So a Buster deck Caster when?

So we have thing like gramps and Semiramis in the Assassin class that have decks that are not so good for an Assassin,we have Musashi and Fergus on the Saber class and we have EMIYA and Arjuna been art deck Archers ,so why not an Buster deck Caster or Archer?
Edit: i has forgoten Orión

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True Orion has a gorilla deck.

Caster Nero is the closest thing on the Caster side.

Also—Gramps and Semi have decks that work for their roles (solo/DPS, support)


Oh forgive me god i have forgot Orión!?

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My Semiramis isn’t for support! Empress Smash!!

…which she can do if you hand her BG, NP5 her, and grail her…

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I know that they work well ,but not with the Assassin class

So if Grand Archer and Grand Assassin are Buster, then Grand Saber will be Buster too?

Why does class matter? Assassins aren’t supposed to have triple Q decks any more than casters are supposed to have triple A decks or Berserkers are supposed to have triple B decks.

The servant’s deck should be what’s best for the servant. Class is irrelevant.

Merlin is the Grand Caster and he has a triple A deck, so unlikely.


I mean Assassin class is not so good for damage with 0,9

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At this point I’m more concerned with the card types themselves than with the Servant decks. Quick is getting a little out of hand IMO since its damage is “good enough” with the proper support it now has, and it retains the advantages of being friendly to NP gain and generating stars as a byproduct.

If Servants like Super Orion are the supposed answer to the ascendant Quick meta, that worries me. At his core he’s still just another Buster Crit beatstick, and we have enough Servants filling that role even if they aren’t all as fancy as he is.

I mean, let’s make a DPS assassin in a pre-Skadi era with QQQAB deck and see how it turns out.

It’s Jack. Her damage is only good when she crits and uses her NP against females.

Hassan fits the current meta (Merlin). And Buster IS the damage card.

If damage is your complaint, then be happy he’s an Assassin. Who else is going to KO Riders? Berserkers and Alter Egos only get 1.5x advantage.


I would like that the Grand Saber was a art Saber


IMO, double B facecard + Buster NP is a legit Buster deck, and there Archer class is full of these decks. Unless you mean Buster Gorilla deck (triple B facecard deck).
Actually, I’m rather waiting to see a pure Quick Caster (unless I missed this rare zebra).


No,a real Buster deck is the same to as a gorila deck

That would be interesting,and kinda funny, because you know that territory creation would be kinda useless

Not every Caster has Territory Creation, Babbage, Illya, and Miyu don’t have it. Also we’ve already seen Ereshkigal who only has a single Art card but has Territory Creation and she puts it to good use.


Buster oriented Assassin (and Caster) is a silly thing, because they can’t take advantage from their class specificities while 0.9 class damage mod hampers their deck. They’re suboptimal by nature and need busted kit to be good, otherwise they’re mediocre at best.
Assassins gain only 9% damage mod advantage on Rider compared to what does Berserkers. A difference small enough to be easily absorbed by raw stats or skills (like mad enh.).

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I mean, the second best tipe of card to generarte stars is Buster so, gramps work well with the presence consilmen pasive

Well that Babbage don’t have the skill have sense because he is … An ingener i thing

Yeah your right,but a Buster deck Caster would be dum

Buster deck does generate any significant amount of c. stars unless if they have high hit count and c. star gen buff like Raikou, Emiya.
Gramps only a weak version of the later in the form of presence concealment, while his Buster cards are bad: 1 hit on his triple Buster and NP. He doesn’t get any c. stars from his Buster cards. All his c. stars comes from his sole Quick card and Extra card.