Sleep Skill Bug?

I’ve made some tests on the map “Contingency contract : Deserted Factory”.
I don’t know if these are bugs. Someone should report if they are.

First, Sora’s S1 inflict sleep and cut all sounds in the game.
Blemshine’s S2 don’t have this effect.

Second, Mephisto is immune to sleep(Sora and Blemshine) and all operators can hit him during a sleep skill.
Maybe all boss in the game are immune to sleep? this will reduce the sleep utility.

Most of the bosses is immune to crowd controls if I’m not mistaken

Can confirm a bug that make Sora’s S1 cut the sound of the game permanently for the rest of the level.
The sound is distant (like after a flashbang) and never comes back even if you retreat Sora or reuse her skill.
It happen regardless of the map.


I knew for stun and silence but i have not read anything about sleep.