Small question about Shadow Skuntank

Hello everyone ! I need some advice about this team. Have a look at the movesets :

*(Lead) Alolan Marowak

-Fire Spin
-Shadow Ball / Bone Club
(can change with the addition of shadow bone)

*Shadow Skuntank

-Poison Jab
-Crunch / Flamethrower


-Play Rough / Ice Beam

This team may be a little too weak to azumarill. Do I have to change one of my Shadow Skuntank’s attacks with Sludge Bomb ?

Thanks to the people willingful to help me :smile:

Poke Battler has Azu as one of Skunktank’s most valuable wins with that moveset, just be sure to keep your Maro far away from the likes of Azu lol. I’m sure many people will be leading with that so I’d lead Wiggly or Skunk, the latter having much better shield pressure and fewer weaknesses

I think this team is pretty cool

Be aware of Golurk though - it won’t be popular at the start but as streamers are using it, it will appea rmore frequently. And Golurk just slices through your lead and Skuntank

Solid team if a bit orthodox. Skuntank is somewhat uncommon still.
Sludge Bomb STAB hits pretty hard on a pokemon like Skuntank + nets you a strong hit against any fairies. Be wary of Mawile, you’ll be helpless against it without flamethrower if your marowak isnt available.
I dont think you need sludge bomb’s firepower if you already have play rough and shadow ball, + fire does cover mirror matches/typing scenarios.

When you lead with alowak, it works when you throw in skuntank. Most people will think that you run sludge bomb then and either switch or shield. Just save a shield for later if it comes one vs wigglytuff.