Skill mastery condition and training room level?

The first condition is skill lv7.
But the E2 condition seems to be false, maybe it’s because my training room is lv3 now, but Shaw E1 38/60, Ifrit E1 75/80, NearlE1 70/70 all these operators can access mastery now in the training room.
Last time i tried with Shaw she needed to be E2, so maybe it’s the training room lv3.

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There are 2 conditions for skill level mastering, your e2 status and skill should be level 7.

All skill levels are blocked by promotions, like

  1. Skill levels 1-4 can be upgraded at e0
  2. Skill levels 5-7 require e1.
  3. For skill masteries, e2 and training room at level 3 is a must.

If you have their skill at level 7, then you can look at them in the training room and see the requirements for the next level. And one of those requirements is elite 2.

I think everyone has that.


Okay, you’re right, i thought if you can see them in the training room , they can master their skill , i haven’t look the details.
E2 Lv1 is required for all of them .

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Didn’t know there are condition for skills upgrade too.

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