So Asclepius is putting 3 star servents back on the map

When I saw this guy’s skills I had to double check his Star level. Target-able 5k heal on a 5 turn CD, NP seal, 20 % teamwide NP battery/ teamwide debuff cleanse, and that NP with Teamwide Guts, immunity and HP regen. This guy paired with Mash and only a turn limit can kill you. Who’d have guess the new 3 star would be the next Powercreep?

i mean, hes like
200% story locked
but yea

what a fcking meme
and peeps say fgo wanks off japanese servants

“I can’t believe my Senpai can be this OP”

well assuming the portrait we have is stage 2, I’ll just be hoping stage 3 does something more. since he’s far and beyond my least favoritelb4 servant design-wise atm

apperently stage 3 is prob the one i linked
white hood with the merlin hair

ok, looking at him and my first thoughts are “best friend side character”

i mean, his fate is about as tragic as one :^)
smited by zeus cause zeus didnt like that he could revive people

I got to have him! The matter is at what cost

5 arjuna reqiuems before 1 copy of him :^)

He literally will make your team invincible…
And I’m assuming his NP heal are stackable just like Hans and Merlin

tbh even IF he has a shit np gain(which i doubt since 2 hit arts)

he has a battery and np gain skills
he would have little trouble still charging his np

so somehow
with both banner
the 3 star completely outshines the 4 star

feels f2p

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watch as he isn’t story locked

instead, he’s the first limited story banner 3-star

I think that actually goes to Okada Izou, and he’s also awesome! I think he was the most grailed servant last year in JP.

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I said story banner. he was event banner (gudaguda3)

whoops! my bad

limited until LB 5 where we summon him as an ally to defeat mecha zeus
:smart: where he instead becomes story locked


so he’s the tamamo/jack of 3-star servants except story locked at the end?

was that what happened with their banners?
werent they added immediately after their banners?

but yea sanzo too if thats the case

Powercreeped Irisviel entire kit, powercreeped Helena 1st skill as well…

And is silver…

F2P 4 the win, bro. This guy is probably going to be the most grailed of the year, just like Izou in the last one.

God I hope he’s not story-locked. I do plan to roll on his banner in JP but I only have 60 quartz and we all know how amazing the 3-star rate-up is.

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