Slowpoke Community Day

Slowpoke Community Day is near, and all of its evolution will recieve Surf.

So which evolution has more impact or usability with that move ?

Galarian or Kantonian version has better use ?

It is usually used in cups. For psychic cup it is galarian slowking. But for a few others it might be the kantonian one, could be overall less important though.

I’m guessing it’ll be like some of the other multi-region ones, Sandslash for example, I think the advice was to build multiples for different eventualities.

The Galarians have better fast moves and less vulnerabilities, but lose STAB on Surf. I’d probably lean Galarian Slowbro just because Poison Jab is so good and both Psychic and Sludge Bomb are good charged moves. But I’ll be making 1 of each for funsies and hoping to get lucky (trade of course) with my gf to get one for Ultra League

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If I am willing to build one each from Kanto and Galar, then at whom should go for ? ( Slowking/Slowbro )

Which league should I opt for ? ( GL/UL )

Kanto slows have identical stats, Slowking has Blizzard but good luck landing that with 3EPT. Slowbro is (ironically) the better one generally speaking. Galarian Slowking isn’t bad though so if you only wanted two, Kanto Slowbro and Galarian Slowking (but then you miss out on the awesome cannon arm and that’s just not right).


PvPoke says most wins in open GL goes:
Galarian slowbro
Galarian Slowking
They’re all very low rank IE above 200

I could see giving Gbro a whirl in open GL. The double fighting resistance has gotta be worth something, and it’s not horrible against anything in the top meta outside of the steel tanks and dark types. Could be good on a team with Obstagoon or Scrafty. Regi could make it a pretty embarrassing safe swap as could Sabeleye.

I think they’ll need another movepool update if they’re going to be viable in most formats. Surf is an improvement, but it’s not quite enough. Plus, like you said, their movesets are too similar right now. They need something more reflective of their individual personalities.

I could see K-Slowbro getting a big dumb move like Flamethrower, while K-Slowking would get the more sophisticated Icy Wind. The former would provide strong coverage against Steels, Bugs, Grasses, etc., while the latter would be useful for its debuffs, and damage potential against the likes of Altaria and Flygon.