Skipped banners

Why did they skip FGO THE STAGE and Winter Thanksgiving and are they still going to come?

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FGO the Stage banner are for the Camelot Stage Show which doesn’t happen in NA, and I think the Winter Ozzy is also tied to the Camelot Stage Show(?)


As Waifu69 said, the Camelot Stage Show did not happen in NA, and it would be rather odd to give us a banner about a stage show that only happened in Japan, especially one that was a few years ago now at that. In particular, the banner we skipped recently was commemorating the release of the stage show on BD and DVD, there was a different banner for the show itself about 8 months before that NA also skipped. More on that shortly. I am unsure if the Winter Thanksgiving event was tied to the stage show, but if it was like Waifu69 mentions, that would make sense why it was skipped.

Regarding whether they are still going to come, nobody can say for sure, but I think it is at least possible we will get them in some other form in the future. Here is my reasoning for that:

In 2017, there was a different banner for the stage show with Lancer Artoria, Mordred, and some of the four star knights. There was another banner for an autumn stage performance with Ozymandias and Da Vinci, as well as a skipped banner for KYOMAF 2017 with Okita and Hijikata, and a skipped banner for Apocrypha with Amakusa. So in total, if we do not count permanent servants like Mordred and Ozymandias, they had skipped Lancer Artoria, Da Vinci, Okita, Hijikata, and Amakusa. And then came NA’s thanksgiving banner, where sure enough, all of those servants got a rateup, in addition to Gilgamesh, MHX, and Iskandar.

NA also once skipped a Scathatch banner way back in the day, only for our Thanksgiving banner to then include her.

Therefore, I am inclined to believe that skipped banners may come back in our Thanksgiving banner. That said, these banners are quite far away from Thanksgiving, so who knows. It may also be possible they could give them to us some other way, as NA has been slowly becoming more willing to deviate from JP, such as giving us our animation update for Merlin and the True Ether mystic code extremely early, or our unique Christmas celebration this past Christmas. If you were after the four stars from any of those banners though, you might be out of luck, as it seems it is only the SSRs that usually get made up for later on.


because aniplex refuses to localize and release the stage show bds, like they should


imo it is not that big of a deal because I would be surprised if we don’t have some type of camelot movie banner when the 1st movie comes out this year, which would presumably feature the same servants.

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I also think the 4th of July is an opportunity for these banners, though summer is already pretty tough on our wallets/quartz with Anniversary + Summer servants.

November seems to be a little easier.

I want to know about the x-mas 4 rerun.

I thought they might have done it for Carnival or Marti Gras but…

I think they just won’t rerun it especially now that main interludes for missed welfares are a thing they have less incentive to rerun it