So, how about those Summer 5 Reveals?

Once more only costumes for the guys… But hey, at least Sigurd looks awesome.

More importantly, how about that 4 star Saber Bryn?

My wallet is already crying out in pain.


Have they revealed both banners and the welfare yet?

From what I heard we have officially:

Unofficially we have heard Atalante. Any others?

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Yeah, I think the costumes with no actual male Summer Servants are copouts, but they are very nice costumes, I must admit. Hopefully this is reflective of a continuing trend where they actually develop a separate Servant for next year…maybe.

Bryn looks lovely.

I hope Kiara’s ascensions are appropriately freaky and badass.


Emiya looks so gooooood.

Hopefully they have a banner for actual male servants and not just costumes, that’ll be 3 years in a row. :fgo_circereally:

As for the 3 girls shown so far, it’s going to be my least favorite summer selection by far. Don’t like Bryn or Kiara and Illya is a no-no. The next banner better have Okitan like the leak said or imma riot! :fgo_badciv:


But she needs to carry on the meme now that OG okita has one… just kidding I’d whale for that in a second.


Actually, if we get by extreme luck Atalanta as the summer weflare, it would be splendid.

I get a waifu without spending a single SQZ.


Oh yeah Okita Alter was supposedly leaked too.

So Okita Alter, and Atalante unofficially.

Should be At least one more plus A welfare.


I know a big chunk of the fanbase is holding out hope for Medusa in some form or another. I certainly wouldn’t mind some summer snek, especially if they can finally give her a kit actually does something useful.


I mean, strictly speaking her class hasn’t been revealed or confirmed yet. She could just as well be a Berserker or some Extra Class. Heck, she could even be an Archer for all we know.

What I think about her? She does look hot… I feel like the glasses are a bit out of place is all. Might just be me, but it feels somewhat forced, like, just to fit to Sigurd.
I hope her other Ascension won’t have those. Or at at least more… sporty looking ones.

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No male summer Servants or Summeramis. As expected. Yawwwwn


Certainly a grouping that has some interesting qualities. Nice costumes for the guys even if full blown summer versions would be preferable.

Overall I like Bryn and her design is really nice here. Not one of my favorites in the game, but good for her getting a summer version. I just don’t have strong feelings about Kiara. She was fine in the CCC event, but didn’t downright love her.

Illya would probably be the reason I’d pull on that one. While I was thinking it’d be nice if the Fate/Kaleid cast could get in on the summer events I always thought it was a long shot. Very awesome that she’s getting a 4* version and a pretty amusing design as well. Really want to see what kind of ridiculous NP they are going to give her with Ruby turned into a watering hose.

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Well there’s no Eresh yet, which i personally like. No summer male servants is big oof though, plus though the glasses are hot are those even summer outfits? I think not. Still sort of hoping there will be at least one in the next banner. That they even did Illya is scary, but we’d have to see her other ascensions. Bryn tho… she’s very cute.

Oh yes Kiara is also scary.


Well, none of the male costumes have been really summer-ish so far.
Only Robin and Dantes look like it. But the others just have casual outfits.


You’re right it’s just, there’s the hope they’ll get better at giving male servants actual summer outfits but it’s just the same thing every year. Quite disappointing tbh, esp when we already have summer sprites for ppl like the Round etc.


Meanwhile, you just know there’s some alternate timeline where the fans are begging FGO for just 1 female summer servant…

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Lol personally I wouldn’t mind too much, as i have the same amount of interest in both male and female summer servants, which is to say none at all. It just feels like they’re purposefully ignoring an entire section of the fans and that feels bad.


I have basically the opposite opinion on everything except for that the costumes do not appear to be summer themed. That is really just more of a fact.

I mean :fgo_coffee: it’s fine to disagree. Opinions are subjective after all.

Do we know if Bryn is really a Saber? Because she could be a berserker, or even a rider.

Well the theme is camping so it’s fitting for that.

Depends entirely on what their skills/NPs are, as none of them would bait me to summon on appearance/character alone unless one of them has a surprisingly cool other ascension outfit or something (none of them are characters I particularly like, they range from neutral to ‘begone thot’). A surprisingly cool outfit isn’t all that likely due to summer, but there are some examples like MHXX first ascension and Summer Nobu third ascension, so still a possibility.

Maybe the second banner will have characters I prefer.