Skill inheritance tips and hint for beginners and pros

Guess whos back ghouls and boos.
Skill inheritance is a thing, but what skill should go to what unit?
How do you utilize a units base kit to the fullest?
Can some units perform decently without too much 5* food?
Which character 4* and lower are good for skill inheritance?

Basically, any tips and tricks for beginners and pros alike goes here.

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Generally for me a build starts with the unit or a skill (usually the weapon), then unless the weapon doesn’t dictate the role I decide what modes and role the unit takes. Once the weapon/unit and role/mode are determined I find the missing component of unit/weapon.

So for instance lets build for Ninja Katana+
Well its a Player Phase weapon with no benefits on Enemy phase so EP skills are generally going to be less desirable in the build.

I hate GC since it’s become the “How Much BS can get stacked on one team”. So lets build the unit for that.

I also like Fliers so a flier with good availability that would work well with the weapon is S!Fiora.

A great A skill for GC/RD is actually Blade Sessions and it works perfectly with the chosen sword. So lets maximize this build.

Final result would look like this

If I pull a P!Tibarn and L!Dimitri I’m quite tempted to build this.

I’ll budget build 4* merges (great for limited battles), but if Im 5* merging I usually have it planned out with the most premium fodder.


I believe the units stats are important too?
After all, why give spd boosting skills to a unit with no spd, like a certain green mage?

Well the unit choice dictates the stats so, so if you build choosing the weapon & mode/role first you narrow down your unit choices based on stats. Similarly if you choose the unit first, you can narrow down the weapon/roles choices based on their stat spread.

I build both ways - I always wanted to build Seth, but could never settle on a weapon until Heart’s Blade came out, then I knew exactly how I wanted to build him.


Similarly I always wanted to make a build with Carrot Axe after getting it as my free Y1 seasonal way back when. Well that evolved into what became this fun build.

Carrot Axe

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Ok , let me try…
Lucas comes with the weapon killer lance, obstruct and fortress def 3, so I could go for a build that focuses on that…

His res is piss, but skills that focuses on def like bonfire should be good. Threaten atk for c skill and his sacret seal should help with the special…

It’s a start…

Actually, switch obstruct/c skill with a support skill…

Threaten ATK would work as a skill; but you may also want to consider ATK Smoke or (if you can go more premium) Threaten ATK/DEF instead for the self-buff as well. And you could use Distant Foil (again, if going premium) in the A-slot to stack more ATK and DEF onto him.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should definitely know what you’re trying to build the unit for. An Aether Raid build will be different from a PvE build.
But yeah, generally speaking, @Tandor was right. Making a build that syncs with their skills is more or less the best way to go. What you could also do is to plan out a build to cover a unit’s weaknesses. Two examples I can bring are my Say’ri and my Edelgard.
Both builds recreated in builder because I’m not on my phone.


This is one of the many builds I use on my Say’ri. Normally, she’s a fast mix-phase unit with Amatsu and Close Call, but I drafted a build to make her into more of a dedicated counterattacker (even though I generally only use her with Slaying Edge and Galeforce, she still has this option available.

To make up for her lack of physical defense, I started by giving her a weapon that would cover her weakness, Safeguard, and refined it for that stat as well, giving her 40 DEF/RES on defense. Because she sacrifices Amatsu’s DC, I put that in her A-slot so she can counterattack anything at all ranges. As a counterattacker build, Null-C guarantees that she can always counter, and the Oath and Stance C and S skill ensure that she is difficult to double and hits hard on the followup. Alternatively, I can also give her Close Call instead of Null-C so she can tank even more, but that’s more for PvE.


Edelgard’s weapon plays more to her being a loner bruiser unit, relying on being outnumbered to make up for her lower SPD. So what I did instead was I gave her a powerful, speedy, one-hit nuke build that I based off my Galeforce Quadding build for Sieges. With this, she’s harder to double while still being able to pull off a powerful AoE bomb every initiation. I built this around the Blazing Wind Special, so I gave her an A-skill to maximize its damage, LD4, and a B-skill to help ensure that it’s always active (Spiral). But she still needed a Slaying weapon to ensure its activation. I could stick with her Victorious Axe, but her higher SPD makes its effect less useful, so I gave her a Slaying Axe instead so I could refine it for SPD or ATK, whichever would be needed. The Rouse adds to her still-high DEF while also pumping her ATK up so a solid 80 points for her Blazing Wind, and Hardy Bearing ensures that she can’t be Vantaged.

Both of these builds are made in a way that makes up for a general weakness of thiers, Say’ri’s DEF and Edelgard’s SPD, and both are highly effective as well despite not 100% capitalizing on their native strengths. So this is another route you could go with it.

(Also why some people make speedy builds for non-speedy units.)

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Thnx. I normally stick to pve, but occasionally go aether raid…
Just enough to get some rewards, nothing serious.
I basically wanna build my units to work decently all around, no pro leage, but not getting slammed in pve.
I’ll keep the tip about weaknesses in mind.
1 question: should i set up skills first and then merge to 10 or do both whenever i can?

Ps: yes, im casual trash :wink:

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Depends on how many unit projects you have in the works. If you only have a few you wanna build up for now, it’s okay to set your sights on merges while you wait to get good skills later, especially if you lack some 5 star units. If you have a lot, however, you may get more mileage out of your units by focusing on ones that are the “most complete”.

Good way to sort out what units you want to make as projects is to make a brigade team or two of them, or to mark them with different Favorite tags based on how far alomg they are.

For Example, My 3-4* Pool Team

I’ve basically ordered them by “Who I want to merge up first”. I tend to only go for the first merge if their bane is terrible for their build; that way, they can still perform solidly for their roles. I also have separate Brigade teams for 5 star exclusives and Grail Projects (split between Tempest Trial units and GHB units, of course).

As for the favorites tag:

Most of these are pretty self explanatory.
Merges means I’m using the unit to merge into another or vice versa, usually so I don’t accidentally manual them.
Training is for Valor skills
Questiond is a dummy tag I use for anything that doesn’t fit into any category

TLDR use the tools the game gives you to make an organization method that works for you. It saves you a lot of trouble in the long run!

There’s no all-around build different modes will have different builds. Rokkr Sieges, for example, want Galeforce on your attackers, which you may not normally use (hence, my Galeforce Edelgard).

Skills first. My Edelgard is +10, yes, but my Say’ri in practice is only +1, but she still has that build I showed. You can save up orbs and try for merges over longer periods of time by prioritizing your favorite units.

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(Looks at my finished galeforce tibarn and my tbf yarne)
Noted. Could be an idea to make several teams…
Rokkr, aether, pve…
Weird thing is, my beast team actually wins a few fights in aether raids, at least enough to win me some orbs😉

My edelgard is +spd… tempting…
Maybe a built like this, but I kinda wanna stick to her base weapon… but supporting her would be a pain… also considering eather or sol…
Hm, its a bit trial/error, but i think i got the basic idea of skills down…

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If you want to go for a SPD-based Edelgard, you could do something like this.

I would use Swift Impact for the defenses, but that doesn’t exist yet.

This is a much morr premium build, but between her Solo Skill, her Lull, and her Impact, ahe’s looking at 57 SPD on her initiation with 46 Defenses to boot. With that SPD, you could also run a Mitigation skill like Spurn or Repel.

In this case, her build was designed around a stat instead of a skill, but it’s the same premise. I found a group of skills that all focuse around her SPD stat while accentuating her natural boons, namely her defenses.