Slow? Orchid, Earthspirit

Does anyone knows if the “slow” property of their attacks affect ASP of enemies?
What is the exact value 10%, 30%?

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I believe it does. Its slows move speed and attack speed for however long. I don’t know about the exact value but I’m guessing it’s less than a second per hit.

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But if it’s right, Pramanix lose her niche. :)
And i am (now)almost sure it doesn’t when i face these butchers.(slow attacks and hard hits)

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The Butchers might be too slow to notice a difference when it’s that small. I’ll have to check and see for myself. And are you saying Pram has a slow effect? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t, just debuffing.

Edit: Her skill does say she slows attack speed, so maybe you’re right. I don’t see why slow wouldn’t affect both tho.

I dont think the slow affects their attack speed as when pramanix uses her 1st skill, the reduced atk speed has its own effect

I used Pramanix for her first skill effect.
“Simultaneously attacks 2 targets; ASPD of all enemies in range 30* This Skill modifies the ASPD by -30”.
My defender could survive 3 butchers at the same time (with 2 healers lol) and Pramanix skill activated.