Skill Demotion Discussion

About half a year ago we had Mercedes demote into the 4-5 Star pool with the skill Odd Res Wave 3. It was odd because that skill was already demoted with the grail unit Aversa. Since then we have had 4 more demotes from the banner with all of them coming with skills that were on grail units. For those that don’t remember here’s the short list

Odd Res Wave 3- Mercedes and Aversa
Spd/Def Link 3- Norne and Cynthia
B. Tomebreaker 3- Python and F. Robin
Spd/Res Bond 3- Tethys and Adrift Azura
Drive Atk 2- Echidna and Groom Marth

Worthy things to note are that if Altena demotes she fits the pattern with Sturdy Stance 2 which was on Halloween Dorcas. Eyvel didn’t have that and instead had Chill Atk 3 which was a 5 Star skill on Gharnef and Conrad. The 5 3-4 Star demotes seem to follow no pattern except that the skills had yet to be demoted (ad probably should have been already).

Fierce Stance 3- Bantu 5 Star exclusive (Dorcas, Zelgius, Kana (F))
HP/Atk 2- Valbar Seasonal exclusive (Valentines Lilina and Bridal Fjorm)
Fire Boost 3- Ross 5 Star Grail (Valentines Eliwood)
Spd Smoke 3- Chad 5 Star Grail (Fallen Takumi)
Spur Spd/Res 2- Tanya Seasonal exclusive (Dancer Ryoma)

Now while 3-4 Star units are hard to place the skills for 4-5 Star demotes we have a pool of 45 skills to work with:
Bolded Skills are skills that are sacred seals. Thoughts on the likely skills to demote?

Edit: I just realized something the order the units came in during year 2 had Halloween Dorcas, then Aversa, then Adrift Azura so that could mean that the skills wielded by the ones surrounding them might become inheritable before others. The six skills surrounding them were Panic Ploy 3, Live to Serve 3, Cancel Affinity 3, Mirror Stance 2, Atk/Res Bond 3, and Def Tactic 3. Also even if those skills don’t come straight away 3 out of the 5 (4 out of the 6 if Altena is demoted like she should be with those terrible skills) are from units introduced in Year 2. So here is the distribution by year with the repeats on the right.


I’d love dull close to finally be summonable in the 3-4* pool but even more than that we need Warding stance in the 3-4* pool or even in the Grails (I have an Ike with special spiral I never unse so I wanna give SS and warding breath to another unit but can’t w/o warding stance 2 which is only on H!Sakura and F!Berkut). And rally Atk/def so I can pass rally Atk/def+ and chill Atk from Ranulf.


I think Warding Stance is likely to be on a 3-4 star unit like Fierce Stance was, but that’s just speculation. The Rally skills I’m not sure about since we haven’t gotten any of the regular versions since they introduced the Rally+ skills

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Don’t remind me. Let me dream in peace.

I know rip inheritability easy tricks

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