Skipping Event Stories

So I’m curious if people have skipped the cutscenes and stories of any events and such.

Asking as I have done that once for the Summer rerun (Medb jailer one) as I didn’t have free time to read through it and thinking of doing the same once again, for this current Halloween event.

As I specificallly do not like Osakabehime. People might like her as a neet character, but for some reason I feel some annoyance from her. She’s the only one I’ve find irritating that well, don’t think it has happened with any other character before. Her character expression, the ahegao type in particular looks too ridculous as well.

As well as in the beginning itself we got to know that she wanted to not work forever so she used the holy grail. The situation reminds me of JP Musashi’s udon adventure, except doesn’t give the fun vibes.
Elly, Shinjuku assassin, Osakabehime none are interesting to read more about.
Just my thoughts.

Do tell if it has any interesting bits worth to not skip.

Well if you don’t like okki you just missing a bunch of references and kaiju movie jokes really. The first quest alone had a couple danganropa references and a kaiju movie one. I know they make a few jojo jokes as well. So really it’s just if you like seeing silly references and jokes to other games/anime and what not. Really that’s most Halloween events your not there for story your there for whatever is being referenced

Any scene with kid Brock @ Agartha, i cannot bear to listen i just hate that character.
Also Medb for the same reason (time)


To read later, yes, but never permanently. The story was and still is one of the major draws in the first place, even when I loathe it.


Summer 1 was pretty effective at killing all of my interest in event stories, other than CCC’s as it was practically a singularity. Might look at some future stories though.


I have skipped the whole summer two story. I didnt find it interesting and summer Nero just pissed me off.

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I occasionally skip parts of the story in reruns if I’m just in a mood where I really just want to get some quests done, but other than that, I never skip the story in events. That being said, I skipped the story in probably about half of America and haven’t bothered to go back and read it yet.

I don’t ever skip because of not liking the story, but I often do so that I can just chew through all of my AP, especially if I have to leave or something that day. I can always go back (and do) watch it later.

Sometimes I skip the story because I need to use the AP NOW and promise that I will read it later… Then I don’t catch up and keep skipping because I already missed part of it… Then the story is over and I missed most of it without meaning to… So I trying to be better about not skipping things. (still need to finish CCC storyline :fgo_dshy:)

And sometimes my diligence is rewarded by something really funny

like this

Taking about ozzy…

I always skip the scenes (especially the story ones, since they are so long), so I can watch them later when I have more free time. I’ve done that since Orleans, and events are no exception.

I managed to catch up during winter holidays with the entirety of Part 1, so I imagine I can cover the Pseudo Singularities this summer.

Anyway, back to topic, I’ll get to the event scenes someday. From what I browsed through the Halloween Rerun, they seem to have decent levels of humor. I’m looking forward to doing some intense FGO reading during the summer :fgo_judge:

I skip often since I don’t have time to read stuff while burning off AP. If I can, I’ll get to re-read it all later, though.

All the time

For me if I don’t have time I’ll skip it and read it later. If I find it boring I’ll skip it and maybe read it eventually but most of the time I make it a point to play FGO story in a comfortable place and read all the story

Oh yeah if it’s a good story but at a boring part and I don’t feel like reading it I’ll just skim through it by fast forwarding it then reading the log

Nah i never skip any scene, be it event or story. Especially when events are time gated and there isn’t much to do besides enjoying the story, even if you don’t like Osakabehime these halloween events are always fun because of Liz.


I did this for Halloween 2 rerun. Worked great!

Got everything done quickly then went back and read. I also agree the story is the biggest draw for me.

I only ever skip rerun scenes but only when I don’t have time to read through at that moment. Otherwise I read through the story in its entirety. A lot of the jokes are hilarious even the second time around.

I will just read it now, because I know if I don’t read the story as I progress, I’ll never go back into the archive to read it again

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I only skimmed/fast-clicked through most of the “story” of the original GUDAGUDA’s re-run because it was just too silly to bear for my taste.
I also skipped most of the Eli Brave re-run because I read the story during the original run and while it was somewhat fun, I didn’t feel like reading it again (except for the hilarious Cleo/Caesar part).

I never skip story chapters or events with interesting story (CCC). I click through text a bit faster and only skim over parts that look boring during events like Halloween, but I normally don’t outright skip scenes if it’s not a re-run of an event I already went through during the original run.

Lol. I skip everything. I even skipped all the posts outside of the OP to make this post.

It’s too long and I rarely ever just sit down to play/read. The stories have more fluff than a high school essay with a word count.

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Ahahhahahaha :fgo_bbgrin: :fgo_bbgrin: :fgo_bbgrin:

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