So… Atk/Res Finish 4 works with Miracle

Even better. I just saw this thing on a goddamn Hegemon Edelgard.

I still killed it, but I was not happy.


Sweet. I just gave my B!A!Tiki Miracle.
With two Infantry Pulses and a support from Velouria, I can have maximum thrill with a nearly indestructible B!A!Tiki!


Def/Res Finish 4 would be amazing on her in the future.

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Fucked if I know what was up, then - maybe someone with a cracked APK for all I know - but I absolutely read the Finish skill on it. There’s a reason I was mad about it.

Like I said, I still killed it because “ha ha Windsweep L!Byleth is funny,” but still.

I mean even if so, like Halo mentioned before; if you were able to kill her before you’re still going to kill her now. The healing would only trigger once (if at all) and 7 healing per hit isn’t going to help her against units that already dealt with her prior to the Finish skills coming out.


To be fair: I didn’t say it would be difficult. It was just annoying as hell. I spent a good bit of time when she came out crafting units specifically to kill her as quickly as possible. NY!Velouria is probably the best at it that I have.

Hence why the “if you were able to kill her before the Finish”, L.Byleth (both) are designed to kill her.


Which is why I use my M!Byleth when available (usually Arena, Velouria in AR)