So about the next concert hall update

It’s nice to see that “The Task at Hand” is one of the next music tracks in the coming update. Didn’t expected that after they already used this one on the last Halloween event.

Guess I can finally spent some R&R Affinity and put it on the home screen. I had “Life at Garreg Mach Monastery” for a long time there so I can’t wait to change it. :slightly_smiling_face:


The start kinda reminds me of Pokémon Mystery dungeon

garreg mach shit you had a good run


Inb4 Shield shows up advocating Pleasure Capital
Although ngl that would be a really good one to add, that’s a great chill song


Maybe we will get “Road Taken” in the concert hall one day?


I would love Road Taken (Roar) from Fire Emblem Warriors to be added to the game, that version of it specifically is amazing IMO. Might be too fast-paced for certain modes in Heroes though. Not to mention this would almost certainly necessitate the addition of the two awful main characters from Warriors (Rowan and Lianna) to FEH :feh_azurafacepalm:

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The last music I’ve been waiting for is finally coming home!

Then again, I might spend resort points to buy the Light and Dark variants for Resolve and the Pilgrimage variation of SoV preparations theme.

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I only bought life at Garreg Mach and it’s not going to be changing for a while

It’s paradoxical but I like that they’re adding the exploration music from 3H. Paradoxical because those are to me indisputably the weaker tracks in that OST (battle tracks way better), but they’re also worse for castle music (because too intense) which was always the biggest problem with FEH music imo and a bit unaddressed back in September.

Someone tell them to add the BGM from the DLC area next

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This is true
I switched my home music to Black Fang for a minute today and I already knew it wasn’t going to work

I don’t know where that track is supposed to work. No idea why they decided that should be one of the first to be added when the music hall became a thing.

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Well, don’t ask me. I put it in the concert hall I think, that or the summer theme

I’m hoping for “Bearer of Hope” to be added.

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I’m just gonna wait for something from TMS #Encore to be added.
Need something that’ll motive me to play more. lmao

I love me some Tellius music but that Feh Pass Quest update for non-subscribers though… :ok_hand:


I’d love micaiah’s dawn or an option that allows us to choose our favourite theme in battle