only farmed 40-something boxes,which is low for the average player standards, my roster´s worth grew exponentially.

While there is another lottery event not that far on the horizon, the Da Vinci one, I would highly advise to do your utmost not to miss this one. Playing leisurely it took me a month to get from the beginning to Solomon, so if you have gold apples stored now would be a nice time to use them. Remember, the story you can always read in “my room” or youtube and not every single scene is important. The fodder battles you could skip without feeling guilt.

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Each plays the game the way it better suits them. If you’re forcing yourself in a way it won’t be fun, then why bother with the game at all.

That said, be sure you won’t regret it later. Even if you won’t use the spoils from the lottery right away, they’ll come in handy sooner rather than later. More importantly, you would be missing on a valuable welfare servant. Yes, you can get it next year with the rerun, so it’s not too bad. In that case, however, you’ll be missing on free Rare Mana Prisms, which could be useful to unlock Mystic Codes or CEs.


I’m sitting this one out too. I’m taking the game at my own pace, currently at London.


I won’t be participating until the later half of the event due to my semester finals getting in the way. :pensive:

missions prizes aren’t lottos though

still, yeah, just take your time

thankfully, afaik, the welfare here, while good, isn’t like ridertoki levels or anything. so you won’t miss out on a whole lot with her, waiting until next year’s rerun

Oops, meant the Christmas Santa Lily rerun :sweat_smile:

Wasn’t able to completely clear the Halloween shop.

But I think it’s best if I strengthen my roster anyways, as I was very reliant on friend support during the events, and I heard this Christmas event is alot harder, so I’d probably not clear a whole lot anyways.

Tbh I have to participate this event next year with Skadi and BB and couple of more servants I think I will need all the gems I need.

Hope you get all of them :slight_smile:

Heh of course I will.

If you miss out on Da Vinci’s lotto event (which only requires Orleans completion) I don’t know you anymore.

I’m going to participate in the Xmas Lotto, though I’m not going to spend gapples by the dozen. I’ll probably end up with 70ish boxes done by the time the event is over.

I’m going to participate in the Christmas event, but I hesitate to do a single 10-roll to get some event CE, just to ease the farm a little bit…

And why not get spooked by wild 5✰ serv :fgo_bbgrin:

I’ll be doing Da Vinci’s lotto because it sounds like it won’t be story locked. The Christmas one being story locked is the only reason I’m not playing it

Not for either of your accounts anyway. Like i said, Da Vinci’s lotto is only locked until you complete Orleans.


You don’t have to participate in event to roll for Eresh though. I got my Eresh in my CN account even though I did not participate in the event last year

I don’t think you should sit out the event. in fact i advise against it for new players. These events drop ascension mats you may require for servants later on. you may regret not having them when you want them. Some of those mats are not available until way later on. Obviously my opinion doesn’t matter in the long run of things… But please reconsider this.

While lotto events are among the most lucrative in the game, I think it’s important to keep in mind that this is supposed to be an entertainment product, not a job. When you start treating events or accomplishments in a game as obligations, you’ve crossed into dangerous territory. Sure, not participating in a lotto will mean significantly slower progress in the game, but that’s not really an issue if you’re perfectly happy with the rate at which you are progressing, already. After all, this game is 90% about farming, and you’re unlikely to run out of things to farm in the foreseeable future, so what’s the hurry? I plan to burn as many apples as I can to farm lotto boxes, but I don’t plan to make any sacrifices to do so. I’ll farm as hard as is comfortable, and be happy with what I get.

In all seriousness, these games are specifically designed to evoke compulsive behavior–it’s really important to keep that in mind and watch for symptoms of addiction. Feeling like you are obligated to participate in an activity, even though you don’t enjoy it, is one of those symptoms.


Oh you know what? I just read the requirements you have to clear Babylonia before you can participate. There’s no way you’re going to make it. Sorry :( As you were. They will re run again next year.