Skills that are popular you personally don’t like?


What skills do you dislike using, that are popular?

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Bond skills. It’s hard to use them effectively sometimes.


Brazen Skills are the ones I have issues with. I hate having my units low on health and even then I like to make sure I can heal them up after Vantage spam so I can never keep them in range.


Swift sparrow, I really enjoy when the raw stats are higher, so I’m gonna use LnD or Fury instead, to make the stats look better than they are
Not that swift sparrow is bad, but I usually replace it on units that come with it


Gotta agree here, Brazen.
Well, I do like em for vantage and desperation. But I just can’t rely on the def/res you get from em.
What good is 7 extra def if your hp is almost 0?


Fury + Desperation. I am well aware that it’s an effective combination but when every unit I build wants it, it gets really stale, really quick.


Fury. I really do hate this skill. I use it as a last resort and even then I’d rather not have it.


Forgot this part, but the main reason I don’t like the Bond skills is cause the Solo skills class them out in almost every way IMO. I don’t have my units near each other much, except sometimes, so the Solo skills I actually like a lot.


Though bond seals/owl weapons kinda saves it.
But the problem mostly is how to use em well in the player phase.

I want to use dual bond Innes, but fear it might be too unwieldy to use.


I used to run Brazens on Legion and Azama but neither of them really felt like they were working…

Alternatively, I prefer Bond Skills as I like the support bonuses and I love having the extra stats from bonds + support to make my characters beefier.


I honestly don’t see the point of Armor March. Maybe its just my playstyle, but i don’t see the point of giving tanky, enemy phase tailored units extra mobility when you’ll usually want them to bait things out.

I also don’t like forcing my units to be stuck together the whole time, which is why i only use bond skills on units who can still manage somewhat well without being tethered to another unit, like B!Veronica for example.


I’m not a big fan of the Wave skills, yet I see them on so many units. If I want to play with visible buffs, I’d want them to activate consistently rather than waiting every other turn, which means that I’d be taking either specific Emblem or Tactic buffs over Wave buffs most of the time.

I guess that future seals may alleviate the problem somewhat since you could just equip the opposite Wave in the C-Skill, but that means I lose out on two skill slots for one constant buff when I could have just given two Tactic skills to someone else for two buffs or use a Hone/Fortify [Emblem] skill to buff two stats at the cost of a different unit’s skill slot.


I think each skill that is popular is pretty good. Some people use stat seals and I think those suck as a whole. Probably more than comes later. Personally I like brazens but the problem is it isnt instant for me. Using brazens to tank is dum unless you hit a rally high number like Hinata


I actually have the reverse issue with Armor March. I find Armor Emblem (or units in general) nearly unplayable if I font have it on my team. It limits my movement way too much to the point where I dont safely choose who tanks or attacks which unit. So it results in my Tharja stuck where I cant want her to be, and I cant get this unit out of the range of the others without leaving my defenses wide open.


I don’t really like Life and Death because I hate compromising bulk for more attack power on most units. If they have horrible defenses from the get go, I think I don’t mind as much.


The same reason why i hate armor emblem… God, i get stuck everytime with the worst situations possible every time i use it D:

My popular “not liked” skill are the Wo dao or the Slaying weapon.
I don’t like swap weapons, unless i inherit them a cute one like Azura’s Tannelboom, it’s like… losing part of the hero himself.
I’m sad that SCorrin Sealife tome is literally trash :I


Thats one hell of an unpopular weapon as I live and die by slaying weapons

Also to address the wave skills I agree. Only reason people like them att all is because they work on the unit so its kind of fluid


Any skills that end in ‘Blow’. Their really unpredictable, I sometimes think my units are going to tank a foe wielding that skill and somehow my unit dies.
Also I hate Firesweep anything. Maybe vantage setups too. AoE Kagero literally dies to those.


Firesweep Lance and Firesweep Sword. I’m not a big fan of an unrefineable weapon that doesn’t allow you to counterattack without a specific skill like Null C.

Firesweep Bow is fine since it’s ranged and you have a better opportunity of not being near the enemy.


Solo Skills are more Playerphase and Bond Skills more Enemyphase oriented so I guess they each have their use, but I understand what you mean^^


Life and Death, it’s useful on some units but I don’t like it. Especially the Basilikos refine, I hate it on Linus… at least the def refine give him a lot of bulk
I’m not a big fan of waves skill too. It’s cool but I wouldn’t kill a unit for it