Smeargle Moves

Ok so my Shiny Gardevour with the move Synchronize just got photobombed by Smeargle , but the Smeargle has the move Meteor Mash instead of Synchronize. Does anyone know if it’s just a fluke or if Synchronize is like Transform and can’t be learned by Smeargle?

It is normal. Niantic made a huge mistake by hard-coding Smeargle’s movepool instead of making it able to learn every single move. As such, moves released after Smeargle’s release are not learnable by Smeargle, like Leaf Tornado and Acid Spray.

Damn that sucks lol thanks for the info

Yes, since they hardcoded the moves they didn’t bother updating the movepool, so if Smeargle is supposed to copy a new move it instead gets a random one, which actually opens the door to getting weird move combinations. Something like a Charm/Syncronoise Gardevoir would result in smeargle getting both attacks randomized.
I guess if anyone wants to goof around with smeargle only pvp battles this would be fun

Well, this thread taught me something new. I uh. Wow.