Skadi question:

I know that both Atalanta and Parvati can loop, but generally who would be “better” I’ll raise both, but neither are above NP1 so I know that I won’t get the best use out of the them atm (plus I need to farm Skadi mats since I never thought I’d actually get her)

Like both Parvati and Atalanta are rated as tier 1 loopers but does either edge out and just come out on top by a little?

They have a guide here and if you look at it in detail you can see that Parv is a slightly better looper:

Using a k-scope Atlante need 8 overkill hits on a Berserker group to loop. Parv in the same set up only needs 3 overkill hits.

Parv also has a small 10% battery she can use on herself.

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Parvati is slightly better at least in terms of her ease of use due to her buffs and inherent refund on her np but it’s not to a massive degree. If we talk damage Atalante trounces Parvati outside of W3 if they both use a superscope setup and it’s only just on W3.

Parv, she is slightly better because she have a little bit more ce versatility