So, about them Tempest Trials: Teams?

They’re doing non-seasonal bonus units again. That’s cool.
Anyone got their teams in mind yet?

I feel like I haven’t been giving Cavs enough love lately so I’m going all horses this time.


Would probably beat you senseless anyway

Shoot me down but I won’t fall. I am Titania!

You go, Galefriend

Toasty Wool

Will be giving her either Absorb or Pain. Not sure yet.
Atk +3 in A, and Hone Cavalry in C


OG!L’Arachel, F!Berkut, Swordhart and hopefully H!L’Arachel, otherwise I’ll use Maribelle, L!Ephraim or WT!Olwen

It would also be interesting make a solo with OG!L’Arachel and a dancer (maybe Rinea)

Probably 4* Oscar until I get H!Hector (please +atk) and somes unit I want to play plus a healer.
Probably DK + H!Hector + B!Camilla + Saizo (Even if his HM are maxed)

Edit : On a side note, With the addition of DK in the grail pool and def/res bond, He is becoming more fun to use

Edgy boi

Without buff he pack a really nice mixed bulk 51def and 39 res while having 58 atk isn’t bad at all

Edit edit : I’m the only one who have find DK Artwork to be updated? his updated special art is much better!


That’s not a bad idea. It’d be a great place to showcase Eirika’s buffs since they’re Supported.

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I’m also going full cav but might end switching L’Arachel mid way for Rolf once she hits max HM.

I’ve been in the middle of building and merging an Oscar so I’m happy I’ll get to use him :hridexcited:

Means I don’t have to waste Orbs pulling on the banner for a bonus unit or waste resources leveling up Rolf

Double L’Arachel, Ares, maybe Veronica

Edit: my healer can also be Picnic Genny since she ■■■■■■■■■■■ me from Eir and Corrin

I’ll probably just field normal Hector with my usual TT core of Zephiel, Sheena and LAwood and that’ll be that.

My Oscar + a red, a green and a staff unit, probably a mix between infantry and horses.

Since I just finished merging Athena I’ll probably use this team over my standard fliers for the first 2 runs (then it’ll be my levelling up team).

gordin, wolt, rolf, and l!alm

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I guess it’ll be time to bust out my old L’Arachel.

Haven’t used her in forever. As for the others probably just my usual of Eirika, L!Azura and HS!Sakura for a healer.

As for my Tempest Trials team I’ll be most likely using Oscar with Libra, Marth and probably Clarine

Oof - _- i dont have any units from them :man_facepalming:

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Cause Henry Needs a Friend



Obligatory Healer

Great. I don’t have a bonus unit…

Also Hector on a banner :eyes:

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@SoWhat @LuteTheGod
At least Rolf takes one quick run to get, even if the first copy is 4 Stars. There have been plenty of times when I’ve given an archer a basic Brave Bow and they’ve destroyed TT. Those bonus stats go a long way

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Ok I think I’ve constructed a team!

Bonus unit obviously being the TT one

A lost dream *and probably a base kit too*

I need to level her up and throw Duel bonds on her


The Fake Tiki

She needs Atk Smoke.