So how good is S!Claude actually?


Did you get 6 SClaude, 2 BDimitri and FNinian in 97 orbs? That’s amazing luck!!


Oh fuck no I wish lol. I bought orbs. That was probably somewhere between 250-300 orbs.

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Still pretty good. It took me 200 orbs to get 1 copy of him, killing my will to merge him.


Oof, that’s pretty rough. Took me a while to get my first copy too. Part of me wishes I just stopped after a couple since I spent quite a bit on orbs last night but what’s done is done. And it’s not like I didn’t have the money and now I’m low on ir for more important stuff so that’s fine. Just sucks spending a fair bit and not quite getting what you wanted.


Same. Insult to injury two if my three were 5*. I’ve saved more now, and at +2, at least I’ve got him. Need to see CYL first hopefully before banner goes away.