Sniper for beginner, setting target for your squad composition


After Vanguard on episode 1, now we will go for Sniper
They have mutual relationship, Why?
Usually after Vanguard deployed, naturally Sniper would come along as next to deploy, they’re cheap, provide additional fire power and your main source of Anti Air units.

Before we continue

I would always repeat this, as this is so crucial and the footholds of your composition,
Upgrade all of your 3* to the max

Not just for battle, but their infrastructure skill on your Base are greatly needed.

No excuses
Just do it :fgo_seibagun:



Your basic Anti Air units,
This subclass will be your main concern
The rest could follow after you finish this.
Be careful, lots of choices, lots of trap.

Is it a must? Yes
Safe choice? All 6 is safe,
so start from 5*, Platinum OR BluePoison
Platinum with her +1 tiles range and
slower Atk speed but heavier damage.
BP with her extra target and poison.
Choose one only for now, save your resources.

Why not the other 5*?
General use are priorities here, those recommendations
are safer choices due to their better performance.
Go check their details here

I don’t have any save choices, so?
Stick with your 3*, especially Kroos,
Her damage output is a beast for a 3*
and go for 4*, choose Jessica OR Meteor
Jessica for stable damage output.
Meteor with Reduce Armor ability.

#Example: I’ll take Kroos and Platinum,
or… I’ll pick Kroos and Jessica for now.



We called them Aoe Sniper before this subclass thingy, second to focus after raising Rapid Sniper.
Bigger fire power, area attack, farther range
but slower atk speed and higher DP cost.
You only need 1 for now.

Is it a must? Yes
Safe spot? 4* Shirayuki
Leap forward to 5* Meteorite if you have her.

No! 6* is not needed for beginners
And 6* W here is a Limited Operator,
You’ll have a hard time to get her.
Only available on half, or annual Anniversary.
Maybe not at all, older Limited Operator
take turns to appear as a verysmall chance
on a brand new Limited Ops Banner.

Sadly the 3* in this subclass weren’t bright enough,
But still needed to be upgraded :fgo_seibagun:

So Shirayuki is your best starting point.
Why? She got more damage than your 3*, duh
got extra +1 tiles of Atk range on S1
and additional Aoe slow effect on her S2

How about Meteorite?
You mean Meteorite Onee-san? :feh_navarreculture:
Take her S1 on Mastery 3.
Every 3 attacks, her shot will have even wider AoE
and damage multiplied by 2.15
Watch group of enemies goes Boom!
Tis… would bring a smile upon your face.



As the name implies, they have shorter range
But with higher power and higher Dp cost
than Rapid Sniper.
Why’d they exist? Dunno, ask HG.

Is it a must? No
Any safe choice? Not for beginner, 6* Schwarz Onee-san are the only recommendation due to her S3,
which have Boss Slaying capabilities.

Choosing lower rarity for Sniper roles usually end up with being unused later, that is the problem in this role.
So I suggest to stick with your Rapid first,
just take 1 or 2 and thats it :fgo_seibagun:
Because you still have other roles to build.



It’s basically shotgun user,
a Boomstick we could say.
This subclass have even shorter range,
But comes with extra 50% damage to their front row.
attack all enemies within grasp.
Higher DP cost tho.
Risky placement because of shorter range,
but firepower shouldn’t be underestimated,
usually deployed on intersection and sometimes,
in front of enemy’s spawn point. FBI open up!

Is it a must? No
Can I skip this? Yes, it’s better that way.
Can i pick one? Not now, It’s best to hold it for later.
You can invest in any kind of archetype once your basic need is complete.

But I like them…
Choosing niche Ops will lead to niche composition, if you’re a beginner, it’s a bad move, so it’s better to stick with your basic roles first.
If you insist, 4* Pinecone is okay to raise,
Beware of her tricky placement if you use her S2 that reduce her alreadyshort Atk range.
Up to 250 Armor reduce on S1 or
accumulated skill attack increase on S2
Safe spot would be on 5*
Executor nii-san at your service.
At Elite2 or E2, his attack will always ignore 160 def
S1 for Atk increase and reduce armor to all enemies within range, short CoolDown.
S2 for Burst damage output, faster Atk speed and every shot hit twice, long CD tho.



We called them Wide Range Sniper before,
Because they have wider range, duh
Finally, the Sniper with sniping weaponry.
Comes with different traits to fulfill different needs,
Traits : prioritize hitting enemies with lowest defense.

Check their details here

Is this a must? No
It’s a complementary, just like Charger to Pioneer in Vanguard case.
Is it okay to be skipped? Yes
But they have their own usage point,
so even in mid or late game…
still valuable in certain case.

