So, Atalante's actions during LB1 (Spoilers)

So I just finished the part in LB1 where Atalante betrays you and sides with the Yaga and I gotta say, I am both disappointed and pissed off at her. She completely let her emotions take over and sided with Kadoc to save the Yaga cause “they did nothing wrong”, but THEIR WHOLE EXISTENCE IS BUILT ON THE GRAVES OF THE ORIGINAL HUMANITY. She was stupidity, letting emotions rule your actions, personified, and not only that she was willing to kill you just so the Yaga could live even though the idiot would disappear after humanity was lost, which Sherlock and Da Vinci informed her of. So, what do you guys think about her actions?


But that’s not the Yaga’s fault. Why should she turn her back on this group that she worked so hard to protect, and had gotten attached to?


not thinking logically because of children is her whole character


It’s also not the old humans fault that they were the species that thrived, while the Yaga should have never existed. She is a heroic spirit of the original humanity, she felt bad for the Yaga but ignored the suffering of her original people and betrayed MC’s trust. I’m not blaming the Yaga by the way, I’m blaming her


She had no memories of the original humans though, so she had no personal attachment. Sure, she technically comes from the proper human history, but seeing as she has little memory of it at all, it’s not surprising that she’d look to the side she’s familiar with.

Well in that case what about the original humanities children if she helped she could have restored them all, does that mean she’ll just latch onto whichever child is most conveniently in her closest proximity?

Yeah but she knew what she was doing was wrong, that’s why in the end she couldn’t fight Billy and died, in her heart, as well as her body, she knew what she was doing was wrong.

She didn’t realize it was ‘wrong’ until you had already showed up again and talked everything over.
Even then the definition of ‘wrong’ here is debatable, the Lostbelts are very questionable in their morality. It’s not all black and white like the singularities.


Lets not forget that she’s a berserker, bersekers aren’t know for their rationality


You’re right, maybe “wrong” is incorrect wording, perhaps I’m just generally angry that she betrayed us, and got even more pissed when she said she would “pray” for our victory. Still it’s gonna take a lot for her to be redeemed in my eyes

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Oh, great point, maybe her madness enhancement is aimed towards her emotions?

Remember that this Atalante was an Alter version that was transformed due to the pelt of the Calydonian Boar meaning that this version of Atalante was more beast-like and had a different way of thinking. She doesn’t have Madness Enhancement, but since she’s more beast-like rational discussions are impossible and she’s more likely to rely on her emotions rather than logic. In fact her profile mentions this

While she is capable of communicating even with a skill similar to Madness Enhancement, it is more or less impossible to change her mind about anything using conventional logic.

In the end, Atalante’s betrayal was super important because it made all of Chaldea face the facts that the people of the Lostbelts are also victims in the entire situation and that saving Proper Human History means wiping out all these innocent victims,


Yeah like, even if we acknowledge that our world is the “best” (which is debatable, since

future LB Spoilers

according to Scandinavia (PEPE NOT THE LB), who’s pretty legit and our ally in LB4 before Arjuna decided to go off and start the Yugas, it was a utopia

and we are in some capacity doing what we are because this is the best for humanity, we’re still basically committing the genocide of 7 separate and distinct worlds that were culled through no fault of their residents - even if we recognize that they were pruned beforehand, that still doesn’t change the fact that we’re still dooming innocents to their deaths, and it’s a lot grimmer than “yeah everybody human basically lives (even if their deaths are shifted around)”

I see, excellent point, so I guess it really just came down to her emotions huh, still though, she should have remained strong on those emotions and believed in them until the end, cause the moment she begins to die, she begins to regret her desicion and “prays for our victory” at that point I just thought, “screw your prayers traitor”

You have to remember that this whole form was born of her going nuts because Jeanne killed Jack of all servants in Apoc. Her betraying me is expected of her. I still love her tho.

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Remember that the Lostbelts are basically other possibilities of what Proper Human History(PHH) COULD have been. Even if they are not from PHH, the fact that they exist doesn’t change. From the Yaga’s perspective, MC’s side of PHH is the evil one since the Lostbelts need to be ‘destroyed’ in order for PHH to move on. I believe that is what the Cosmos Denial after the Tree fight means. In order for PHH to move on and be restored, the Lostbelts need to be denied. And with Atalante’s personality, it’s of no wonder that she would choose to protect the Yaga, or more specifically the children of the Yaga.

I never saw it as her regretting to betray Chaldea, I saw it as her regretting that she could never save the Yagas. Ever since she was summoned into the Russian Lostbelt, Atalante knew that as a Servant from Proper Human History she would always be an enemy of the Lostbelts. She could believe in her emotions all she wants but the cold hard fact was that she was an enemy of the Yagas and that she could never save them. This was an issue that she faced ever since she became the leader of the Rebel Army.


Pretty much, yeah - while they were pruned, it doesn’t change the fact that they are fully formed worlds - full of individuals that deserve to live just as much as we do, but that we have to kill to protect and return our world.

Are we straight up evil irredeemable monsters? No. But our actions do have consequences that can’t be overlooked imo

This is turning into a philosphy and morality lesson

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My problem is that she didn’t even asked us if we would be ok to spare this lostbelt to save the Yaga. She just betrayed us, after all we did to help and all the kids we saved without even giving us a chance to talk about it. She barely seemed conflicted about it, not even trying to find a way out.