Skadi or BB summer in NA

Hi everyone i need your help on who would be best to summon of the 2 girls. Skadi or BB summer. I need skadi for my Quick card team and her 50% Battery but i need BB summer because i dont have a moon cancer servant for countering the Avenger servants i didnt get 4 star BB because i started playing the game after that event. So who shall it be?


Or BB summer?

( P.S. dont most players get a 5 star on a 90 or less SQ roll? Because my mentor told me that my luck rank is EX because i sent him this photo during my 60 SQ roll )


People aren’t rolling for BB Summer because she counters Avengers. If that was something you are interested in, then a ST Berzerker would probably be a better bet (like the free welfare we’ll be getting soon) or wait for the OG to come back next year.

Go for Skadi and if you have anything leftover, then go for Summer BB.


Thanks for the help :) also who is this welfare servant u mentioned?

Jeanne Alter (Berzerker), available August 2020.


Question: “Should I summon Skadi or Summer BB?”
Answer: “Yes.”

In all seriousness, Skadi is a Big Four support, one of the most powerful servants in the game. Summer BB is good, and has a very interesting gimmick with her hand lock, but isn’t exactly a game-changer. In terms of pure power, Skadi is the obvious choice.

Moon Cancer is probably the least important class to own. Avengers aren’t particularly dangerous, as they deal and receive neutral damage against basically everything. You can just pick your most powerful servant (assuming it isn’t a Ruler) and wreck them. Regular BB will be returning next year, so if you really feel you need a Moon Cancer, you can get her then.

Definitely not. It takes about 300 SQ to reach a 50% chance to get a given rate-up SSR. So you’re probably looking at around $250 worth of SQ if you want a serious shot. SSRs are a major investment, and you should carefully consider before rolling for one.

Personally, Skadi and Summer BB are two of the only 4 banners I planned to spend SQ on, this year (the other two being New Years for Tamamo and Guda2 Poster Girl). I feel they are both worth the investment.


Skadi will help you a lot more at the end of the day, Summer BB is really fun to use and useful for CQs but has less priority and not having a moon cancer isn’t really a huge problem.

You can just roll for her after Skadi or next year when she comes back.


I’d say Skadi is higher priority gameplay wise. Even if you can’t loop yet, the 50% charge in itself provides a lot of farming flexibility. Summer BB’s main appeal is the card lock, which enables a different set of shenanigans. Both are good, but you’ll get much more mileage out of Skadi. Besides, as said above, avengers are a rare enemy, meanwhile, you’ll farm for practically the entire time you play this game.

And yeah, its NOT common to get your target SSR in <90 SQ. Its an achievement


Remember, Pac-man eats the greater number. (Sorry, I’m a teacher, I can’t help it…)


And I’m still a student so point taken. Got mixed up there lol


Don’t we get a CCC rerun? I’d rather wait for BB welfare for Moon Cancer class…

I myself don’t have a BB welfare because I was still at Babylonia during CCC.

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the thing with Skadi is while she enables np loop mechanics and 3t farming you need the servants to back her up. I feel she’s not as important if you have waver, a whole bunch of 50% battery Servants and kscopes. When I talk about farming I mean 60k+hp farming ie event farming. Which is where Skadi really shines.

I’m kinda seeing everyone get excited for Skadi and I will be rolling for her myself but just want people to realise the stuff you see on yotube requires high skill investment and np levels. She’s a support and as such her value can only be measured by who she is supporting. She’s a top support for a reason but even she has limits. She’s the better pick overall but make sure you are prepared to skill servants up to 10/10/10 and np2 a few sr’s ie Lancelot and Fran (who is a bit tricky to use and needs some finnessing to 3t np loop) as examples

That being said Moon Cancer is probably the class with the least amount of utility if you are counter classing. How many really tough avenger have there been since BB was released? I actually can’t remember any

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Skadi is the correct answer.


It’s hard to overstate Skadi’s usefulness because she’s a second 50% NP charge support. I’d get her even if I currently had none of the ideal Quick point Servants.

Even if the account already has its own Waver, that makes two native up-to-50% NP charge supports with the option still open to borrow a third. That’s incredible flexibility, especially for smaller rosters.


I mean, yeah, for those five people, she probably isn’t super important…

I think Skadi is suffering from some hype backlash, though. People get so caught-up in her NP-looping shenanigans, they forget the fact that a targetable 50% battery and 3T quick-up is really, really good on their own. Even if you already have Waver, Skadi will allow you to pick any support DPS you like and get them 100% NP gauge on turn 1, even better if they have a quick NP.


As I said she’s a top tier support for a reason.As a support servant you need to put what she offers in context, without the servants to make the most of her kit It’s going to be a lot of disappointment for a lot of people. The 50% charge is huge and very valuable yes, but it’s unlikely you are going to 3t np loop without a quick np + overkill, which why she is so highly valued.

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BB if used exclusively for her card lock is a CQ gimmick to cut out RNG with card draw when you already have the requisite cards and damage.

Skadi is an inferior Waver that supercharges Quicks, and even if you can’t 5 slot with her (which is part of her main appeal aside from how splashable 2x Skadi + Top Quick DPS is), you can still Arash it and 4 slot with little fuss provided you can hit the damage benchmarks. In lottery scenarios, she can function as a second Waver, since you’re only focusing on one DPS. She’s still worthwhile even if you don’t have a green roster, not just because you can get greener later on.

The one you like more is the correct non-gaemplay-focused answer.


I hate how summer bb looks and other then her cardlocking skill she’s not worth using imo.

Skadi is game changer


I have to admit, I consider her A3 the only usable one, because I don’t like combat bikinis. But that cape and her animations are pretty badass!

Also, the reason I want her is 95% the desire to plugsuit her in to lock Musashi’s buster brave chains. I’m a simple man with simple tastes.


I’ve been farming yaga tula a lot lately. The boss is an avenger. Guess who I have taking out that avenger? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not my 10/10/10 BB.

Why when it’s the absolute perfect place to use her? Because in that 3T setup, Penth’s per turn battery allows for AD over kscope, plus Penth’s got her big teamwide buffs, so even np1 vs np5, penth is out damaging BB. BB is much better suited for longer battles where her heals, short cool downs, and team charge on np are more useful. But 95% or more of this game is farming…

Most of the extra classes are luxuries. Don’t get me wrong, there are great to have and I’d love to have summer BB in particular, but in a lot of cases zerkers can do the job. I do recommend support first, especially a limited time one that won’t be back until 6 months after summer BB returns.

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If you want to join the quick meta bandwagon then Skadi is must. Summer BB is interesting for her unique playstyle, but she isn’t meta defining like former. That said if your rolling for love pick whichever interests you more. Summer BB is now my #1 target after getting Okita Alter since I don’t roll for meta to begin with.