So about the future Quick meta change

I’ve been planning (read: daydreaming) about the servants that are coming next year, and also how the in the future the meta will shift in favor of Quick cards, stars, and crits. Now there’s a couple of questions that I can’t seem to find any satisfying answer to. So I’m bringing the questions here.

  1. Is the meta change strictly because of Skadi? or is it going to be a full overhaul of enemies and future servants?
  2. Will full buster servants REALLY be obsolete?
  3. Will there be a “budget Skadi” servant? or is there one already?
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Skadi is the main reason, yes. She facilitates a lot of the changes because her skills are incredibly strong. She pulls a lot of currently meh servants into the spotlight. There are also some quality Quick-oriented servants that come out as well, such as Achilles, Diarmuid, Kama, etc.

No, despite what Quick enthusiasts want to tell you about the big spooky Break Bars, Buster is not ever going to be irrelevant. Quick just because a lot stronger.

There really isn’t as of now. As far as I can tell, both currently and in the future, the only other decent Quick support is Wu Zetian. Osakabehime gets a lot better after her updates in the future, so you could perhaps count her in as well. But otherwise, aside from Skadi, there’s really no one else dedicated to the role, unless by proxy you want to consider crit support servants.


Skadi is the direct catalyst for the “Quick meta.” Quick farmers get a massive boost from how powerfully she enables NP looping by a few of them in particular, making it easier to min-turn fights while stacking up on event CEs.

Buster isn’t made obsolete by any means. It’ll still be powerful and versatile. Even Arts can’t be said to be truly obsolete, though it’s still waiting for its own meta.

I can’t think of such a thing as a budget Skadi. No other Servant comes close to doing what she does for Quick, and the most remotely similar substitutes are both high rarity and much worse.


so basically: go big and spend savings on skadi or go home.


I’m sure there will be no shortage of Skadis on friend support. Double Skadi is desirable for some the most meme-worthy setups but not mandatory.

If you like Quick farming, sure. From what I’ve both read and heard, a lot of the time, you really need double Skadi to make some of the picks work. It’s going to depend on what you have and what you have access to.

Skadi is an excellent and top tier servant, though. She’s not even constrained to just Quick teams, much like Merlin isn’t stuck to just Buster.

Not to plug my own thread, but there was a lot of great discussion on Skadi as compared to Waver, many of her supporters pointing out cases where she indeed can be general purpose. Might be worth a look-through if you’re seriously considering getting her as a gameplay pick.

I don’t know if it’s posted in that thread linked above, but this image might be of use.
It basically lists Quick AoE Servants with the help of double Skadi, and the extra help they might need from Mystic Codes or specific CEs to do NP Looping (which is pretty much the goal with twice the Nordic magic)


I remember when I first saw this I had no idea what the ■■■■ the suit meant until I realized the male version of plugsuit didn’t have the same color scheme.


I mean no the game introduced Musashi alongside break bars and there’re still videos of her min-turning CQs at the highest-end of play. Skadi helps enable someone like, say, Okita, to heights she couldn’t reach before her, and to make her more than competitive than Musashi in yada yada cases… but also it’s not like Musashi’s pros (invul, debuff cleanse, etc), or flaws (difficulty building gauge w/o FF or supports, no star pull), disappeared. Meanwhile, bad Buster Servants like Kato or J&H are still bad. Incidentally, ones like Rider A&M, pre-upgrade Yan Qing, and others, still kinda suck, but now they have their Merlin.

Gorilla decks do legitimately have trouble building gauge via facecards outside of card counting and more careful play in not-solo comps, simply by design of red cards not building gauge. A couple Servants have it easier, like Musashi with her FF or Gramps with his stupid blue card, but that doesn’t make it not a problem. But that also doesn’t mean they’re like, unplayable, nor that the game is hard enough to require shelling out for her.

Sigurd? Man can land some nasty crits, like SSR Rama but good in an overly reductive sense if unfortunately not unfair to Rama. IbaLancer? Basically Mama Lancer but less selfish and with some silly gen, also she’s not just cute but good. Jaltzerker is Lu Bu 2.0 and can hold her own acceptably. Summer Lartoria is quirky but perfectly fine at worst. Ivan is a beast (if not for farming, but w/e). Okitan’s issue is more one of low steroids than deck, she’s been called SSR Sparty and frankly there are way worse things to be IMO. Even Napo isn’t bad so much as he suffered The Arjuna Problem (until recently ;_;).

For farming and as an inferior Waver, Skadi is p excellent, highly recommendable, and she definitely changes the landscape of the game like Merlin did it as well. But look at all these low-rarity players or w/e still playing with Billy and Cu, or Good Boi Sanson and trucking along havin’ a good time.

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I would like to add that Ishtar rider is the budget quick/buster support since Wu zetian is not easily accessible.
20% Quick/Buster/NPgain vs 20% Atk/Quick buffs.

There isn’t a true budget Skadi and there will not be one. Skadi lifted up Quick cards because DW went full brute force when designing her to the point where Quick cards’ inherent design flaw becomes irrelevant. Steroid-wise she boosts Quick DPS by 1.3x1.5, which is more than Buster (Merlin)'s 1.2x1.5 and until the Tamamo strengthening Arts was stuck at only 1.5 from Tamamo or 1.21x1.3 from Cas Gil. While post-buff Tamamo matches Skadi steroid-wise for NPs Tamamo is still lacking the 100% crit buff that Skadi and Merlin packs.

