Skills vs level

So question about gameplay preference. What do you prioritize in a servant, their skills, or their level? I currently have melty at 96 and 6/7/6 and i plan on 100 10/10/10’ing her soon, but the thought came up. “What should i prioritize first? Her skill level, or her level?”

So what do you prioritize? Level or skills? What do you prefer to see Prioritized? Also, what do you think i should do with melty specifically?

Skills bro.

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I’m gonna assume you have the grails and mats to max her but not enough QP to do both yet since QP is the only connection between the two things. Correct me if I’m wrong

OCD makes me wanna say Servant level first. But maxing skills is for all intents and purposes more useful and noticeable than slightly more HP and ATT. Emphasis on “slightly” since FGO’s scaling isn’t the best imo.

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personally I always do level first, even when grailing, but I also plan my grails far in advance. Melt herself two years ago was the last time I didn’t have everything ready for a grail target as soon as I got them.

skills will generally help performance more than levels, but unless you’re lacking heavily on QP and EXP, levels aren’t very hard to finish.


absolutely right, i have everything except QP. I got the rest of the dragon scales i needed from the event. I usually go for levels first since it’s easier, but i noticed skills have more of an impact so i was curious on what people liked to see, and what people actually did.

In this situation, skills are more important.


I’m similar except i usually stop at 90. I dont usually Grail all to much, so i have a good number of grails collecting dust. Skills it is, I suppose.

Honestly depends on the Servant. Waver benefits far more from having his skills maxed than level(provided you’ve hit max Ascension), but at the same time the likes of d’Eon really just need their skills available and benefit more from having the extra health to tank more effectively. For grailing above 90 the answer is usually Skills as 2 levels isn’t much stat wise, for grailing between 80 & 90 it depends on the Servant. For leveling between Ascension points usually levels are better. IMO.


Levels up to a natural cap, then skills as high as I can (L4 at least, it’s virtually free anyway), then grailing. A L100 servant with skills at L1 is basically useless if you want to do something more than punch the living sh!t out of your enemies with facecards only. Also, grailing doesn’t do much to stats when it comes to SSRs, but skill levelling does wonders to servants’ performance.
But then again, I don’t really have to choose since I have too many EXP cards, am close to a reverse QP hell, and have a pretty bad gacha luck :D

As for your Melt, skills first imo.


Well, I usually level up first (because is more easy increase the Servant power in terms of QP and is more common to obtain exp than the skill mats) and after the skills unless that servant has a unique skill that improve their gameplay (for example, 50% battery for Skadi or Chloe, I prefer the servant at level 70 and skills 4/4/10 that the same servant at level 90 4/4/6).

It depends on the Servant but usually get them to their natural level cap first (or at least their FA), after that worry about skills.

In your Melts case prioritize her skills at this point (a lvl 96 10/10/10 Melt would be a lot stronger than a lvl 100 6/7/6 one).

I prioritize battery and I usually attempt to end the stone collection (I level up the skills together then prioritize the battery skill / support skill)

i.e. Jeanne Archer: 5/8/5

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Levels are way more important. You can get away with 111 for so long…

Beyond that, it is often out of my control. It is far easier to reserve embers aside for anything rather than having hundreds of whatever mat that servant is lowkey obsessed with.

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