So about the tier list changes

…that is a whole lotta red…



Some deserved, some maybe not imo.

But yes, it’s like a massacre.


I’m just glad people can now stop asking when we can expect updates for it now. Been waiting for this…!

Ultimately I’d sooner discuss it on a Servant-by-Servant basis though, if I felt like making “meaningful” conversation as I see it. Otherwise… shrug? I am tentatively receptive to the addition of “EX-” and "T6, though, even if I’d still sooner see grouping by purpose within rarity rather than as a whole group, for the purposes of dialogue.

E: Currently 9 green :arrow_up: on the proper SSR TL, 14 on the SR TL. For all my issues with GP’s tiering I’m disinclined towards snap judgments on this, at the moment.

E 2: More I read more disagreements I am making. Well… eh. Not like it matters for my purposes at the end of the day. Nor like it changes my discussions on individual Servants much going forward either, least.

Just gonna say Dantes is tier 2

This is a tier 2 explanation apparently

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I don’t even understand some of the changes. Hokusai in tier 1 on the strength of CQ ability it seems based on the explanation yet Kiara is tier 6? Hokusai’s trait is similar to Gilgamesh who is tier 2? :fgo_grampsnani:


I just love how they were like lets make a skadi looping tier list which is pretty unique for servants and then not make her tier ex lol.

There are so many things wrong with this tier list now that I honestly don’t even know where to start.


Here comes the mod

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Archuria is still there, all is well +1


Right, this has potential to get heated because so many people’s favorites got shifted down(Most of mine went down too…), so I’ll just say this in advance, be civil about this, no personal attacks, and you won’t have to see much of me here.

If any of you see rule-breaking posts, I would appreciate if you would just flag them and not engage so that the tread can stay on topic.

Alright, that’s it from me. Take care, have fun, and good luck if you’re rolling for Skadi or the GSSR!


The fact that there’s a tier 6 has me shook.

and why is Tesla not in the same tier as Gil and Ishtar he’s like a combination of both but not at the same time

Although I do wanna see how things turn out from here. :cat:


Tesla isn’t as universel as ishtar or gil


I like this quote

As always, a tier list is subjective by nature! Our staff has a wide variety of preferences and playstyles, and this tier list represents a sum and compromise of multiple view points.
Feel free to discuss the changes in the comments below!

I find this hard to believe when almost all the buster servants went down


Gil dropping to 2 is sorta understandable, IMO.

His NP trait advantage only makes at most up for being AoE vs. single bosses, he has mediocre HP and zero defense abilities whatsoever.
When Golden Rule is down his NP gain is unimpressive as well, he lacks a Crit steroid of his own, his star gen outside QBB queues is so-so etc.

He’s still great in many situations, but not as self-sufficient as Jack, Archuria and the other Tier 1 options.

I think it’s fairly obvious the explanation just wasn’t updated yet, they already factored in Skadi and his NP upgrade in his new tier position.

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here we go

I am of the opinion that basing an entire tier list around compatibility with a limited 5 star servant is very un-user friendly and y’all need to experiment and comment on alternative set ups, esp f2p ones


Or rather it’s that he doesn’t fulfill a niche like the other 2? Ishtar is like 90% for farming and Gil is for frying Servants, so I guess Tesla just floats around both?

You’re right. He should be in tier 7. :lion:

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Gil is tier EX in my heart and that’s all that matters


I’m gonna say this now, I love all 3 Servants I mentioned so I’m not trying to play favourites but…

I don’t mind Gil being tier 2, but there’s no way Hokusai is tier 1 when he is tier 2. And Kiara being tier 6 is laughable.


high hit counts are one hell of a drug for gil. And ishtar damage and Crit potential can also destroy bosses along with being an amazing farmer