So... about SERAPH

Hi everyone again so… what the hell with kiara 's battle ?!
I think it is better to me to buy all the debuff, so do you know a tip to farm all the mission fast
And a question for later, did you have to do a hard battle like this one to get bb copy because it is hell for me :rofl:

You do not have to fight her on hard mode - it is purely for the challenge. rewards are the same. About farming: did you check the guide?


I just follow the guide about the boss, Now I am just before kiara battle and I done 57 mission by now :thinking:

There’s a whole section on how to get all the KP before doing the boss.


You have a lot of missions left over then, and you can earn a lot of KP to further debuff her. You should complete the rest of the missions. Look at the mission list and see what enemies you still need, whether individuals (WANTED quests) or enemy types. For enemy-type missions, use the Enemy Locator and repeat those battles a lot until you have your missions done. If you have not been following the guide then you may need to use apples to get the event finished.

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I’m not bought all the buff, only buy what needed and suited the most for my team(at little expense as possible)
If its still not enough i buy more

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Not sure how much you can skip, because the most important thing is to get all of her ascension mats at least, and then all her copies to get her to NP5. You probably need to complete a good chunk of all the missions anyways, so it’s best to follow the walkthrough.

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I agree with @Zhiroc.
If your priority is B.B then you will likely need to clear more missions to buy all the map unlockers or to unlock nodes.
After all you will need to clear all nodes to get her ascension materials.

On NA I nerfed her fully but on JP I didn’t have a lot of time so I tried to get the basic debuffs and it turned out pretty bad.
Even with NPs I could barely keep up with her healing.

For Kiara you have two options.
The first is clear more missions so you can weaken her a bit more or you go the opposite direction.
She is actually easier to handle either fully debuffed or with 0 debuffs.
IIRC you can still buy the reseter.

Keep in mind that it will be a very long battle and you will need a good stall team or suitable cockroach healer to solo.
The big problem is that the NP will strip buffs so you’d either need to nerf it (like Nightingale) or prevent the cleanse (Beni-Enma or Murasaki) in combination with defences.


Nightingale/Mash/Tamamo gang rise up


Haha, that almost sounds like my team last time.
I think it consisted of the two non-eggplants but I’m not sure if the final was a Merlin or not.

That’s exactly what I used

The screenshot lives on the GP forums, somewhere

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The thing is , I don’t have any support except mash, neither nightingale, so it is better to max debuff against her :rofl:

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Im too lazy to check, does Kiara have Divinity?

If not Ill probablly do fhe same thing I did last time and stall with Jeanne and co

NPC Kiara is demonic, but not divine (according to GP write-up).

The fight can be short and easy with the KP shop. I didn’t think the 0KP version was that tough, just a bit grueling since it’s so sustain-heavy.

Having two sources of charge drain was helpful in the 0KP version since her NP seals everyone’s shit.


Rama, its Time


hi all
so, i get it wrong, or there’s no need to beat kiara to get bb???
because im stuck
i still have a key to get, but i can’t find any quests to get the last points for buy it
and i don’t think i will be able to beat kiara

You do need to beat her.

Just buy out the KP shop to nerf the shit out of her and then just field a stall team. Your Mash, borrow a Jeanne/Tamamo/another Mash and then whatever your next best Servant is.

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the best I managed to get was to take down a bar and a half off her hp
but then without, being able to use quartzs or command spells to continue after she killed all my servants, I have no way to beat her


Need more information than that to help.

Although you haven’t bought out the KP shop as I suggested. If you had, you can revive with Command Seals.

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If you buy most KPs you can just grab a Nightingale and solo her like that, you’re basically immortal so there’s not much you have to do.

If you can’t find any i can add you.