So, About Gloria and the future of Gen 8 in Masters

As you know, Gloria and Zacian are the next New Sync Pair. they are the first from Galar but will be Poké Fair locked. This brings the question of who will be next from Galar.

They’re definitely going to lock Rose as a Legendary Event Sync Pair with Eternatus. Hop might come with Zamazenta, Leon can’t have Charizard because SS!Red has it so I think Dragapult will be his Partner Pokémon. The Gym Leaders are easy, Milo and Gossifleur or Appletun, Nessa and Drednaw, Kabu and Centiskorch, Bea and Sirfetch’d, Peony and Copperajah, Alister and Cursola, Opal and Alcremé, Bede and Hattrene, Piers and Obstagoon, Marnie and Morpeko, Gordie and Coalossal, Raihan and Duraludon, Melony and Frosmoth.

Others include Mustard and Urshifu and Viktor and Corviknight

You don’t think they’ll add the Galarian starters?

Sygna Suit Gloria, Viktor and Hop will have them

i really don’t know how they’d incorporate the starters now

sygna suits are an option but I think that with the kanto sygna suit trio all having starters, i think it’ll be a bit played out tbh

oh and for hop, i have a feeling he’ll have his dubwool because i think his dubwool is more his pokemon coompared to the shield dog

victor is a bit strange as i don’t know his relations with corviknight, but i could see it

and also oleana would have her garbodor probably

Unless someone else gets Garbodor first

yeah, but i don’t think there’s any iconic garbodor users lol

roxie has the scoliopede line, koga has crobat, and janine has ariados

tbh i’m shook bc now that i think about it, the poison type doesn’t get a lot of representation other than being part of the bad guy’s team

True The rest of her team is claimed already RIP Oleana, 2019-2020