Skadi or summer banner please help

I just played for a week and i have around 60 or 70ish sq and im on the london part of story, im confused of whether I should summon on skadi banner or summer banner can somebody help??

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Can you hear that…?

It’s the sound of the Quick-Meta bois comming… :fgo_gudako:


Skadi is more useful I guess, so you should at least give it a shot for her.

I would say summer all the way, summer can give you a lot of good servants like Nero Caster, Maid Alter, Nobunaga Berserker, Fran Saber, Nitocris Assassin, and Raikou Lancer.
All of them are good servants with great strengths

Everyone will tell you roll for love, but:
If you’re a metaslave, Skadi is an incredibly meta support.
However, the summer banner is more likely to fill gaps in your lineup that may be useful to you right now.
Also, gacha is ruthless, so sometimes it’s better to save your sq.

So really any choice works, but the question is really what are your goals in rolling?

roll story gacha


better save your sq, here in FGO that amount of SQ is so smoll, unles u are Ex rank luck

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Mark this as your solution. Open & shut case.



Hello friend. Summer is coming up. And summer gang would love to have you join our ranks

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I agree, for beginner it’s better to roll story gacha because you’ll get better CE, when rolling for limited banner you’ll have high chance to get limited CE which is not as strong as normal CE from gacha like kaleidoscope, 2030, etc. At least at first. Skaadi may not be immediately useful for you now, because you won’t be able to fully ascend her for a looongg time. You need something to be helpful right now, hence story banner is better for beginner :slight_smile: If you want, waver (zhuge liang) will definitely useful and since his mats is accessible for beginner. His rateup is on September so you can save your SQ for him

I would roll summer banner instead cause they have a good variety of useful servants. Also even if you roll for Skadi you won’t really be able to take full advantage of her.

  1. You won’t be able to fully ascend her.
  2. You won’t have the servants to pair up with her, Edmond Dantes, Lancelot, Parvati, etc.
  3. You can still roll her next year during the 1800M DL Campaign.

But ultimately you roll for whoever you want, just my 2 cents.

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Sorry about that, my inner Spartacus spoke out, what were we talking about again? :fgo_mordredthink:

Oh, summoning. Well, depends on how many resources you have and where you want to spend them.
If you’re after Skadi you can wait until her solo rate up which will be at the same time as the summer banner, and then you can decide how much to spend on each banner if you’re interested in both.
If you have plenty of resources then you can toss a 10 summon at both and kinda gauge what you get out of it before deciding to summon more on one or the other or both.

Rolling Story is actually a pretty good idea when you’re new enough to be happy with literally any gold servant. If you’re already at London, though, I’d hold off until you finish America, as that will Add Cu Alter to the story banner. If you roll him, you’re pretty much set for life.

That being said, I started during Summer 2 last year, and Maid Alter, Lancer Raikou, and Rider Ishtar got me through Camelot, so it’s not the worst choice. Summer servants can have some wonky materials, though. A lot of them require shells, which you can’t farm until Babylonia.

Note: you need an average of 300 quartz just to reach coinflip odds of rolling an SSR. Don’t get your hopes up.

Just pull for units you like. If you like the summer servants more pull for them, if you like skadi mkre pull for her

This is a simple question. Skadi is forever (she’s destined to pop up in banners here and there), but summer servants? After two banners*, they’re gone for good! And swimsuits… swimsuits, man!

Skadi is like that workhorse car you’re going to use every day. Great for farming, but everyone has her. Let’s call her the Honda Civic of servants.

But summer servants? Totally limited. Maybe you’re not going to use them as much as Skadi… but they’re gorgeous! Even if you don’t actively use them, they’ll still sit in your servant box looking pretty. They’re like the McLarens or Bugattis of the servant world. Really limited, and absolute eyecatchers. Swimsuits, man!

So ask yourself this: What would you rather want? A Honda Civic or a Bugatti? :fgo_rinlaugh:

P.S. This is a completely facetious metaphor, btw.

*And the occasional download celebration banner or the recent AOE campaign, but we don’t mention those.

I prefer to spread out my nets/SQ across multiple banners to try for a catch rather than tossing my net into the same fishing hole/banner over and over, personally. Only exceptions were First Hassan and Sherlock. And it’s worked pretty well for me, so hoarding for one SSR might not be the best method.

Yes, swimsuits do exist and summer servants wear them. This is how summer events work.:fgo_elementarymydear:


Hoarding for sure is not the only way to pull the gacha or a bunch of SSRs. Only problem here is that it’s usually the non-hoarders complaining about how whale-ish or expensive stuff like Skadi looping setups are when they could’ve just saved up for a grand total of two SSRs (Skadi and Waver) without too much hassle instead of sowing their seeds everywhere.

I don’t really see the point of complaining about that, Skadi looping is mostly a convenience feature, not necessary for CQs or even farming in general. Plus you can borrow one from support and use her alongside another support.

If you can be happy with whatever you get, then there’s nothing wrong with rolling on any banner you like. But if you want to optimize your account or you’re super dedicated to a given SSR, you will need to save. It’s just a matter of what’s fun for the individual.

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Skadi has banners in the future, so if you don’t feel a burning desire for Quick meta right this moment, you could skip her for the time being and try for her later. The upcoming summer rerun has many SRs that won’t be seen again. Nero and Nobunaga have their own rate-ups on future banners, but the rest as far as I know do not since Raikou was on what could be a JP-only banner. If you want any of those, now is the time!

As for this year’s actual, non-rerun summer event (coming after the rerun), there’s going to be a rerun next year, but maybe you want to roll them now and hope for NP2+ next year?

Basically, look at who’s coming up and roll for who you feel you’ll enjoy having. Just keep in mind that some of them won’t be back for a long time (or at all.)