So about the future Quick meta change

Ehh Ok I got what you meant. We’re not using the same assumptions in first place and your previous post wasn’t really clear and I thought you wanted to replace a double Skadi setup with only a Waver + Bride setup that why I was puzzled.
Just to be clear, I have never considered CQ in the scope of my post about Paracel + Waver as Skadi substitute but only for farming (it would obviously never work in CQ). I was also assuming the player has mlb Kaleido ofc otherwise it wouldn’t work while you were assuming non-mlb Kaleido.
Okay fine. I get your point.

Ok i’ve been reading all of the replies and I just want to summarize everyone’s replies in a more simple language.

No it doesn’t. In fact it’s not even that big of a “meta change”. It’s just that Skadi is a powerful servant that’ll make weak quick servants more usefull in the future and make the overall quick servants better for farming. But content clearing wise, we don’t have to stick to Skadi and her quick card antics. We can still use our usual setup with no problem.

No they won’t. Quick servants, with help from Skadi, will be stronger, but that’s it. Merlin will still be top tier support and buster servants can depend on him as usual.

None. Skadi enables quick servants to loop their NP quickly for a more efficient farming. No other servants to this day comes close to her powerful support. But then again, it’s not that necessary to have one if we’re not aiming for efficient quick farming.

And basically, I just realized that my knowledge of this game is still noobie levels compared to seasoned vets here. Reading all our replies was mind boggling, to say the least.

Thank you all.