Skadi Saving Thread

Dear friends,

Skadi is coming up in July/Aug and it is absolutely vital for efficiency players to get her.
I intend to get her day 1 and 10/10/10 her. But, we will all need someone else who has her 10/10/10 as well for support.

To that end, it is time to save not just SQ and tickets for Skadi. It is also time to save materials for her both to help yourself and others.

The goal is:
163,200,000 QP (not counting QP for xping and ascension)
Sufficient embers
20 3 star attk fou
20 3 star HP fou
51 blue, red, yellow caster gems
55 eternal ice
6 heart of foreign god
32 Lanugo
144 void dust
72 aurora steel
12 Giant’s Ring
3 crystallized lore

I am currently at 25 eternal ice and continuing to farm. I have got everything else except steel and rings. Let’s all make a 10/10/10 Skadi on day 1!


Dunno about 10/10/10 day one, but she’s coming home whether she plans on it or not. Time to bust out the USOs and save wallet-kun further exercise, because I won’t be taking no for an answer.

Chances are that you literally cannot day 1 her skills due to lack of farmable nodes unless you munch apples and don’t sleep at all. Assuming status quo, the nodes won’t become available until after story is complete.


I am not looking forward to the day where half of my friend Wavers get switched out for Skadi.

Half because I am an optimist.

She’s a skip for me: I will be a Waver holdout, the man is never going off my own support list.

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I don’t usually rush leveling of my servants, so presuming I get her (war chest is up to 1200 SQ atm, so I’m hopeful) she’ll get leveled when I have the resources for her. And probably not 10/10/10 very quickly at that.

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I mean rush leveling servants is definitely possible. But its exceedingly hard sometimes. I think the closest I ever got to that was with Hokusai. I got her to lvl 100 2000/2000 fou 10/10/10 skill. But doing so drained me of some of my mats and my energy, and still took me a few days because I ran out of one of my mats and needed more embers for her last levels.

If I manage to get Skadi, I’ll have her at lvl 90 1000/1000 10/6/10 within a week of getting her. No grails or gold fous though.

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Not gonna bring out the wallet because my days of throwing my hard-earned money at the slightest chance at a few bits of computer code stored in a remote server somewhere that I will eventually lose access to are gone. That said, I do intend to save around 500SQ (judging by my excel spreadsheet) between now and her release, so hopefully that’s enough.


begins hyperventilating


Hm, we should get enough Ice from events between now and Skadi Coming to fully cover her costs, provided you did not roll somebody else from Lostbelt1.
Rings and Steel are not out yet, so it is pointless to worry about them, but will give them priority farm, when Lostbelt2 free quests will open.
Dust though :fgo_deadinside: … Back to America for forseeable future

I also plan on that (I am going to have 1k+ SQ by then, so skadi please bless me with your presence.) The 72 aurora steel is likely to be the obstacle though. You probably get close to 12 rings just going through the lostbelt. also there should be 20 eternal ice in the apocrypha shop

For everyone who’s been saving for Skadi I wish you luck. :fgo_ereshlove:

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>angry mango wishing people luck

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sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this. i will roll for her strictly cuz she is a version of shishou, only cuz she’s a shishou, but my waver will remain there unless i decide to grail midrash castor, or if lalter gets a swimsuit that’s a castor.

If I get her, I will leave her at lv 80 10/6/10 and no ALL fou (from event or monthly shop) for some time. I used caster fou from FP gacha to boost Waver’s stat, and will do the same to Skadi.

You can count on it, it’s being a while since i max level and lv10 skills of a servant so i already have all the EXP, available mats and like 600 million QP waiting for the Sorceress of Memes.

There’s also a lot of Golden Cups to be given to Lancelot &/Or Parvati, 5 Kaleidoscopes waiting to be merged, a lot CE EXP to lv100 said Kaleidoscope and a fully leveled Fragments of 2004.

The last word is always for the Gacha and RNGod though :fgo_insane:.

Good luck everyone, we are gonna need it

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