Skadi problems

Well you see I am someone who loved to use Billy and I plan as well to get Edmond Dantes I’ve saved up as many orbs as I could for this moment but now Skadi is out and I hear she is one of the best units to have for both Billy and Edmond and now I’m unsure. Should I roll for Skadi or wait till next year and just try to get Edmond Dantes right now who’s kinda one of my favorite servants.


If your goal is to support Billy and eventually Dantes, Skadi is a big priority and is not coming back for another year.

Dantes can still do work with a borrowed Skadi; you just aren’t going to get the meme-level of farming efficiency, if that matters to you. If you’re doing it purely for love and not for event farming, then I’d suggest to prioritize Dantes. If the gameplay angle is really important, than native Skadi first. Ideally both, but gacha might not be kind.


That’s what I’m asking lol that’s why I’m asking if I should even roll on it because I rolled for Achilles this year and kinda got screwed it’s just the fact I don’t know if I should roll for Skadi since it seems most servants I use will benefit under her.

No one can really tell you what to do, especially since you really like Dantes.

If it’s gameplay, IMO screw Dantes without Skadi, because he’s clunky like that. Native Skadi has much more benefit for your roster as a whole than Dantes does.


I just mainly need to know if I should dedicate some summons to her and I can understand that. I’m just asking because I have like 530 Quartz and I’m unsure if I should use any or try to summon for her. I mainly just was saving for Dantes since well you know one of my favorite servants but I also know Skadi is a really good servant who can benefit him and my level 100 Billy.

Bottom line:

Skadi is way, way better than Dantes in terms of pure power. Skadi is the third best servant in the game (right behind Waver and Merlin), while Dantes is a mediocre AoE wave-clearer that usually lacks class advantage. Dantes only becomes really good if you already have your own Skadi.

BUT, that being said, getting servants you like and will enjoy having and using is far more important to the overall game experience than being able to build the most OP meta teams.

Getting an SSR is a huge investment, don’t roll for one because you think you should, roll for love.


Objectively speaking, summoning Dantes without Skadi is a waste. In the new meta that is to come, Dantes on his own is slow, fragile and weak. Like Berserkerlot. With Skadi, his problems disappear, becoming the best farming servant in the game. Period.

Even so, if you like Dantes for cool factor, then alright. Skip Skadi. But don’t be surprised when he falls behind. 100% quick performance upgrade on him is no joke.


Yeah I’m mainly asking if I should try or not risk it. Because I know he’s mediocre without but he is a unit I planned on investing heavily into. I saved 5 grails for him got a bunch of Fou ready as well as QP and Craft Material

Again my main question isn’t like if Skadi is good it’s more I have like 530 Quartz I remember summoning before ended horribly so I’m asking should I even dedicate some to Skadi or should I stand firm and get Edmond.

If we talk from a pure gameplay perspective, Dantes is awful without Skadi. Though his aoe damage is pretty decent his lack of class advantage means that you’re better off using any of the other plentiful class advantage damage dealers instead of him.
If we talk non gameplay hey roll for characters you like and ■■■■ the meta. Use who you want and like to use and stuff the rest

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There really isn’t any way for us to answer that question to your satisfaction. It is unlikely you can roll two SSRs with less than 600 SQ, let alone two specific rate-up servants, but the value calculation is inherently subjective.

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That I know the thing was I planned a lot of investment into Dantes and I don’t know if I should summon for Skadi and risk losing out on Dantes.

I know I’m mainly just asking what you think. Even then friends might get Skadi so there’s always that but I’m mainly asking what do you think is smarter.

Only you can know that.

This is coming from someone that wants Summer Nero. In a vacuum, Da Vinci, which I have, hits harder once upgraded, but I want Nero because I WANT HER! Last year I had saved for her 300+ quartz and she never came home and this time will be my last chance to get her on a rate up. For her to have full potential I need Merlin but I don’t have him because of bad luck but even so, I want her.

If you are afraid to summon and not getting Skadi, it is alright. More resources for Dantes. Just remember that you could potentially never get Dantes in your life. Still, never allow external opinions to dissuade you. Especially in this game that is Waifu/Husbando power fantasy. Go and try to summon someone you like.


Won’t lie it didn’t much answer but I think I somewhat get it. The biggest thing is well maybe I can get a friend with Skadi and not worry as much about that. I mean the main thing is I’m just curious if I should try I mean I’m trying to grab the tickets while I can and summon but I’m mainly just conflicted. Edmond is a unit I fell in love with I mean I love his character his design and in some ways his gameplay despite it being flawed. He is just one of the other units I really grew to love and want and planned to invest everything into along with Billy, Nitocris, Gawain, and one other character who I adore but his name is so long lol. Shinsengumi berserker I love him.

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Aaaah, I understand now. You have Buyer’s Remorse syndrome.

The only thing I can say is:

You want to Dantes to be your most powerful unit because you want it to? Summon a few rolls for Skadi. If you don’t get her in three or four x10, then stop. You still have like one month to save for him.

You just want Dantes for collection or have epic, long, titanic battles where you need to squeeze your roster’s potential for him to work? Skip Skadi.


Was just trying to write nearly the same thing as @Ryusun , so will just say to try your luck with skadi but dont go overboard with how much you spend on her


Especially in the overboard part. It is too easy to keep pressing the button to summon without control. It happened with Okita Alter and failed to get her when I needed to summon for Skadi. Luckily I got her with all the free quartz that the anniversary gave me and still have a good stash for Nero but…

It is hard to resist sometimes. Be smart and summon wisely.

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I know I tried for Achilles since he’s sick but I got the heel instead. GET IT?! But I’ll maybe try doing that should I summon now or like wait a bit for maybe the 10 summon tickets?

Summon now if you feel confident. You have higher chances to get her on solo than the next following days where she will share a rate up with previous singularities. Look at the dates inside the app to see if she gets another solo rate up when you get the tickets. If so, then wait if you need to.

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