Skills on Fallen Tiki

So I just managed to get Fallen Tiki…and I’m not entirely sure of what to use. I’m using her base kit for now

However, I’m not sure what A Skill I should put on her…and I’m not sure whether to keep her Ignis, or Inherit Aether for her.

I could use the opinions.

If you can spare the fodder then a solo skill (preferably Atk/Spd Solo or Atk/Res Solo) would fit very well for F!Tiki, because her C-skill requires her to be not adjacent to any non-dragon allies. I think that Atk/Def Solo also works well if you want to keep Ignis otherwise I would go for Aether.

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I just made mine into a dragon one shot unit. Mine is - Def (if I recall) so her defenses are pretty meh, and she takes a lot of damage even with) when buffed.

Although she’s a bonus unit in Arena so that might not be such an issue anymore.

I run Fortress Def/Res 3 myself, makes her a really solid tank. Like people here have mentioned before a solo skill can work just as well though.

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I also use Fort Def/Res 3, though a solo skill like Solo Def/Res will work just as well, and it cheaper.

This one is no longer pinned, so here’s a link