The centrepiece of Skadi’s kit however is her 50% charge, so Quick DPS gets to enjoy the strongest buffer AND charger in a single team slot, whereas Buster and Arts types are stuck with Waver who provides lower volume of offensive buff.

FGO is centred around NP charge and offensive buffs, so basically when a card type enjoys the greatest advantage in both categories they naturally get called ‘meta’.

Any other Quick support that isn’t Skadi simply isn’t ‘brute force’ enough to overcome the inherent flaw of Quick cards, some servants other mentioned like Wu are plug-in buffers instead of a true support.

I recommend you take a good look at Drachy’s thread. I typed quite a long response there on the practical impact of Skadi versus getting Waver for gameplay.

  1. The Meta isn’t going to change. Buster will always be on top because of Merlin. But due to the fact that this game is mostly centered around farming, having a Skadi will mean easier time for farming.

  2. Buster won’t be obsolete, they will be still useful against bosses and CQs. But in terms of farming, most teams requires a specific set of team to 3-turn farm. With Skadi, just pop her all skills into one AOE quick, and you’ll have a 3-turn farm.

  3. None, Hime will have an upgrade but it will be buster focused.

As a JP player, here are my thought.

  1. Well, it’s multi-factor actually. Skadi does play a big role because Quick lacked good support prior Skadi. But Buster had already started to show some signs of slow down before due to break bar system, multi-bosses CQ and how DW went crazy on buffing ennemies with ridiculous raw damage. Buster setup could no longer aim for a 1-turn clear and stalling had became much harder even for Merlin.

  2. In the strictess sense of the term, yes kinda. What I mean is not that you can no longer clear content but that you’ll have harder time to do it compared to what you would have using a Quick setup because Buster setup are more susceptible to RNG mood compared to looping setup. Pretty much in the comparable to the situation of Quick prior Skadi: you can still use them because you can clear the quest anyway but you’ll struggle more.

  3. No. Quick is really dependent on their NP looping ability to blitz stuff as their stalling possibilities are limited. Skadi is the only Quick support that provide a big and consistent 3T Quick perf buff allowing them to loop and a filler battery that make them more competitive than Art looping setup.

  1. Farming wise, yes. CQ wise, no. Skadi revolutionized farming by making 5 free CE frames looping comps universal. Previously, servants like Mordred and Sieg had to take a damage penalty due to their ability to loop, Skadi comps has no such things. For CQ, fast play is just favored in general because of the touch of death, at any given time you’re liable to get oneshotted by a big dick crit, so lower turn is better

  2. Not entirely. For farming, Skadi doesn’t really change the low end, your usual Arash/Spartacus/wave 3 damage dealer/friend’s Waver setup doesn’t get any worse, and at the high end people were calculating optimal drop CE comps for lotteries anyway. Skadi just simplifies farming in general, a one size fit all option that’s also optimal. For CQ, Gilgamesh comp is still sweeping to this day, and if you need to stall, Merlin/Jeanne/Buster attacker is still the way to go.

  3. No. The only viable Skadi alternative is Bride post buff + Waver, you’re using 2 SSRs to replace 1.

Paracel + Waver is the most budget friendly alternative but it still require to roll for Waver and it still take 2 slots to somehow replicate 1 Skadi. It’s not any cheaper than rolling for Skadi directly.

Para + Waver can’t replace Skadi, because effectively you only have a 30% battery and a 50% NP gain up without a MLB scope. Bride + Waver works because its 30%+50% + 45% ATK up + 40% NP gain up, which is a bit less than Skadi’s 50% Quick up in terms of raw NP gain, but the trade off is multiplicative stacking so it evens out.

isnt helena considered a budget quick support?
battery+3 turns quick buff?

That’s not what I said. Waver + Parcel = 50% battery + 50% NP gain for 3T which is roughtly equal to what provide 1 Skadi minus the damage and the star gen boost.
Skadi + Waver + Paracelsus is effectively a downgraded version of double Skadi and allow most double Skadi compatible point servants to loop without rolling your own Skadi.
I thought you meant that Nero Bride + Waver was the only alternative to replace 1 Skadi since you said this:

If what you meant was an alternative to double Skadi then yes sure, Waver + Bride is what come the closest for CQ. For farming it’s a big no because Nero Bride NP gain boost and battery are tied together which mean that the battery is wasted if you use mlb Kaleido.

Helena can be considered as a generic support. You can use her as budget support for old style quick setup but Alexander and Wu Zetian are straight better. For Quick NP loop setup she is not qualified, her Quick perf up and battery are too small. You can at best use her as an additional flex for filling a gap like when you use non-mlb kaleidoscope but certainely not as a core support.

Skadi + Waver + Paracelsus is effectively a downgraded version of double Skadi and allow most double Skadi compatible point servants to loop without rolling your own Skadi.

No, because Skadi point servant can’t loop with just solely double Skadi in the first place for CQ. An enabler is needed, such as Bride, Para, Waver or Summer BB.

For farming it’s a big no because Nero Bride NP gain boost and battery are tied together which mean that the battery is wasted if you use mlb Kaleido.

???. If you’re using Waver+Para, you’re using Plugsuit. WIthout a MLB scope, you’re using 20% of Waver’s 50% battery to even get the loop running in the first place, and 30% battery is simply not enough unless you’re farming low HP nodes to get a lot of overkill. Waver+Para has never been a viable option in the first place because of this. It only works if you have MLB scope, but at that point there are other farming setups that can be done with Waver+Para, and a MLB scope is even harder to come by.