Safe spot? 4* Ambriel
E2 talent : chance to stun enemies outside her default range.
Her S1 provide extra +1 tiles and slow effect on hit.
Meanwhile her S2, reduce her Atk speed in exchange for Global Atk range, yes… Global. :feh_navarreculture:

Can I leap forward? Yes
but each of them provide different utilities,
so comparing them is useless,
My point stand on their general value.

If you pick 5*, Firewatch is better choice,
Her talent allows extra damage when hitting enemies with ranged weapon.
Her S1 gave increased Atk and become Invisible, so that she won’t be targeted by ranged enemies.
And her S2 will summon Air Strike nuke to 3 random enemies for up to 300% damage(mastery 3) within range.

Meanwhile 5* Andreana, She’s part of Abyssal Hunter faction, provide minor Atk speed buff to her own kin.
Skadi, a Dreadnought Guard, she will buff additional Atk.
Gladia, Puller Specialist, will provide 2.5% Hp regen

Her S1 are only Atk increase up to 200% on M3,
and her S2 boost her damage for up to 240% on M3 with additional longer Slow effects, but she will not attack enemies below 50% Hp.

Still, for beginner, doesn’t pick any of them still a better choice, you need to focus on basic core units, complementary like this could stall your progress.

Later when you’re stable enough, it’s fine to pick whomever you like.



Not your everyday Sniper,
they don’t shoot firearms here.
Some called them Harpoon or Ballista,
Due to their unique characteristics.
In short, Anti Tank units.
Not suitable for beginners, absolutely not.

They have unusual range,
targeting only faraway enemies
Their trait or skill, makes them prioritize heavier enemy units.

Is this a must? No
Is it a complementary? Yes, but not for beginners
Heavy power with unique traits like this
are for mid to late game.
Safe spot only for 6* Rosa
Stay with your Rapid Sniper if you’re in doubt.
Again, this is not for beginners.



More like your Splash+Dead Eye Sniper
but with additional unique traits
This is not your typical AA gun,
If the previous subclass is a Canon
Then this Ops firepower match a mf Bomber Plane

Check her details here

Is it a must? No, absolutely not.
Even more, this is a Limited Operator
Don’t touch this

A heavy power with very unique traits like this,
Were made for hard map and challenged content.
Definitely NOT for early phase doktah.

Thanks for your time

Keep in mind, in the end,
Its about your decision, yours truly
I’m just stating some of my personal opinions.
Take it or leave it :fgo_seibagun:

Sniper role filled with hella lots of
various choices of unique skill, traits, and usage point.
But in reality, we only need several solid ones
That’s why I try to make it quick and simple,
to avoid confusion and offering plain target.

If you need more in depth guide
Visit some wiki, or you can try this
That place is sanctuary. Amen.


In the early - mid game, in my opinion one of the ost reliable sniper is Meteor.

One should not underestimate her skill that lower defense. She’s easy to get and offer both offensive power and good support for other operators.

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Do write “Anti-Air” at least once, because just AA is very confusing for a newbie. Also, add that they will target aerial enemies first., stating that Ely benefits snipers in reducing their DP cost and adding some bonuses to the class in general, so he’s better for sniper-heavy comps.

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If you’re going to make this a full on series for each Operator Type, I would recommend actually going a little in-depth on what each Operator does, their niches, and actual calculations as well as example strategies to show what their capabilities are. And apart from that you fail to mention what differentiates each Archetype, as well as Operators within those Archetypes. This is a good idea you have, but the execution is woefully inadequate

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At first I would like to get on that route,
But I’m worried that it’ll be too much for them to handle it, if I describing each of the Ops here.

But maybe that’s what they need, I’ll try to add some details later

Thanks for your advice

The problem is that I would not at all call what you have created a “guide”. It’s more in line with a raunchy opinion piece with not much fact, objectivity or otherwise actual method of aid other than basic knowledge anyone starting out will know within the first few days

A few copy pasted images and poorly written paragraphs aren’t adequate for what can be considered valuable knowledge for new players who actually wish to improve

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Yeah, its more like you said,
just some raunchy opinion,
Though I can, I won’t put every detail
This and that exact calculation

If I go to that path,
I’m worried, it’ll lead to confusion

I’m not trying to create a wiki here,
Also using phone gave me so much limit to what I can do.

Aiming for beginners, it’s just about choice
that matter in early games.
Not everyone would like to read wall of pages
Some just need a pinpointed target.
I’m taking that perspective

They should learn in depth guide in more proper
place, not here, not from me.
I won’t go all in to spoon fed people whom I didn’t knew
If its personal instructions, sure… I prefer that way.

