So after a long month

Lugh came at 4%. I like him but… I’m sad. It’s 11pm and I had a long day (good one but very exhausting), I don’t know if I want to try and collect more orbs for Wolt as the rate is back at 3% now…

Anyway, that’s a lot of saving I have to do for next year, and which I won’t be able to do as I’ll have no time left at the start of September !
Before I go to bed, here is Wolt, and Canas who got an extra merge today^^

Nothing special (It’s glimmer up there) but it works for now. I don’t have much fodder anyway so making something creative rn is not easy x)

Halfway there. It’s been a nice boi since I started and will always be. His HM shows that I don’t use him that much but I like using a lot of units. He’s mainly usefull in AR.

I hope you all had a nice day ! You can come and share it here if you want (even if it’s not good), I’ll be back in the morning to read, and pleased to do so :feh_nino:


Hey, if ya want more wolts, he’s probably gonna return on a legendary banner


Save more orbs for Wolt’s rerun on a legendary banner!
Your next attempt at getting more WOLT will be called…



That’s less than 3% :royyes:
Anyway, It will be during studies time so I won’t be able to do much. Better to save for a year unless I want all 3 units. But thanks, I did forget !


I’m gonna keep that in mind :hridexcited:

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Welcome fwen!

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I understand the HM, I’ve considered Rutger one of my very favorites for a while now and he only has 988 HM.
The gacha is rough, I didn’t get any of the reds off the MHB despite sniping for them :elisad: but at this point I figure to just cut my losses and shoot for L!Marth and M!Byleth when they come back. Thinking about building up a few new units, like Stahl and Beruka.
Far as my actual life? Nothing much, school starts up again soon. :/ I’ll have to be more responsible and all, but I have a few days still.

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Oh yeah at least I got 4 Wolts, I know people who have had much worse. I hope you’ll have more luck next time !

stresses over the fact that he’s gonna live on his own in a few weeks
Well, school can be nice sometimes ? Depends on where you are.