So how good is S!Claude actually?

So obviously Claude caused a lot of buzz when that banner came out, with some people going so far as to call him the best demote we’ve ever gotten up to this point. And I have no doubt that he is indeed a good unit. I’m mostly just curious about people’s thoughts on him now that he’s been out for a bit. Does he live up to the hype or was it overblown? Do people think he’s a must have or anything, etc. Totally not because I’m debating on pulling for him myself


He’s a ranged unit that isn’t as afraid of getting hit back and even if he can get hit back AND they have damage reduction piercing he can brave double as a safety net to see if he can one shot them before they hit him.

I do think he was overblown when he came out mostly just because he has a prf skill as a demote and its claude (fair enough tbh, it was surprising).

Think the main issue is if you want to use him for scoring I’m pretty sure he needs BDF4 (which means less firepower overall) and you either need some kind of buff and debuff to ensure he actually gets the brave double.

He’s really good though, but I would always recommend pulling for units you actually want rather than because they’re good.


I’m one of those that got carried away by the S!Claude hype and decided to merge him:

And I’m definitely not regretting my choice. He’s REALLY Good. It’s like having a premium 5 star unit for the price of a demote, which is really cool by itself. Fallen Star is really busted, as it allows you to initiate very safely. If you manage well your positionning (which can be a little tricky sometimes), you can attack and retreat safely before doing it again next turn. It allows him to win his duels against units that he isn’t supposed to win against, like F!Edelgard.
That being said, auto-follow-ups can screw him up, but I play him with Sturdy Impact for that, as I think he’s still fast enough to sacrifice some spd to have an easier matchup.

The conditions for his weapon are very easy to meet. I run a Menace on my Claude for that, but a Rally+ is more than sufficien for that if you play in Arena for example. Speaking about Arena:

That’s true. That being said, even without it, he still scores 754 (thanks to Fallen Star). That’s the equivalent of a Gen 5 Infantry, which is not bad at all.

I’d say that his main con is his lack of NFU, which can be annoying against some of the strurdiest foes (the hit and run can still help tho). Also, while he can use Fallen Star to bait one frail enemy in EP, you have to be wary of his spd to not get doubled (even if tbh, that may be more a problem of my build).

At the end, he’s still really good. It feels very refreshing to have a unit that gives a “premium feeling” for a much lower price. He does his job very well, but he’s not like the most busted unit ever. At the end, the choice is up to you.


Calling S!Claude to be the best 4* focus isn’t far off tbh.

In terms of his utility, I can only speak from experience using L!Claude. So much of his gameplay is about player phasing anything and everything without care, because he is fast enough to nullify any follow-up. Thus I think the lack of NFU will eventually hurt his summer counterpart, because carrying a 1 hit DR and all the speed in the world won’t protect you from auto double.

Even now L!Claude is no longer the go-to answer in my AR runs solely because of the fact that DR piercing and brave weapons are becoming more common (looking at you D!Chrom), but at least he will hit another peak years from now when he gets his remix. S!Claude won’t have that luxury.


As far as S!Claude on EP goes, I really think his brave effect should have been dual phase like with Dimitri and Edelgard. It would fit quite well with his weapon type as a dagger and his prf B to be able to get in with his DR on PP to apply the debuffs for his brave effect and then tank on EP thanks to his DR.


I agree, especially since his play style with Fallen Star invites mixed-phase use. That’s the main disappointing thing about him.

I think he’s the best demote we’ve gotten and I hope that means we can get more like that in the future. My top 3 demotes are, in order, S!Claude >>> W!Manuela > Y!Marth, with Claude way ahead. His prf weapon includes the best-aging effect in the game, brave, plus Canto, A/S boosting, and slaying. Then he has Gravity and DR shenanigans in Fallen Star, the former of which doesn’t need to scale and the latter scales well against powercreep units since it’s a percentage of incoming damage.

He even compares well to Lynja. She has one big advantage over him, her self-refresh button, and a small one of being colorless. Fallen Star more than makes up for the small advantage, or if being used with Disarm Trap, being blue is not bad. She’s also better for Arena scoring by being a Duo, but BDF4 isn’t bad on him since FS is a B slot.

FS being a B is also great since it’s not competing with much as a ranged flier. He still gets access to Smoke 4s, Menace, Impact and Catch, depending on what he needs. The biggest thing he lacks is NFU, which can only be fixed by L!M!Byleth or F!Lilith at the moment, but it is fixable.

TL;DR: He’s great and worth it if you have the orbs!


Considering the typical demote treatment I’d say he’s the strongest unit amongst them.

Definitely a great project unit for those who want to invest.

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I’ve gotten mine to around +8 and he has definitely been worth it. I even gave him Atk/Spd Oath 4. The most premium of builds run Lethality, but moonbow works great for cutting through high stat armors, and his brave effect plus his speed are normally enough to get through most DR.

Fallen Star is well worth its hype. I normally run Genny on a lot of maps for her gravity effect. Claude is like a teleporting, flying Genny - one that hits harder and faster.


Thank you S!Eirika! your contribution will not be forgotten.


he is one of the demotes we’ve gotten


I don’t think he was over-hyped at all. He’s just as good as we all thought he was/is. He is 100% on par with the other 5* exclusives of his banner (once he gets better skills).


While not a demote per se, Young Innes is still one of the BEST F2P up to date



Bad unit. Super bad. Not a horse. Extra bad. He’s so bad i +10ed him just so people can see how bad he is.

In fact calling him good is just a meme. Gullable fallin for it


he was very hyped, and still somehow manages to exegeses expectation.
not only is he the best 4*demote we have had ( by far), I would argue he was better then most if not all units on that banner. and probably one of the best unit we have had in a while.
I definitely recommend pulling for him, and even get him to +10, for the stats alone, the fact that he can be used in Arena and has a pfr b-slot is just icing on the cake.

and the oath 4 skill just brings up even more.
slap on a impact and you are set. CC even works, he is surprisingly good on EP, and having him be a mix phase is not a terrible idea


So basically yeah he’s really good. So then my main concerns for pulling him are having not a ton of orbs (97 currently) and CYL is right around the corner. Definitely a tough decision :feh_corrinsweat:


Does the summer 1 banner last long enough to see the CYL banner reveal before pulling? I’m low on orbs myself and trying my best to set a high threshold for pulling the CYL units, but we shall see just how awesome they are.

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Probably not. CYL is typically mid August, so the banner will probably end slightly before we find out about it.


When his quad condition is met which is not too hard, very few survives like our recent Lord and Savor daddy bull. He’s just annoying as his leg alt. That’s worth it for me. He easily exceeds expectation for your agv demotes.


go for one at least.

personally i would go all in on S!Claude, the CYL units gets rerun on a hero fest a few months later at far better odds. ( 5% over 3%)
and that also gives time to figure out how good each unit actually is, and who to pull and how much to invest into them.

but I can understand if that is a long wait, and you would prefer to at the very least reach the spark. but CYL banner last about a month? so you will have time to build up more orbs during the banner


He would be one of the best demoted we have gotten even without fallen star. With that busted B skill he is the best we’ve gotten, no contest. Gravity is too good.

The nice things about him is that his main weaknesses seem to be easier to work around (lack of NFU) as IS seems more generous about giving these effects to support units.

I run him with fallen Lilith and he work like a charm.