I apologize for what it was
I can’t promise to change the content
Thank you very much for your input
Really appreciate it

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The problem isn’t putting too much detail, it’s that you are not putting enough detail, and in fact put so little of it to the point where what little is said just barely scratches the edge of what may not be said at all. You don’t have to write a full blown analysis on every Operator - although such efforts would not be unappreciated - you simply have to give your reasoning for why some of them may be used in differing scenarios, or with different applications. A brief write-up would suffice to actually tell beginners so they don’t get the wrong idea about what these Operators actually do

You’ve contradicted yourself within the same paragraph. You say it’s about player choice, yet at the same time you use the phrase “need a pinpointed target” in your explanation. If the ideal here is to have more freedom of choice, it can be reasonable to assume that being able to provide more knowledge to them - and therefore make them more informed - would be much better in allowing one to freely make the decision for what Operators they wish to acquire and upgrade. You do not need to write a “wall of text”, only enough so that people can at least have somewhat of an idea of what the Operator can be used for

As an example it’s easy to lump in Platinum, Blue Poison and April all as Anti-Air Snipers, but all of them function distinctively different from each other and other Snipers within their Archetype, and have differing applications depending on what the situation calls for and who can best take advantage of it

That is problematic, but remember you don’t have to rush these day in and day out, you can take your time to write more. Work on it a little at a time whenever you can, do your best to improve it and keep working on it until you have something that is palatable yet still substantial. Make your writing the best it can be and don’t just settle for an “okay job”. What you’re writing here isn’t just something for you to voice your opinion, what you’re writing here - as the title suggests - is something “for beginners”. If a beginner sees these and makes poor decisions based on it, that will entirely be your fault

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Whoa, wall of text
Thanks for your attention

I will try to fix it
Again, thanks for your support

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I just wanted to say, don’t feel discouraged by people typing up essays about how you can do better when they likely haven’t tried to do what you’re doing. As a new player, this guide is actually quite helpful. Given how many characters there are, the number of skills they possess, the different rarities etc., this list is great at giving me a general idea of what units do, some basic info on who or what is good to build, and when/why I might have use for different archetypes at different points in the game. I think this is a great resource for beginners, and I will continue to use it along with the future versions you put out :slight_smile:


First off that’s an extremely detrimental way of thinking, and is pretty much a way for someone to avoid criticism instead of addressing issues within their work. It’d be like if a hotel owner failed a health inspection and didn’t do anything about it

Second, what gave you the idea I never wrote anything like this in the first place?

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wowie thanks for your headups! :smile: target acquired and locked!! ready to fire!!

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To add a little bit about Anti-Air Snipers, since this is the subclass that beginners will use a lot even in higher levels, you probably want to know the niches and bonuses that they could bring when you commit to raise them for E2. If I didn’t mention them then I don’t have them or didn’t raise them because their role has been fulfilled by better operators - sometimes in other classes.

First rule of the thumb, AVOID using these guys against armored enemies, that’s Casters job. The exception would be Platinum and Blue Poison and I’ll explain below.

  1. Platinum: Can trade ATK Speed with multiplied ATK bonus up to +290% on first shot after 2.5 seconds of not attacking (and around +125% on average) plus extra 1 tile range, making her able to take down enemies with medium Def! But slow start (needs around a minute to charge Skill 2). Also don’t lean on her for high Def enemies - there’s Casters for a reason.
  2. Blue Poison: Multi target and poisons over time with ARTS damage! But she has quite low HP, handle with care, also the poison DMG is quite small (maxed at 85 x 3 seconds), so you’ll need to figure out the way to poison them as long as possible.
  3. April: Assassination style sniper (max +100% ATK bonus on deploy) and able to avoid being targeted on deploy! But she’s not the sniper that’s here to stay, her playstyle is deploy - kill - retreat, which will be expensive.
  4. Jessica: Easy to play and consistent damage! But 5* and 6* would be a direct upgrade of her because of her lack of bonus trait that’s game changing.
  5. Meteor: Able to reduce DEF (up to 6 at the same time!) with her skills so other Snipers would benefit from her support! Unfortunately again, Arts damage dealer would be a better alternatives to kill high Def enemies.
  6. Exusiai: Super fast ATK speed makes her one of the greatest damage dealer! Her only drawbacks is, again, the subclass weakness I mentioned above. Also you need to learn to time Skill 3 for max output, otherwise Skill 2 is controllable but less damage than Skill 3.
  7. Ash: Controllable stun + machine gun when on skill and super cheap on first deploy! But you need to stun the enemies to get maximum damage and she’s super limited - you need to ask Ubisoft to do a collab again, so probably you can safely ignore this.

CMIIW, and I hope this helps you guys! Happy hunting!

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