So guys?


This is definitely not the place for begging accounts but it’s been half a month that fgo support didn’t give my old acc back, i don’t really wanna start over again so if y’all have any accounts you don’t use, please let me have it. Thank


what steps did you take to attempt to recover your account?
Did you send your request to the right email?


Yes, the email was [email protected]


I filled up the question mainly friend code and servants


Refer to link here


Probs didn’t send enough information. I don’t know for sure


I did send them all of the info needed but they said they cannot recover it


not sure what happened then, and I don’t know the email correspondence (if you do post your ticket here, make sure to remove any personal information).

My inquiry went something like this.

Hello, I can’t remember my password after I reinstalled the game.
Here is some of my account info.

Master Gender:
Account should be __ days old.
Friend Code:
Last Accessed Game:

Were you reinstalling the game or transferring phones?
If you sent all the information about your account that I specified in the post, then they should have no problem recovering your account.

Were you playing on an emulator or on a rooted phone?
Cuz that’s grounds for being banned.


if you spend money on the game, remember to send any and all of the receipts for when you did

best case: you get your acc back in less than 4 hrs
worst case: you end up like my friend who for some reason, got a completely different acc just cause tat guy spend the same amount as him