So how is your farming?

i reached half the table and aproximatly 2k of the currency
what about you ???

Just hit 200m DP so the ladder’s done. And since I’ve been running with anywhere from a +6 to +8 bonus from the start, I only need 1400 more Oni Gourds for the Serpent Jewels, Dragon Fangs, and Void’s Dusts. I won’t be buying the CEs at all though I may clear out the pieces and monuments just for an extra supply.

I’m already done.
I’m just waiting for the feather nodes and heart node so I can dump my rice balls on them.

Good, DP rewards cleared, shop almost done… just dragon fangs, fou’s and the bundle of mana prisms, the monuments are the lowest of my priorities, this event was way easier than the CCC event.

I’m barely hanging in there lol :joy: I can only manage 2M+ damage at most so I’m now making baby steps down 90M ladder. Also need to work on getting the remaining materials. Hopefully I can get some extras like EXP Card and Hero Crystal cards. Think I’ll be saving my Golden Riceballs and grind harder with my power riceballs.

130M but i haven’t used any rice balls till now(still waiting for the feather daily)

Currently at 191m DP and only doing 3m DP nodes, because the 6m DP nodes takes up 10-11 turn, I don’t have the patience. As much as I know the 6m node have higher chance to drop proof, but I don’t think it’ll help me that much since I need over 300 of them, and I only have around 20 right now :sweat_smile:

Gourd wise, I’ve cleared all the CE and 2500 left. I think I’ll need roughly 7000 gourds to clear all ascension materials, so hopefully I should be ok.

I’ve been running natural bp this entire time I might just burn all my rice balls on the heart or page day to try and get some drops.

All I been doing is farming in shinjuku for gears Hearts and pages during the times I need to wait for bp

Saving rice balls for now. So only at 120 mil points and about 3k gourds

I’ve been using natural BP for now and I plan to spend all of my rice balls on the spirit root and heart days. So far I’m at 115m DP and I bought out all the fou cards and CEs. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy out the entire store.

if this was the initital run, I’d be completely done wth the DP ladder

and of the shop, I’ve so far bought out all the exp cards, fangs, dust, crystals, and hearts

I’m done with the ladder and I have bought everything I needed but to clear out the materials I need around 1500 more gourds.

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The grind’s been going pretty well. I’m at about 85M for points. A bit below average but I’ve got a 4 day weekend and a bunch of rice balls to catch up. Not really paying attention to the shop this time around. I prefer Carp for the event CEs, but I’m still aiming to get Hearts, Fou cards and then Mana Prisms if I have anything left.

I finished the points ladder yesterday. The two things that I wanted from this event were archer gems, and caster gems, so I dumped every single rice ball I had into them. I’m now waiting until the end so I can dump the rest into pages, because there’s literally nothing else that I really care about at this point, and pages are just always nice to have.

Shop wise, I’m running +4/5 drops, and I’ve got just over 1,200 drops to go, for the fangs and the Fous. I’m probably not going to bother buying the CEs, because they aren’t great, and I don’t really need them for the event.

I haven’t even bought any of the Ushi CEs and I’m already sitting on 3x MLB copies

if only the carp CE would drop like this for me, then I’d be just one drop away from the maximum 800% damage bonus to a single servant

I am finished as well. No plans to get more Ushi CEs or any of the statues and monuments since I have hundreds of those.

Don’t worry, I’ll still do my part when the banana needs killing.

Done with the ladder. Had little luck on 3 BP aiming for proofs, the rng hated me. Now set on clearing the shop (ushi ces & monuments not included) as I’m running with +2 bonus only. Planning to dump my leftover riceballs on pages.

Around 155k for the ladder and really didnt progress that much on the gourd side after i got shuten sorta just stopped rolling on that banner probably gonna rush it down sometime today or tomorrow since i didnt really use any of the rice balls been taking it slow since burnout is something im not going to let happen like what i did back during guda 2 so im mainly just waiting for onigashima before i do a lot of event farming again.

Just reached the 150M-mark for lore, and I think I’m going to stop :fgo_deadinside:
I’m too busy right now on real life, so I’m too tired to farm already.

My heart aches when I’m typing this.

Maybe at least I’ll get the summon tickets on daily missions

Well, tackling 3m node for pages and chaos claw, but I have a feeling 6m have better drop. Unforunately, I’m F2p. I doubt I will last long eno ugh to take out the arms.