Sketches of Female Alfonse

I have trouble drawing men so I’m still practicing but I did a thing where I drew Alfonse as a girl. In this AU Alfonse’s new name would be Alfa Princess of Askr. Just wanted to share so I did.

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Put a crown on him and It’ll be perfect.

I didn’t even think of that, Good thinking👍 I’ll definetly do that the next time I draw Alfa.

Female Alfonse? She can’t be Bulgefonse!

Are you drawing for a long time?

I’ve been drawing since I was like 9 but only girl characters. I’m currently 18 and I’m starting to draw male characters. I like so many guy characters yet I can’t draw them😭. I’d love to draw regular Alfonse bulge and all haha, but at my current level it would look…bad.

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Drawing requires a lot of training so don’t give up like me. Every time I try to draw I give up because I’m too perfectionist. I wish I started to interest me in drawing earlier, I have almost the same age but I can’t draw properly a house lmao
So keep training and make your dreams become reality :)


Thanks for the encouragement! To be honest I’m not to good with surroundings either, like trees and stuff but I can do it…it just takes a while. I’m at least drawing one male character a day to practice. So thanks again👍

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I was the same way! I used to love to draw, but when I got to the point where I would see my mistakes as I was doing it, I would get really discouraged and I just stopped drawing. Granted, I drew in more of a realistic instead of anime based.