“Snacktime, Minerva!”

This is a build I’ve had for a while now, but also one I think I’ve been under-appreciating:

Cherche’s game plan is simple, but effective - fly in, wreck face. And she’s good at it - 59 base Atk + 6 from Death Blow + 4 from Atk/Def Rein = 69 effective Atk (nice).

Finishing Cherche changed my mind about both full flier teams and player-phase builds. It feels very rewarding to not only maneuver around flier-effective damage, but also to dive on opponents that I know she can kill.

She’s a solid, well-balanced unit, and I’m glad I have her in my barracks.


Very nice build. Pretty much the only thing I would change is Atk/Def Near Trace in the B slot, but that is a hard to get fodder


A/D Near Trace is probably her best bet… I was going to say Dive Bomb but with no fallow-up’s no point


Just looked Atk/Def Near Trace 3 - I had a copy of Gustav, but I foddered him off to Cecilia for Atk Smoke 4.

Welp, there goes that opportunity!


Welcome to the club and congrats on completing her. She is a beast, especially for a launch unit. Shame all she got for the effect refine was Panic Ploy.

I actually went to the effort of getting the trace for her as I’d completed her just before B!Catria showed up and it was the right move. She normally has Ignis but Galeforce can be handy for abyssal battles with the old Brash Assault/Desperation quading.

Hope she’ll get a Muspell or Hel resplendent someday.


I’m actually on my way to +9 her (I’ll save the last copy for the eventual resplendant in 2067) and this is the exact build I’m aiming for. Love it!!


Well, it’s 2 just days till we get to see the next resplendent hero :feh_lilithpray: