Slightly new stuff for Laegjarn

Now she has a guard sword! But I don’t know why but I always look at her a-slot and wonder if there’s something else she may want instead?


If only the Guard sword didn’t have such a terrible design… Looks good though. I run Heavy Blade on mine, but I also keep Níu on her.


My Lethe likes to hog my heavy blade seal

Note: This picture is slightly old, she has +4 dragonflowers now which does bump her atk up by 1.

Yeah my HB seal was claimed by S!Veronica, So Laegjarn got the A skill

I definitely do not have HB4, I forget who even comes with it.

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Duo Ephraim, I don’t think HB works as well for her without Níu, Sturdy Impact would be a good alternative A.

I mean I got 3 Lyns on the double seasonal banner… And I’m considering Nailah right now as a Sturdy Impact recipient.


Cool ! You did it I see,I gave mine guard sword and threaten atk/def

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I honestly don’t know who has the atk/Def threathen? But I fodder the atk/Spd out of spite for my dislike of Alm. And decided Laegjarn probably is pretty decent for it being a bulky and speedy flier :feh_lucyshrug:


Quick question for you about NY!Lethe - (she’s wonderful) you’re like, the NY!Lethe guy, so:

+Spd or +Def? At low merges, like 0 or 1 merges. I wonder if +Spd gets excessive, or if she’d prefer the defense for dueling? Might seem stupid since everyone says +Spd is best, but I just wanted to ask. Thanks.

I’d say Spd because of the damage reduction based off spd built into her weapon. So more actually helps her take less damage as well as double more and deal more damage. Cause not only does her weapon have the damage reduction effect of Close Call/Repel but it also has the Vassal Blade effect too.

So speed helps her deal more damage and take less damage. For her it’s just all around really helpful.


Lol V Rudolf

Got it, that’s true, it does triple duty for her. Thanks for confirming this!

Just noticed that Threaten Atk/Spd 3 O.O premium!

Well that explains it, I know nothing about this year’s Valentine’s banner cause I saw all SoV characters and was like “Nope, I’m out. I’m not looking at this banner anymore.”

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Just wanted to update you – I merged her and gave her the Dragonflowers she deserves. She is a such a blast to use, and so strong. I was struggling through some Squad Assaults the other day to scrape some orbs together, and at a critical juncture, she doubled an AI Eleonora that had 47 Spd and Atk/Spd Push 4. She’s tanky too!

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